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Green Elephant is well known in the kratom world. This strain uses very large leaves that mimic elephant ears. This is how the strain gained its name. Anyone could easily identify the Green Elephant leaves, as they are large and droopy.

Green Elephant Kratom: Strain Overview

Green Elephant is harvested at the midpoint of its lifecycle. This means that it will be more potent than white vein but less potent than red vein varieties. It is the perfect midpoint for those who have used other vein colors and have not yet found their happy spot. Many new users will begin with a green strain, as it will help them know if they need to have more or less potency in their kratom products. 

Green Elephant Kratom: What Is It?

Green Elephant is a unique strain, which means you are probably not going to find it offered by all vendors. This strain originates from the Sumatra Islands. This area is known for its Horn Kratom, which possesses similar properties to Green Elephant. 

The soil and the high humidity in this area help create a unique alkaloid composition that is shared by Green Elephant and Green Horn. Both strains are well known for their unique leaves. Most kratom leaves are small and oval, but this is not the case for Elephant and Horn.

Since they possess a unique alkaloid profile, this makes them highly sought after. Many vendors have issues accessing these strains, but we have close relationships with our farmers. This gives us access to the rarest forms of kratom.

Why Buy Kratom from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Buy Kratom Bulk USA offers an extended line of products. This is one of the top reasons why our customers choose us over other kratom vendors. You will find unique strains here, as well as familiar favorites. 

We take great pride in offering high-quality kratom in powders, capsules, and extracts. To ensure the purity of our products we conduct lab testing. We also follow the American Kratom Association GMP guidelines. Together, this makes our kratom some of the best on the market.

Options to Buy Green Elephant Kratom Powder

We offer Green Elephant powder in 100g, 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg. This allows you to decide the quantity that you want to purchase. It also gives you a chance to buy larger bulk quantities and save. 

Strains Similar to Green Elephant Kratom

Below we have listed some strains that are similar to Green Elephant. If you are in the market to try something new you will want to check out these strains. 

Green Horn Kratom

Green Horn has a uniqueness to it just like Green Elephant. Both have different types of leaves which affect the overall composition of the final product. 

Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra is grown in the same area as Green Elephant. This means that they will be similar in their alkaloid profiles. 

Green Borneo Kratom

If you are looking to try something a little more subtle in its support, Green Borneo is a great option. It is also offered in white and red varieties. 

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