Red Sumatra Kratom Powder


Red Sumatra Kratom originates from Sumatra. This picturesque region on the Westernmost edge of Indonesia is biologically diverse and has a bustling flora and fauna.

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Red Sumatra kratom grows in Indonesia, on the western section of the country that offers a diverse biome that helps the Mitragyna speciosa trees grow. This ideal environment allows the leaves to have a diverse flavonoid and alkaloid count.

All kratom leaves are made from the same Mitragyna speciosa tree. The strain name comes from the color of the kratom leaf’s vein and the location in which it is grown. Red Sumatra is grown in Indonesia in the western portion of the country. The environment here provides an ideal location for the plants to thrive. It features a warm, humid, tropical-like setting where the frequent rainfalls make for fertile soils.

Red Sumatra is made using red-veined kratom grown in the Sumatra region. The veins of kratom are determined based on when it is picked. It begins with a light-colored vein that darkens to green, and finally a reddish color.

The red-veined kratom is harvested at the peak maturity point. This means that the alkaloid counts of Mitrapylline, 7-Hydroxymitragynine, and Corynantheidine are at their highest points. While the leaves dry, before they are turned into a powder or sold as leaves, the alkaloids finish maturing and can provide different uses.

Red Sumatra kratom is a popular strain. They offer a blend of the red-veined kratom with the benefits that come from growing in such a tropical environment. For those that enjoy the Red Sumatra kratom, there are other red-veined strains or Sumatra strains to try.

Alternative Strains

Sumatra strains of kratom come in red or white. The white-veined kratom is picked early in the lifecycle and can produce different types of kratoms. White veined kratom is often great for new users, however, it is user preference for which strains and veins are your favorite.

Red Maeng Da is another red-veined kratom that is a very popular strain. Because it is made from a specialized grafting technique and features a red-veined kratom, it possesses a unique potency. The Thai for Maeng Da means “pimp grade” which attests to the potency of the alkaloids and flavor profile.

Red Bali kratom is another popular strain of kratom. It features the red-veined kratom and is grown across Southeast Asia. It is a popular strain as it is readily available and a “tried and true” for many avid kratom users.

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