Lucky 7

Lucky 7

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Combing the best strain for our special Kratom enthusiasts, we named it “Lucky 7”. The “Lucky 7” we offer has following varieties of Kratom combined together: WMD, GMD, RMD, SGM, R. BALI, GOLD BALI, ELEPHANT.


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Lucky 7 Kratom Powder

When Seven of the best Kratom strains combine, we call it “Lucky 7 Kratom Powder”. It is like combining the best strains to create a fusion that has something to offer to everyone. This product of ours is actually a mixture of seven most sought-after Kratom strains which when mixed together, create a kratom fusion which has become popular among the well versed as well as new kratom fans.

No, it is not just a random collection of seven different strains and combining them into making one hybrid mix. We brought the experts as well as the enthusiasts together to work on it. They deliberated and experimented on it for quite a lot of time before they came up with the final list of seven strains. It is a unique mix based on various considerations such as chemical composition, properties, and characteristics of each strain to ensure exceptional quality for our valued customers!

The “Lucky 7” we offer has following varieties of Kratom combined together:

  • The well-reputed White Maeng Da with all its white-veined leaves providing the best alkaloids of its category.
  • The young green leaves of Green Maeng Da with its molecular structure containing a balanced level of alkaloids.
  • The characteristically bold Red Maeng Da Kratom powder which is one of the most famous strains in our kratom inventory.
  • The popular kratom strain from Malaysia known as Super Green Malay with its bigger-than-average sized leaves, another premium product on our inventory
  • The celebrated Red Bali Kratom powder
  • Gold Bali is obtained from a time-consuming and expensive procedure of controlling the exposure to sunlight to its dried leaves.
  • And last but not the least, the big and alkaloid-rich leaves of the Elephant Kratom

This enchanting Kratom product has gained much popularity with our customers since we introduced it to the market.

Here at, we provide our customers with satisfaction that the Lucky 7 Kratom they buy from us is of the highest quality.

Order your Lucky-7 Kratom powder now in regular or bulk quantities. We ensure the fastest delivery times to all our valued customers.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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