White Borneo

White Borneo

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The Kratom tree is not a rare sight on the big island of Borneo. But it is the selected areas, ones with rich soil and right climatic conditions, which give out the best White Borneo Kratom, sourced by us for you..


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White Borneo Kratom Powder

Kratom trees, or Mitragyna Speciosa, grow all across Southeast Asia and have been utilized by the locals for at least centuries. The regional weather and soil influence the kratom being produced and these little variations have resulted in several Kratom varieties, or strains being made famous over the years. One such very popular strain which got named after the region it originally came from is called Borneo Kratom. And like all other strains, the Borneo Kratom also has three colors; Red, Green, and White. It is the White Borneo Kratom about which we are going to discuss today.

The White Borneo kratom is extracted from the Borneo leaves that have a white-colored vein running down their center. The vein color is a very accurate signal of the alkaloid composition of the leaf. The white-veined kratom leaves are typically half mature, with a rather balanced alkaloid content in their molecular structure.

White Borneo Kratom is indeed a very popular Kratom strain. With a customer base ranging from veteran to amateur, we constantly get positive reviews and feedback from our customers regarding the quality and freshness of our kratom.

These two traits are indeed the most important for the Kratom to be called good. Quality and freshness. To ensure good quality, the kratom has to be from the best growing regions, cared for by the best, most experienced farmer. In addition to that, the good quality kratom would consist of powder extracted only from the leaves, not the stem and veins which have lesser alkaloid concentrations.

As far as freshness is concerned, the drying process is very important. Just the right amount of sunlight, heat, and moisture has to be given to the kratom for it to retain its characteristic properties. After the drying process, good pre and post-shipping techniques enable the product to reach you in their best possible state.

To avoid getting substandard White Borneo Kratom, get your White Borneo Kratom from us and rest assured, you will be getting the best Kratom there is!

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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