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A newer strain on the market, the White Ketapang is quickly becoming a popular choice for new and avid kratom users. This particular strain comes from the island of Borneo and features white-veined kratom.

White Ketapang Kratom- Strain Overview

White Ketapang is a new strain in the kratom world. It comes from the western region of Borneo, an island in Indonesia in Southeast Asia. Here the tropical climates, warm weather, and frequent rainfall allow the trees to thrive and produce kratom leaves year-round. This strain uses a white-veined kratom which has lower concentrations of the alkaloid mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine when compared to the red or green-veined kratom but is still enjoyed by many kratom users. 

What is White Ketapang Kratom?

White Ketapang Kratom is made using white-veined kratom which is grown in West Kalimantan. It has white-veined kratom that has the lowest alkaloid content when compared to red and green-veined kratom but is still becoming a popular strain. The locals in the area have affectionately named this strain, Tau-Pang in Teochew, and enjoy it as well.

West Kalimantan has a climate that supports the growth of the kratom trees and lets them flourish. The nutrient-rich soil provides distinct and unique flavonoids that make this strain popular. Once the white-veined kratom leaves are harvested from this region, they are placed to dry out of the sun. This prevents any further maturing of the leaves. They can then be sealed in airtight containers and shipped to our facilities to be turned into our kratom products.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk provides only 100% pure and fresh kratom products. We have strict quality control measures to keep our products free of pesticides, contaminants, and chemical additives. Since we receive our products fresh, we don’t need preservatives. This means you get only pure kratom. 

Buy Kratom Bulk is one of the industry leaders in kratom. To stay on top, our facilities use Best Management Practices. We strive to provide our customers with excellent service, fresh and pure kratom products, and keep our prices affordable.

Buying White Ketapang

White Ketapang Kratom can be a difficult strain to buy. This is a newer strain in the kratom world and is not available through all vendors. Because Buy Kratom Bulk works closely with local farmers in the region, we keep this strain in stock for our kratom community.

As our name says, we offer our kratom in bulk pricing so you can save money on your products. You have the flexibility to order your favorite strain in a larger size so that you can keep products on hand without needing frequent orders. Alternatively, we also offer our kratom in smaller, more individual sizes.

We offer our White Ketapang Kratom Capsules in 250, 500, 750, or 1000 count capsules. Each of our capsules is size 00 and contains 1 gram of kratom product. This takes away the need for you to measure our product and lets you take your kratom on the go.

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The Ketapang kratom comes in all three vein colors: white, green, and red. Each vein color of kratom has different alkaloid contents which increase and offer the user something different. The Ketapang can be ordered in any of the three colors depending on what you are looking for in a kratom product.

White Maeng Da

Maeng Da kratom is known for being more potent than other strains of kratom. Translated from Thai as “pimp grade” it uses a specialized grafting technique to increase potency. The White Maeng Da uses a white-veined kratom and this technique to create a more potent kratom product that many enjoy. 

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