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Yellow Borneo is the type of strain that you will not find with all vendors. Yellow vein kratom is the product of a specialized drying process. It does not occur naturally. Yellow Borneo starts as Red Borneo. It is during the drying process that it transforms from red to yellow. Since it does not occur naturally, it makes this strain unique and hard to find. That makes it a delicacy in the kratom world.

Yellow Borneo Powder: Strain Overview

Yellow vein kratom is a prized possession in the kratom community. This is because it is unique and not easily accessible like other strains. However, this strain does come from Borneo, as it begins its life as Red Borneo. So, it possesses all the same traits that the Borneo strain does. Yellow vein kratom tends to be slightly higher in potency and will have a unique alkaloid profile due to the extended drying time. 

What Is Yellow Borneo Powder?

Yellow Borneo is a prized possession in the kratom industry. Avid users tend to seek out this strain because of the unique support that it offers. Yellow Borneo begins its life as Red Borneo. Once the leaves hit their peak maturity the farmers will harvest them. They will then go through a specialized drying technique. 

It is during this time that the vein will transform from red to yellow. This is what makes Yellow Borneo. It takes an extended drying time to accomplish this strain. Not all farmers are knowledgeable in this drying process, which means it comes in limited quantities.

Yellow Borneo is one of a few yellow strains that is offered in the kratom industry. More products are coming to life all the time, and the yellow vein family will more than likely be extended in the near future. Yellow vein kratom possesses unique properties that are not found in other strains. It offers support that is highly sought after by avid users.

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Options to Buy Yellow Borneo Powder

You can purchase Yellow Borneo Powder right here on Buy Kratom Bulk USA. We offer it in various sizes including 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg. We do work with vendors who are looking to buy wholesale, so contact us if you have a need larger than what is listed on our website. 

Strains Similar to Yellow Borneo Powder

Since Yellow Borneo is unique you may not be able to access it. For that reason, you may want to know some similar strain that you could try if Yellow Borneo is not accessible. Check out some of the strains we have listed below. 

Red Borneo Kratom

Since Yellow Borneo actually begins as Red Borneo, both share similar properties. This would be the closest strain related to Yellow Borneo. 

Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo is grown in the same region as Red and Yellow Borneo. This means that it will be similar in its chemical makeup. It will not be as potent as the other two strains, but it will be very similar in the support it offers. 

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