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The Green Thai Kratom is obtained from the young Thai Kratom leaves. With a rather balanced alkaloid content within them making them popular with both the old-timers and the newbies.

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Green Thai kratom has risen in popularity in the kratom community despite the limited supply. Originating from select regions of Thailand, this strain features a balanced alkaloid content along with diverse flavonoids. This strain is well-loved in the kratom community despite the rarity. It is grown in limited regions yet has a high demand.

Green Thai Kratom- Strain Overview

Green Thai Kratom is grown in select regions of Thailand. The kratom trees grow very well in these tropical forests. Once the leaves have reached the midpoint in their growth, they are picked. At this stage, the vein down the middle of the leaves is a green color, providing the kratom the name green-veined kratom.

This indicates that there is a moderate concentration of the key alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the components that make kratom products so popular. Green Thai is enjoyed by those who are looking for a kratom strain with a medium potency and a rich flavonoid profile.

Kratom trees can be found growing in the wilds of Southeast Asia. However, to improve the consistency and quality of products farmers typically grow their kratom trees on plantations. This ensures that their customers are getting a high-quality product. They are able to closely monitor the trees and give them whatever they need to thrive.

In addition, you want to ensure that you are getting kratom from a reputable vendor. One who works with the farmers directly. There are various drying methods and only skilled farmers will know how to truly cultivate quality kratom. It is during the drying period that the alkaloids will be locked in. This allows each strain to be unique.

What is Green Thai Kratom?

Kratom strains often get their names based on where they are grown and the vein of kratom used. Green Thai kratom is grown in the deeply forested regions of Thailand. The warm weather here combined with the frequent rainfall creates a climate in which the trees flourish. The diverse ecosystem around the trees also makes the soil very nutrient-rich which contributes to their alkaloid contents.

Green Thai kratom uses green-veined kratom. Green-veined kratom is harvested halfway through the growing cycles. When picked, the leaves have a higher concentration of alkaloids than the white-veined kratom yet less than the red-veined leaves.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk proudly offers 100% kratom products that we test in-house for purity and to ensure freshness. We work closely with the farmers who tend the trees and handpick each of the leaves. They ship the leaves to us in airtight containers so that they remain fresh. When we receive the leaves, we test them to ensure they weren’t exposed to pesticides, chemical additives, or external contaminants. Since the leaves arrive fresh and sealed, we don’t add preservatives so that you get only pure kratom in your products. 

Our facilities maintain strict quality control measures to keep only the best products available. We also use Best Management Practices to keep our facilities and customer service constantly improving.

Buying Green Thai

Buy Kratom Bulk has special bulk pricing and larger sizes to best suit your needs. You can save money on the products themselves and also through reduced shipping and handling costs. You order less while keeping your products on hand. We also offer our kratom products in smaller, more individual sizes if you are looking for personalized or trying a new strain. We offer our Green Thai in 250-gram, 500-gram, 750-gram, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg sizes.

Similar Strains

Thai Kratom

If you enjoy the Green Thai kratom, you may also enjoy the other vein colors for this strain. Thai kratom comes in all three colors: white, green, and red. They all come from the same region of Thailand but are left to mature for different periods of time which increases the alkaloid counts. Each has varying alkaloid contents that let you choose your kratom product based on what you are looking for.

Green Indo 

The Green Indo is another popular strain of kratom. It also uses green-veined kratom leaves; so the alkaloid content is similar to the Green Thai. This particular strain of kratom is grown across Indonesia and features unique traits from that region. 

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