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Deeply revered and respected by so many Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. This beautiful strain of Kratom called Red Thai is a widely popular strain in the Kratom world. Click to read more about this very famous Kratom strain.

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Kratom users are often in search of their favorite strains and trying to find something they enjoy. The Red Thai Kratom strain does not disappoint and is a top choice when looking at strains. It features a potent red-veined kratom grown in Thailand. 

Kratom strain names typically come from the vein of the kratom leaves used and the location in which they were grown; this is true for the Red Thai Kratom as well. This strain is made using a red-veined kratom leaf. These particular leaves are grown across Thailand. While kratom trees grow across Southeast Asia, a strain gets its name based on where they are mainly harvested. Thailand features a warm, high humidity, and consistent rainfall that is needed for the growth of the trees. It makes for an ideal growing bed.

Does Vein Color Matter?

The first stage of the leaves occurs when the vein reaches a white color. This is the earliest point at which the leaves can be picked. At this point, the leaves have a stable concentration of alkaloids. The next stage of growth for the leaves is when the vein turns to a green color.

This is the middle point of maturity for the leaves. The alkaloid content has increased from the white-veined kratom. The final stage of maturity for the leaves is the red-veined kratom. The vein at peak maturity turns to a deep red color. Red vein kratom happens to be the most potent form of this herb. Those looking for robust support typically opt for red vein strains.

The vein color indicates the maturity of the leaves when they were harvested. This vein will determine the alkaloid content. So, yes, vein color is an important factor when trying to determine which strain you would like to try.

Similar Strains

The Thai strain of kratom also comes in white-veined kratom and green-veined kratom, making it White Thai and Green Thai. Those that enjoy a particular strain of kratom from a region often enjoy the other strain varieties from the area. The alkaloid content within these is less than that of the Red Thai, but the features from the region do make them popular choices. 

Red Maeng Da

For those that are seeking higher potency in their kratom products, the Red Maeng Da is another popular choice. This strain translates from Thai as “pimp grade” and is grown across Southeast Asia. This particular strain of kratom gets its name from the specialized grafting technique that makes it more potent than other red strains, despite using similar red-veined kratom. 

Red Sumatra

Another popular strain for red-veined kratom users is the Red Sumatra. This particular strain is very aromatic, meaning that there is a pleasant smell, has a unique flavor profile, a robust alkaloid profile, and utilizes the same potent red-veined kratom.

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Kratom strains come in many different forms using the three distinct veins of kratom leaves. The Red Thai uses a red-veined kratom that is known for its potency and is grown across Thailand. The region provides unique features to the kratom that make it a favorite for avid and new kratom users. 

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