Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder


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If you’re looking for a unique strain of kratom, the Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom may be an option for you. This particular strain of kratom is not available through all vendors, but at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we are happy to provide it. This strain uses a green-veined kratom grown off the rivers of the forests in Borneo. 

Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom- Strain Overview

The Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom contains a diverse alkaloid profile that comes from the ideal growing conditions in which it is raised. This strain offers a green-veined kratom which has higher alkaloid contents than white-veined kratom but less than the red-veined kratom. It has a hearty concentration of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which are the components that make kratom so popular. 

What is Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom?

Kratom strains typically get their names from the region in which they are grown and the vein of kratom used. The vein which runs down the middle of the kratom leaves provides an outward indicator of the strength of the alkaloids in the leaves. The Green Hulu Kapuas uses a green-veined kratom. These leaves are harvested at the midpoint in their growing process and have a higher concentration of alkaloids than white-veined kratom products. The Hulu Kapuas region is the region in which the kratom is harvested. This area is located on the island of Borneo along the northern riverbeds. These rivers provide nutrient-rich soil for the trees to grow and thrive. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

Kratom vendors should be someone that you trust to provide pure and tested products. At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we are proud to always offer 100% pure kratom products. After years of building working relationships with our farmers, we have come to know who grows and picks each of the leaves that we use in our kratom. We use strict quality control measures in our facilities to ensure that our leaves undergo stringent testing for pesticides, contaminants, and chemical additives. Rather than fill our products with preservatives, we prefer to provide fresh kratom. 

Our facilities use Best Management Practices to promote continuous growth and improvement. This means that we strive to provide you with excellent customer service and to always seek improvement in our processes and products.

Buying Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder

The Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder can be a hard strain to find. Not all kratom vendors offer this particular variety. Buy Kratom Bulk USA works directly with farmers in the region to ensure that we stay in stock with the strain in a variety of sizes. Because of our bulk distribution, we can provide our kratom products at a special price with decreased shipping and handling costs. This means you get larger quantities of kratom, have products on hand, and need to order less: saving you time and money. 

For those that are trying something new or want a smaller size, we also offer more individual sizes. We offer our Green Hulu Kapuas Kratom Powder in 250-gram, 500-gram, 750-gram, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg sizes.

Similar Strains

Green Borneo

Grown in the neighboring areas of Borneo, you may also like the Green Borneo. It offers similar traits as the Green Hulu Kapuas as it is grown nearby. It also uses the same green-veined kratom leaves so the alkaloid content is similar. 

Green Sumatra

The Green Sumatra kratom offers a unique flavor profile. The trees in the region have a special flavor profile that makes this strain so popular. It uses the same green-veined kratom so it has a similar alkaloid profile compared to the Green Hulu Kapuas and the Green Borneo. 

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