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  • Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder

    One of the most popular strains of Kratom out there! The Green Maeng Da, translated “Pimp Quality” or contextually “Ultimate Quality”, has a well established reputation as a strain having one of the richest alkaloid contents. A personal favorite of many Kratom enthusiasts. Click to read more..

  • White Vein Maeng Da Kratom

    The White vein Maeng Da comes from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees which are neither too young nor too mature. Respected by so many as it falls between the two ends of the spectrum with Green and Red on the extremities.

  • Red Bali Kratom

    Bali is one of those strains of Kratom which are always high in demand. And within the Bali strain, it is the Red Bali that is a particular favorite of our customers. Our Red Bali is 100% pure and sourced directly from the local growers in Bali, Indonesia..

  • Lucky 7

    Combing the best strain for our special Kratom enthusiasts, we named it “Lucky 7”. The “Lucky 7” we offer has following varieties of Kratom combined together: WMD, GMD, RMD, SGM, R. BALI, GOLD BALI, ELEPHANT.

  • Super Green Malay Kratom

    The “Super” is a title given to those strains of Kratom which are only obtained from the largest, well-nourished leaves with the highest concentrations of Alkaloids. The Super Green Malay is one of our most loved strains because of its purity and originality.

  • Gold Bali Kratom

    Gold Bali Kratom requires a lot of time and effort to be spent by the highly skilled Kratom farmers to strictly follow the sunlight exposure schedule. We bring you the most exclusive and authentic Gold vein Bali experience!

  • Green Maeng Da Capsules

    A delicate, exclusive Kratom strain for our valued customers. Green Veined Maeng Da is one of the most sought-after varieties of Green colored Kratom out there. Ours is 100% pure and completely natural. Click to read more about Green Maeng Da Capsules

  • Super Green Elephant Kratom

    The “Elephant” variety of Mitragyna Speciosa tree is know for high levels of alkoloids asit has bigger leaves, resembling an elephant. Super Elephant is a name prefix given to this variety of Kratom as it has even denser concentration of those alkaloids!

  • White Borneo

    The Kratom tree is not a rare sight on the big island of Borneo. But it is the selected areas, ones with rich soil and right climatic conditions, which give out the best White Borneo Kratom, sourced by us for you..

  • Yellow Vietnam Kratom

    Yellow Vietnam Kratom powder has many dedicated fans and it is one of the most interesting Kratom strains out there. Yellow and Vietnam, both combine to give it very unique characteristics. Click to read more..

  • Green Horn Kratom

    The Green Horn Kratom leaves are much similar to the White and Red Horn leaves in appearance. Having a distinct shade of Green color in the veins, the Green Horn leaves are the source of this popular strain of Kratom.

  • Green Super Indo

    The Green Super Indo is indeed one of the best selling and in-demand kratom strains out there! A personal favorite of so many Kratom enthusiasts, this strain has taken the Kratom market in the US by a storm!

  • Red Borneo Kratom

    The Red Borneo Powder has its origins from the island of Borneo. On the island, the weather is hot and humid all year round which is just perfect for the nourishment of Kratom trees. Click to read more details about this famous kratom strain..

  • Green Bali

    A beautiful Kratom strain originating from Indonesia. Hand picked Green veined Bali leaves are finely milled to produce an exquisite Kratom powder which is popular as well as easily available. Click to read more about it and its interesting etymology..

  • Red Indo Kratom

    The native farmers and harvesters particularly revere this strain. They say that it forms the central part of their culture and social fabric. Equally popular in the West, we are proudly bringing this very special strain to you!

  • White Bali

    We are sourcing our White Bali Kratom Powder from the most authentic farms owned by the traditional Kratom farmers. This directly translates into the superior quality of our products as compared to other vendors.

Since the start of the 21st century, Kratom has gradually but steadily gained popularity in the US. The passionate kratom enthusiasts give different reasons for their affiliation with this wonderful botanical herb. However, almost all of them agree that part of their affiliation with Kratom comes from the many varieties they can choose from. These varieties, more formally known as “kratom strains”, are the main reason why people from such diverse backgrounds, belonging to different walks of life, and having different personalities are becoming fans of the Kratom products.

But what exactly are these variations? What causes them and what do they mean for the Kratom connoisseurs? Interestingly, even many of the experienced Kratom enthusiasts won’t be able to explain them accurately. We agree that they are more concerned with the Kratom itself rather than its history, but it is always good to know more about something that you revel so much! And trust us, the details are as interesting as the kratom strains themselves. The more you know about them, the more you start valuing them!

