White Asia

White Asia

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Belonging to the family of Asia Kratom, this strain is extracted exclusively from White veined leaves (no stems). Our White Asia Kratom powder is sure to bring you the most authentic Kratom.


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White Asia Kratom Powder

The authentic Asia Kratom powder comes from the kratom plantations in Indonesia and Malaysia, mainly from the vast island of Borneo shared by the two countries. Despite being around for at least centuries and known by the native populace, the kratom remained largely unknown in the West until fairly recently. Grown in rather limited quantity, this strain is considered a rarity because the supply is always lesser than its demand, especially after it has gained unprecedented popularity in the US kratom market.

The White Asia Kratom powder comes from the white-veined leaves of Kratom trees. With more or less a balanced concentration of alkaloids and flavonoids in the white-veined leaves, the kratom is revered by both new and seasoned purchasers.

To obtain the perfect White Asia Kratom, it is extremely important that the harvesting process is started at a time exactly corresponding to the optimal age of the leaves. As the veins of the leaves turn white from green, there lies a limited window of time during which the harvesting process can be started before the vein starts displaying red color. This takes a considerable amount of time and effort by the farmers who have to continuously monitor and track the age of the leaves. As the alkaloid concentrations of red, green and, white strains of kratom are different from each other, slight unwanted changes in the leaves can deteriorate the overall quality of the end product.

Our White Asia Kratom powder is ethically sourced from the well-reputed farms belonging to trustworthy farmers. These farmers spend many hours every day tending to the White Asia trees. From plantation to harvesting and then being dried up before being crushed, the whole process is painstakingly carried out just to bring out the best quality White Asia powder to you.

To ensure the best White Asia Kratom powder, place your orders with us. We ship your orders the same day and it will reach you at the earliest possible time.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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