Red Horn

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As a variety which is already famous among so many Kratom enthusiasts, the demand of Red Horn Kratom powder is ever-increasing with a limited supply from the native lands. A personal favorite of numerous Kratom lovers around the globe..



What Makes Red Horn Kratom Powder Unique

The strain comes from the Horn Kratom trees grown in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The Horn kratom leaves are visibly the most interesting among all the kratom leaves thanks to the peculiar horn-shaped jagged pointers around their edges. Apart from their shape, the Red Horn kratom leaves are extremely popular among the kratom enthusiasts because of their characteristic properties that typically place this strain at higher market value.

The Red Horn strain is very rare as it is grown in limited quantities. When it comes to this strain, typically the demands are higher than the supply. The leaves are pre-traded before the harvest as they are extremely sought-after.

This strain is obtained only from the mature Horn leaves that have the highest concentrations of alkaloids in them, with their vein now turned red. Only that is considered of the highest quality which does not have powder of other kratom strains mixed-up with it. Sadly, to make up for lack of supplies, many other online vendors use this malpractice to increase the quantities, with obvious compromise on the quality of the products they sell to their customers.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we source our Red Horn Kratom powder directly from the most reputed Kratom farms located in the Borneo region and adjacent areas. We assure our valued customers that our product is 100% pure, made from authentic hand-selected Red-veined Horn leaves, crushed into an extremely fine powder, and shipped instantly to ensure perfect freshness.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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