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Thai kratom variety holds a high volume of active alkaloids and flavonoids. We ensure that our products are 100% original, in their purest form, and farm-fresh.

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All kratom, including Thai kratom, is made from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. These trees are native to Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. These trees thrive in tropical environments with high levels of humidity and rainfall. While in these environments, they can have the leaves grow throughout the year, and the age of the tree to be decades old. Farmers care for trees on their lands for generations. These make the best leaves which are used to make a variety of kratom strains.

Kratom strains usually get their name from where they are grown. The Thai kratom subspecies are grown all across Southeast Asia but did get their start in Thailand. The trees have been grown all across the regions where the tropical environments allow them to thrive. So, while it originally started in Thailand, it can now be found in varying regions.

The kratom leaves can be harvested early, middle, or peak maturity to produce different types of products. As the leaves age, the leaves change from what is considered a “white-veined” to green and then red. As the leaves are left to age, the alkaloid content of the leaves begins to change as well. Based on when the leaves are picked, it determines the vein color and contributes to the name of the product.

Our kratom is harvested directly from the farmers who care for the trees. Their trees are known for being well-aged, producing quality leaves. This particular region strain is a popular choice for kratom users. Throughout a selective process, the leaves are picked at their best stage of maturity. Once picked, the leaves are washed with fresh water and then dried before being crushed into powders. Using a combination of modern techniques with traditional methods, a unique process has been developed to allow for the best output of powders.

Once the kratom powders are made, they are packaged into airtight containers that can be shipped to the US. We buy our kratom leaves and powders from the farmers who have cared for these trees and handpicked the leaves themselves. Then, there are highly advanced technologies used to test the products for purity. After establishing the leaves are pure, authentic and of great quality, we use them to create our products. Thai kratom contains a rich flavonoid and alkaloid profile to offer a unique and authentic blend to be used in our powders or capsules.

Similar Strains

Those who enjoy the Thai kratom strains may also enjoy Bali or Borneo strains. Being from similar regions of Borneo and Bali in Southeast Asia, with comparable flavor profiles, these are popular strains that users enjoy. Each comes in Red, Green, or White strains which affects the potency of the flavor profiles. The Bali strains are some of the most popular strains of kratom and are the favorites of many kratom users.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA

When you are ready to order your Thai kratom, you can select smaller or bulk sizes. We offer from 100g up to 5kg. The unique quantity is useful for meeting all your needs, whether you need smaller or bulk amounts of product. Once you select the amount, you can continue to our secure payment processing and then have your order on the way!

When you order from us, you can rest at ease knowing that we strive to provide Thai kratom that is:

  • 100% natural and pure kratom
  • Obtained from the highest quality kratom leaves
  • Shipped within 24 hours so you can have your kratom as soon as possible
  • Receive a great price with flexible quantities of product
  • Receive authentic Thai Kratom

Thai kratom is a great product for those that are looking for a favorite product or to try something new. This popular strain is available in various forms, and at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, our powdered kratom products are a great way for you to try the strain.

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