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Yellow Sumatra Kratom is a non-naturally occurring strain of kratom that is becoming increasingly popular. This strain undergoes a lengthy drying process which causes the kratom to turn to a yellow color. This specialty strain of kratom is offering the kratom community a new way to enjoy Sumatra kratom.

Yellow Sumatra Kratom- Strain Overview

Yellow kratom does not occur naturally. This strain undergoes a specialized drying process of green-veined kratom leaves. As the leaves are hung to dry for extended periods, the vein in the middle of the plant and leaves turn to a yellow color. These have a higher content of alkaloids including 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine which make it a popular strain. This strain originates from the Sumatra region in Southeast Asia where it is grown year-round. 

What is Yellow Sumatra Kratom?

Kratom that is grown in the Sumatra region is known for having robust flavor profiles. These leaves are grown in the perfect location where they receive lots of rain, nutrient-rich soil, high humidity, and warm weather. The jungle forests of the region allow the trees to flourish and thrive, producing quality kratom throughout the year.

Yellow kratom is not naturally occurring and is made through an extended drying process. The leaves will be hung to dry on racks for longer periods of time which darkens the leaves to the yellow color. This strain gets its name based on the yellow color of the leaves and the Sumatra region where they are harvested.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Choosing a kratom vendor involves a careful look at their business practices and the products they provide. Buy Kratom Bulk utilizes Best Management Practices and strict quality control measures in all our facilities to seek constant improvement and the best products.

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Since our leaves are fresh, we don’t have to use preservatives before crushing them into the fine powder in our products.

Buying Yellow Sumatra

Yellow Sumatra kratom is considered a specialty strain as it does not occur naturally and requires extra work through the drying process. This means that not all kratom vendors offer it. Fortunately, our facilities work directly with the farmers who tend the trees and we can keep this in stock.

As our name states, we allow you to purchase your favorite kratom strain in bulk sizes. You can then save money on the products themselves along with the decreased costs in less shipping and handling from ordering less often. You can also choose to order a smaller size of kratom if you want to try something new or order a variety of strains.

We offer our Yellow Sumatra Kratom Powder in 250-gram, 500-gram, 750-gram, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, or 5kg sizes to allow you to choose the right amount for you.

Similar Strains

Sumatra Kratom

Many kratom users that enjoy a particular strain will also enjoy the other vein colors from the region. Sumatra Kratom comes in all three kratom colors naturally: white, green, and red. Each has increasing levels of alkaloid contents while also having unique features that come from the region. 

Yellow Vietnam

Another popular, newer strain of kratom is Yellow Vietnam. Grown deep in the jungle forests, this strain has quickly become a hit in the kratom community. It uses a blend of green and red-veined kratom which undergo a similar drying process to create the potent yellow-veined kratom.

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