Green Super Indo Kratom Powder

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The Green Super Indo is indeed one of the best selling and in-demand kratom strains out there! A personal favorite of so many Kratom enthusiasts, this strain has taken the Kratom market in the US by a storm!

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Green Super Indo — Strain Overview

Our premium Super Green Indo kratom possesses a rich alkaloid profile that is similar to Green Maeng Da but more potent. If you’re tired of your typical kratom strains and you want to mix things up, our Green Super Indo strain is a refreshing blend that you won’t readily find elsewhere. Fresh, vivid, and dried to last—our Green Super Indo is a strain we’re proud of.

What is Super Green Indo Kratom?

To produce Super Green kratom, the farmers in Southeast Asia must use specific drying and processing methods. These methods are similar to those in which regular Green Indo kratom is produced—but with specific variations. By experimenting with different lighting types and drying time lengths, the farmers discovered specific ways to catalyze higher percentages of alkaloids, resulting in more potent kratom products.

This “super” technique often takes a bit longer than the drying time for standard green kratom strains and tends to increase the cost of the kratom strain. However, over time, as kratom extracts and concentrated strains entered the market, the Super Green kratom strains—such as our Green Super Indo, became available at regular prices. You know, competition, supply, and demand—that stuff. We didn’t major in agriculture or economics, but we keep up to date with kratom resources, policies, and developments.

Why Our Green Super Indo Kratom is Superior

If you’ve shopped around the internet in search of new kratom strains from the best kratom vendors, you’ve probably noticed that not every vendor can offer Super Green Indo for sale. More often, a vendor will offer either Super Green Malay or Super Green Indo rather than both. In other situations, a kratom website may sell a large number of kratom strains, including multiple varieties of super green kratom strains, super white kratom strains, and ultra-enhanced kratom powders. But what does it all mean?

The quality control and consistency between vendors can vary significantly for a kratom strain such as Super Green Indo. Since kratom is unregulated, vendors are free to mix whatever they feel like a “Super Green Indo” blend should look like. Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we’re aware of the problem with kratom strain names, and we strive for consistency even if other vendors don’t—that’s why we take our lab tests seriously. Although there is no standard “recipe” for a Green Super Indo blend, we strive to keep our product consistent with customer expectations.

Similar Strains to Super Green Indo

If you’re looking to buy kratom that’s similar to Super Green Indo, here are some different strains of kratom and products you may want to check out:

  • Super Green Elephant Kratom: Although similar in concept, our Super Green Elephant kratom has a different alkaloid profile due to variables in its process. It has more parallels to Red Bali kratom strains.
  • Super Green Malay Kratom: Our “tried and true” super green blend, this kratom strain is a smooth blend for kratom lovers in general.
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom: The most popular green vein kratom strain, our Maeng Da blend has been precisely blended to bring out the best alkaloid content.
  • Green Super Indo Capsules: The same Super Green Indo strain, but in capsule form. Definitely less messy.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we lab test everything under the sun. We are closely involved in every step of the process, from meeting the farmers in Indonesia to making sure the customer is satisfied with their delivery. We don’t let any sub-par products slip into our inventory. The customer is everything to us, and we care about providing fresh and authentic Mitragyna speciosa to the kratom community for reasonable prices.

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