Green Bali

Green Bali

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A beautiful Kratom strain originating from Indonesia. Hand picked Green veined Bali leaves are finely milled to produce an exquisite Kratom powder which is popular as well as easily available. Click to read more about it and its interesting etymology..


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Green Bali Kratom Powder

The Green Bali Kratom is a popular kratom strain that comes from Southeast Asia. But interestingly enough, the genuine Green Bali Kratom does not come entirely from Bali. It is rather harvested from the Kratom trees in the farms and forests of Sumatra and Borneo. Researchers have argued that since it was historically dispatched overseas from the port of Bali, the name caught up. Later no one bothered to correct the misnomer.

Being easy to grow and harvest, the Green Bali is a common Kratom strain that is easily available with most online sellers and shops around the country. With a balanced alkaloid content and readily available, this Kratom has been a personal favorite of so many Kratom enthusiasts around the world. Being so easy to source, this green-veined variety is one of the most affordable ones too, another reason for it being a popular choice.

At, we provide our valued customers with premium Green Bali Kratom Powder made out of superior, perfect sized young leaves. Every batch is checked and tested to ensure purity, consistent quality, and authenticity.

All our Kratom products are sourced ethically by us, using the best globally accepted trade practices. The Green Bali Kratom powder we procure is obtained from the best kratom farms of Borneo and Sumatra, that are owned and looked after by the most experienced farmers of the region. Only the mature trees are harvested for the Kratom which ensures that only the best grade kratom is offered to our valued customers. Green Veined Bali powder is finely milled with no impurities of stem and veins, giving it the purity, you deserve.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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