Green Borneo Kratom

Green Borneo Kratom

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Starting from the time when the harvest process begins till the time it reaches your doorstep, we ensure strict quality assurance protocols so that you get the best, most authentic, and fresh Green Borneo Kratom Powder from us


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Green Borneo Kratom Powder

The Kratom tree (Mitragyna Speciosa) has several strains, each one has subtly different characteristic properties. Green Borneo Kratom, otherwise known as Green Borneo , is one of the strains which comes from the Island of Borneo, Indonesia.

The Green Borneo Kratom powder comes from thriving Kratom trees of Borneo forests. The best Kratom trees are the most mature ones. The leaves of these trees, while still green, are harvested to ensure the right composition of alkaloid content in them which is typical of the Green Borneo. The harvested Green Borneo leaves then go through another quality control process whereby the substandard leaves are separated from the good ones.

After this process, the next stage is the drying process. In order to create a long-lasting good quality powder that can be stored for longer periods of time without any change in its alkaloid content or properties, the Kratom leaves are exposed to sunlight periodically. The drying process is time consuming and requires deep knowledge of intricacies involved in this activity. The most experienced farmers, through the knowledge transmitted to them from generations to generations, are protective of these techniques as a closely guarded secret. The quality of the final product hugely depends on the success of this process.

After the drying process, the dried leaves pass through another quality control check. The filtered leaves are then crushed into a fine powder before being shipped to us. Once here, the Kratom is packaged in state-of-the-art airtight packages to ensure that its freshness stays intact for a very long time.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we are very particular about the quality of our Kratom. From the farms of Borneo after being harvested from the trees, till the time they reach your doorstep, we have elaborate quality assurance protocols in place. So that you may only get the best, most authentic Green Borneo Kratom from us.

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Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa


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