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Green Asia kratom is a rare strain of kratom that is loved by both avid users and those who are new to kratom. It has a diverse content of alkaloids which provides balance support that is highly sought after. Despite its popularity, it is still considered a specialty strain that isn’t available through all vendors and is only grown in specific regions of Southeast Asia.

Green Asia Kratom- Strain Overview

Green Asia kratom offers users a balanced alkaloid profile with rich flavonoids. This particular strain uses green-veined kratom. These leaves are harvested at the midpoint in their growth when the vein down the middle of the leaves is a bright green color. This is an outward indicator of the alkaloid profile within the leaves.

While there are over 20 alkaloids within kratom leaves, the primary two components are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These pieces of the profile are what make kratom products so popular. This strain is grown in Southeast Asia on the island of Borneo.

This island offers an ideal growing bed for the kratom leaves which contributes to the rich alkaloid profile that is loved by kratom users. These trees can be found growing in the wild, but a majority of the trees are found on plantations where they are tended by skilled farmers who control the quality and consistency of the leaves.

What is Green Asia Kratom?

Kratom strains usually get their names based on where they are grown and the vein of kratom leaves used. Green Asia uses green-veined kratom leaves that are picked halfway through their growing cycles. These leaves are harvested in a very specific region in Southeast Asia, in the Ketapang region on the island of Borneo.

This region is on the southwest shores of the island and has a tropical climate that allows the trees to flourish. There is frequent rainfall, high humidity, and nutrient-rich soils that allow the trees to grow year-round. This ideal climate contributes to the alkaloid and flavonoid profile that makes this strain so popular.

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA has spent years building relationships with our customers and the local farmers who tend the kratom trees. We use Best Management Practices at our facilities to seek constant improvement while also maintaining strict quality control for our products. We strive to ensure our products are fresh, pure, and authentic. 

When our leaves arrive fresh from the farmers, we get them in airtight containers to preserve the freshness. We then test the leaves in-house to ensure they are free of pesticides, contaminants, and chemical additives. Since our leaves arrive fresh, we don’t add any preservatives, and instead, strive to give you the freshest products. 

Buying Green Asia Kratom Powder

Green Asia is a rare strain of kratom that can be difficult to find. Not only is it considered a specialty strain, but because of the limited harvest locations and only being offered by select vendors, it can be hard to come by. Buy Kratom Bulk can keep this strain in stock and provide bulk sizes to customers because of our close working relationships with the local farmers.

We offer bulk pricing on our products which allows you to save money on the products themselves. When you order the larger sizes, you are then able to keep your favorite strains in stock and order less often, saving you money on the shipping and handling costs as well. We also offer the strains in smaller sizes if you are trying something new for the first time or not looking to order in bulk.

We offer our Green Asia Kratom Powder in 250-gram, 500-gram, 750-gram, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, or 5kg sizes. 

Similar Strains

Green Borneo Kratom 

Green Borneo kratom is a very similar strain to Green Asia. They are both grown on the same island of Borneo and use similar green-veined kratom. Because this strain is grown in a different region, it has different features and flavonoids yet have a familiar alkaloid profile. 

Green Maeng Da

For those that enjoy potent strains of kratom, the Maeng Da strains are very popular. These strains are named for their specialized grafting technique which increases their potency. Despite being made from a green-veined kratom as well, it is known for having higher levels of alkaloids than other green strains. 

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