Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom Powder


This exclusive Kratom product is made by the farmers who tend to the olden trees and their leaves, constantly clearing the unwanted obstructions to light and air, ensuring perfect conditions for the trees to give out their best.

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Kratom comes in many forms and strains which provides a variety of experiences to the kratom community, but only one strain is cultivated, harvested, and processed to be a superior and exquisite strain of kratom: Private Forest Green (Special Reserve). This particular strain of kratom is designed to be allowed to grow naturally, lacking many commercial methods, has pruning of other nearby trees (so these get optimal sunlight), and is carefully monitored by expert farmers.

Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom- Strain Overview

As the name suggests, this strain of kratom is grown in a private forest in Kalimantan in Southeast Asia. This forest is allowed to grow under more natural conditions, lacking mankind’s intervention with productivity or any external factors to accelerate growth. The forest is maintained by expert farmers who keep a careful eye on not only kratom trees but the area around them.

The region of Kalimantan offers a humid climate with frequent rainfall and warm weather that naturally lets kratom trees thrive. In Private Forest, the trees have an extra level of care in place. These trees are carefully watered if there is a dry period to ensure the soil remains moist and nutrient-rich. Trees surrounding the forest are kept from obstructing the sunlight to the kratom trees, this allows the kratom to receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight. The farmers also ensure that the trees can reach full maturity and age. All these factors contribute to the superior quality and nature of this particular strain of kratom.

Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is made using green-veined kratom leaves. These leaves have passed the point where the vein down the middle of the leaves is a whitish color and are harvested before peak maturity when the vein is a red color. The vein being green is an outward indicator of the alkaloid content within the leaves. There are over 20 alkaloids within kratom leaves, but the primary two which contribute to kratom’s popularity are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. The alkaloids for green-veined kratom leaves are considered to have a median and balanced concentration, which means a medium but robust potency.

Once these leaves have reached the desired maturity, they are harvested by hand, washed, and taken to an indoor location to dry. The leaves can then dry without further exposure to sunlight which would cause changes to the alkaloid content and profile. After the leaves dry, they are inspected and packed into airtight containers to preserve freshness and sent to our facilities to process.

What is Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom?

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) Kratom is made using a green-veined kratom that is grown in a private and reserved location in the forested region of Kalimantan. The region itself is known to produce robust and flavorful kratom, but with the additional care and steps, Private Forest can produce a higher quality kratom. This strain has a balanced alkaloid profile that is a medium potency compared to the white and red-veined kratom but offers the kratom community a strain that is unlike any other. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA is proud to work with the farmers who tend the grove in the private forest so that we can provide kratom that is 100% pure, safe, and fresh to our customers. When the kratom leaves arrive at our facilities, they are given priority for inspection and testing. These leaves are tested to ensure they weren’t exposed to bacteria, pesticides, added chemicals, or contaminants from shipping. The leaves arrive fresh, and no artificial preservatives are added to the products. 

Buy Kratom Bulk USA has become one of the industry leaders in kratom because of our strict quality control and Best Management Practices. We work to constantly improve our facilities and processes while also providing outstanding support to our customers during all stages of the ordering process. We offer a 30-day return policy for unused kratom products and will work with you to make it right.

Buying Private Forest Green (Special Reserve)

Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is not offered through all kratom vendors as the superior strain takes longer to grow, expertise to cultivate, and requires access to the restricted area. 

Buy Kratom Bulk can provide this strain to our customers in a variety of sizes, including bulk, to best suit your kratom needs. We offer savings through bulk pricing, reduced shipping, and handling costs (associated with larger, less frequent orders), and through our rewards system. 

We offer our Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) in 100-gram, 250-gram, 500-gram, and 1kg sizes for you to choose from.

Similar Strains

The Private Forest Green (Special Reserve) is unlike any other kratom strain. This premium kratom provides the community with a one-of-a-kind experience through the expertly cultivated strain. However, if you enjoyed this strain, you may also enjoy one of these varieties. 

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The Private Reserve Red Maeng Da is another premium selection of kratom. This strain is expertly harvested and crafted with additional care to provide you with a potent and robust strain of kratom. This strain is made using red-veined kratom that is grown in select regions of Southeast Asia. The strain requires a specialized grafting technique and only the most senior farmer to craft and graft the kratom leaves after harvest. 

Super Green Elephant Kratom 

If you are looking for a kratom strain that uses mature kratom leaves along with a higher-than-average potency for green-veined kratom, then the Super Green Elephant may be a great option. This strain uses the largest leaves from the most mature leaves to have higher potency and concentration of the main alkaloids.

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