White Horn Kratom Powder

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One of the rarest and most imitated Kratom strains out there. With Buy Kratom Bulk USA you can be sure that our White Horn Kratom is not only 100% pure, but also available at the most competitive price.

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White Horn Kratom 

Horned kratom is some of the rarest on the market, yet is also one of the most sought after. White horned kratom offers a robust alkaloid profile due to the mature trees that produce distinct leaves. Horned kratom is known for its potency and robust alkaloid content. 


Horned kratom was first found in Indonesia and Thailand. The Mitragyna speciosa tree that provides the kratom leaves were found to have a particular shaped leaf that only developed once the tree reached a mature point, which can take over a year to reach. These particular leaves developed tips that looked like “horns” and gave this variety its name. 


The kratom trees have since spread across Southeast Asia, including the horned leaves. These particular trees are those that have peaked in maturity and have been left to mature for an extended time. The farmers that tend these often tend them for generations. It has an extended growing time, and the harvest is often sold before they are even gathered. This contributes to the rarity of this particular strain. 

Kratom Veins

Similar to other strains, horned kratom can be harvested at different stages of growth. The vein that runs down the middle of the plant begins as a light color. When the leaves are picked early, this stays a light color and is thus named white-veined.

As the plant matures, the vein down the middle begins to darken to a green color. The green indicates the leaves are at the middle of the growth and can also be harvested for green-veined kratom. Once the plant has peaked at maturity, the vein turns to a reddish color and has reached the final stages of growth for red-veined kratom. 

Based on when the kratom is harvested, there have been chemical changes in the leaves. This changes the alkaloid profile that contributes to the type of products that it makes. The alkaloid content typically increases as the plant ages. The main alkaloids present are 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine for horned kratom products. 

The White Horned kratom is harvested at the earliest point in the life cycle. The vein that runs down the middle remains a light color. The leaves are then gently washed and placed to dry. By hanging the leaves to dry, it can be done in or out of direct sunlight, and that further impacts the maturing of the leaves and the alkaloid content. 

Similar Strains

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White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is a comparable strain that also offers a high potency. The Maeng Da strain is also grown throughout Southeast Asia and is made with a specialized grafting technique which contributes to its potency. It is one of the most popular and sought-after strains and is readily available on the market.

White Borneo

Comparable to White Horned kratom is also the White Borneo. This particular strain is popular due to its availability, the enjoyable flavonoid profile, and the alkaloid content. It is a favorite by new and returning kratom product users. 

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