In the next few paragraphs, we’ll take you on a brief journey of introducing the various kratom strains. Till now you have been appreciative of the variety of our kratom products, it is about time we tell you about their origins and other related aspects in a little bit more detail.

As we mentioned earlier, all kratom strains come from the same tree; Mitragyna Speciosa. This tree is found abundantly all across the thousands of big and small Southeast Asian islands. It is not an uncommon sight to see small forests of Kratom trees growing naturally or in the private farms owned by local farmers and harvesters. Biologically, the Kratom tree, Mitragyna Speciosa belongs to the family of Rubiaceae, and belongs to the genus Mitragyna. The species is called M. Speciosa. But it is the subspecies that we are discussing in this article. These subspecies are what are more commonly referred to as Kratom strains. Scientifically speaking, subspecies are a taxonomic category that ranks one step below species. They are typically a permanent geographically isolated race, deviated from other subspecies because of Darwin’s “natural variation”. These subspecies are still capable of interbreeding and their offsprings are capable of further breeding through natural ways. In the same manner, the Kratom strains came into being. Through hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, the Mitragyna Sepciosa trees adapted themselves from island to island. These Kratom strains evolved owing to the differences in local climate i.e temperature, humidity, air, and water quality, and also the mineral contents in the local soil. Each Kratom strain has a slightly different molecular structure from the other and this is what makes things so interesting. This difference in the molecular structure of one kratom strain enables it to produce a different combination of alkaloids as compared to the other kratom strains. Thus, each Kratom strain has its own unique personality and different set of characteristics.

Now let us have a look at each one of the Kratom strains that mother nature has gifted us through the magical process of evolution. We’ll touch upon each of these briefly so that you may have a fair idea about the history, origin, and characteristics of these kratom strains.

Asia Kratom Strain:

This strain is one of those Kratom strains that are not commonly available in the US. It originates from the jungles of native Southasian regions but now a few private farms in Indonesia have also begun the farming of this strain owing to its increasing commercial demand overseas. As the world began to recognize Kratom, more hidden strains including this one surfaced which were not as common before.

As stated earlier, the Asia Kratom is only grown at a limited number of farms or private forests in limited quantities. Quality Asia Kratom strain products are directly sourced from the mature trees located in the private or hidden forests of Indonesia. To preserve the rare Asia Kratom trees from overburdening through additional harvests, the traditional farmers who grow them refuse to harvest the immature leaves for temporary financial gains. Through this selective and careful harvesting of their Asia Kratom trees, they ensure the longterm sustainability and survival of this rare strain.

Bali Kratom Strain:

Bali Kratom strain comes from the scenic island of Bali, Indonesia. About this strain, the historians and researchers disagree on its true origins. While some cite that it originates from the island of Bali, others opine that it actually comes from the islands of Borneo and Sumatra, with Bali just being used as a shipping port for this strain of Kratom and hence the name. The Bali Kratom strain is typically high in demand all year round. This variety is a personal favorite of many Kratom enthusiasts in the US and across the globe as well. The popularity is attributed to the strong alkaloid structure within the molecules of Bali Kratom leaves, thanks to the nutrient-rich soil of the native jungles from there this strain is traditionally grown. Bali Kratom strain is also particularly resistant to adverse weather changes that can impact other strains adversely. Therefore, the Bali Kratom strain is readily available with the Kratom sellers, making its price relatively stable as well.

Borneo Kratom Strain:

Borneo Kratom strain, a very captivating kratom strain that originates from the third largest island on the Earth in terms of land area. Shared by three Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, the island is home to tens of thousands of plants and animal species, some of them found only on this island. Kratom trees are a common sight all over the island, thanks to the suitable hot and humid tropical climate. Kratom is popular with the local and native people of the island as it is a source of livelihood and an integral part of their culture as well.

Before this strain was made famous by the early pioneers of Kratom in the US, this strain was already popular with the local tribesmen inhabiting the island. Like other Kratom strains, the Borneo Kratom strains come in three varieties that are: red, green, and white. These colors refer to the colors of the veins in the leaves at the time of their harvest, indicating different levels of alkaloid concentrations within the leaves. The properties and characteristics of Borneo kratom strain change with the increase in the alkaloid concentration in its leaves.

