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  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom

    Yellow Vietnam Kratom powder has many dedicated fans and it is one of the most interesting Kratom strains out there. Yellow and Vietnam, both combine to give it very unique characteristics. Click to read more..

  • Yellow Vietnam Capsules

    The elusive Yellow Vietnam Kratom primarily originates from the mountainous Mekong River region and Long Xuyen in the Mekong Delta region. It has a unique mix of Alkaloids and Flavonoids which have their own peculiar set of characteristic properties. 

Researchers often differ in their views regarding how this strain is made. Some say that the kratom leaves are left on the trees to ripe beyond their usual maturity time to develop a peculiar yellow color before being harvested. But the truth is that the regular kratom leaves are harvested before being transformed into yellow kratom. This transformation is achieved through a carefully timed exposure of sunlight during the drying process. Some harvesters carry out the entire drying process outdoors. While others do it indoors, taking their stocks outside for sun exposure for short durations.

This technique is a closely guarded trade secret, jealously protected by the harvesters. In addition to this, the whole technique of transforming the stock into yellow kratom is time-consuming as well as tiring. No wonder most harvesters choose to go for regular strains that require much less time and effort instead of creating a yellow strain. But those who do, are the special ones.

We know about the high expectations our customers have from us. We have set the bar high for ourselves and are in a bit of a habit of raising it up further continuously. For this very purpose, we source our Yellow Kratom DIRECTLY from the special harvesters in Southeast Asia.

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