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Chocolate kratom powder is one of the newest strains to hit the market and has quickly become a popular choice. Using a specialized and extensive fermentation process, the typical red-veined kratom leaves are turned into a deep chocolate color with a rich alkaloid profile. 

Chocolate Kratom- Strain Overview

Chocolate kratom is a newer strain and is made using a specialized process. This particular strain is made from red-veined kratom that is fermented. The red-veined kratom leaves are the most mature kratom leaves and are hung to dry in bags for extended periods so they can process into a deep brown color. The chocolate color of the leaves is where the strain gets its name rather than a cocoa taste. 

Because of the red-veined kratom, extended drying times, and the fermentation process, this strain is known for its potency. It is rich in alkaloids such as 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. The process to increase the alkaloid content makes it a very unique strain with many users flocking to try.

What is Chocolate Kratom?

Chocolate kratom is made using red-veined kratom products that are placed in bags to dry for extended periods of time. As the leaves dry and age, they turn to a darker brown color. Unlike other kratom strains that are harvested from a singular region and get part of their name from, chocolate kratom can be harvested across Southeast Asia where the trees naturally grow and thrive. This particular strain is popular for its rich alkaloid profile and uniqueness. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA is a proud industry leader on the kratom scene. Our kratom leaves come from trusted farmers who tend the trees throughout their lives. Their goals align with ours to provide the best and freshest kratom. We can provide 100% pure kratom products and perform in-house testing to ensure that your products are free of pesticides, contaminants, and chemical additives. We offer our customers fresh kratom products without the need for preservatives for the best herbs. At Buy Kratom Bulk, we strive to continuously improve using Best Management Practices and strict quality control in our facilities. 

Buying Chocolate Kratom Powder

Chocolate Kratom powder can be difficult to find. It is not only a popular strain, but not many vendors offer this unique strain. At Buy Kratom Bulk, we are one of the few who can provide the strain and are even able to procure bulk quantities. 

Buy Kratom Bulk offers unique pricing because of our bulk sizes. You can purchase your favorite kratom products in larger sizes so you run out less. We also offer smaller sizes for those that are looking for a variety of products or trying a new strain. We offer our products at a discounted price to our customers, thanks to reduced shipping and processing costs.

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