Elephant Kratom Strain:

A very interesting name for a very unique Kratom strain. The Elephant kratom strains gets its name from the shape of its leaves. The leaves, when mature, are relatively bigger as compared to leaves of other kratom strains. Because of their additional weight, they give more of a droopy look like the ears of an elephant. That is how the name caught up. But talking about its characteristics, it has one of the most desirable alkaloids make up in the entire kratom strain inventory, making it one of the most sought-after kratom strains. Available in green, white, and red varieties, the Elephant kratom strain is readily available both in powder and capsule forms.

Horn Kratom Strain:

If you think that Elephant Kratom has an interesting name then think about a Kratom strain having a name like Horned Kratom. This kratom strain is as elusive as it is fascinating. The reason is that it is particularly hard to grow as it requires several external environmental factors to be just perfect if the horned kratom leaves are to grow optimally. For this reason, not many kratom farmers are willing to risk their income from annual kratom produce by growing this kratom strain. Subsequently, good quality Horned Kratom strain is not easily available from the kratom vendors in the US.

A bit of research into the etymology of horn kratom strain establishes that it was named after the characteristic kinks or spikes that are present all around the edges of the mature kratom leaves. Out of the three varieties of the Horn kratom, it is the Red Horn Kratom that is very famous for having one of the highest alkaloid concentrations in all the Kratom strains.

Indo Kratom Strain:

Coming from the mainland as well as the many islands of Indonesia, the Indo Kratom strain is named after its geographical origins. It has been well known to the local populace living in that area. However, the widespread popularity in the West is quite a recent phenomenon. Understandably, the demand of the Indo kratom strain has been growing rapidly in the US over the past few years. The Indo Kratom strain has three varieties; green, red, and white. Remarkably, all three varieties have their dedicated fan following so they are equally in demand.

Maeng Da Kratom Strain:

In addition to the natural one, another way of introducing these little variations in Kratom strains is the process of selective farming. Like that in the case of Maeng Da. In which good aspects of two trees are combined naturally and the result is increased production as well as the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. Arguably, Maeng Da is the most famous kratom strain presently. An overwhelming majority of kratom enthusiasts say that they pay their deepest respects to the Maeng Da Kratom strain.

Unlike most of the other kratom strains that are usually named after the places of their origin like Bali, Sumatra, and Borneo, the Maeng Da is not a name of any place of the region but rather a slang-word of local language that is loosely translated as the “pimp grade” or ‘the best grade”.

The Green variety of Maeng Da kratom strain comes from the young leaves of the tree, whereas the White Maeng Da kratom powder is extracted from slightly more aged leaves. The showstopper, however, is undoubtedly the Red Maeng Da kratom. The Red Maeng Da Kratom is extracted from the most mature, aged leaves and is one of the top-selling kratom products across the US.

Malay Kratom Strain:

Malay kratom strains take its name after its land of origin that is Malaysia. The color of Malay kratom leaves is characteristic darker shade of green. The leaves are oval-shaped and the kratom extracted from Malay trees is locally known as ‘Keetum’. Generally speaking, the larger the leaf is, the higher the alkaloid concentration in it.

Malay Kratom has been able to get a lot of recognition among the US kratom enthusiasts during the last five years or so. Among the green, red, and white Malay kratom, different kratom connoisseurs prefer different varieties based on their personal choices. These colors are an indication of the alkaloid concentrations in the leaves. Both powdered and encapsulated Malay kratom products are equally popular.

Sumatra Kratom Strain:

The Sumatra Kratom strain is etymologized after the vast Indonesian island of Sumatra. Located west of Java, the island of Sumatra is well known for its thrilling landscape comprising of smoldering volcanoes, rugged mountains, and lush green forests. Among those forests, one plant subspecies is commonly found which is known as Sumatra tree belonging to the species of Mitragyna Speciosa.

Sumatra Kratom strain, with all the three varieties of green, white and red, is equally popular with new kratom enthusiasts as well as the experienced ones. This strain has indeed gained a lot of popularity like other kratom strains, owing to the awareness spread by the kratom buyers on the internet. Howeverm there have been instances of brands selling mixed kratom labeled as Sumatra kratom products in order to bridge the gap between high demands and limited supplies. So be careful while choosing the brand for your kratom products.

Vietnam Kratom Strain:

Traditionally, Vietnam has never been famous for being one of the powerhouses of kratom. But recently, as a result of some legal changes in the laws of the country, they have stepped into this industry big time. Many farms and private forests are coming up and supplies have started pouring in from Vietnam besides other Southeast Asian countries.

Having said this, the kratom trees have always been present abundantly in Vietnam. The locals have been very much aware of the kratom that is extracted from Mitragyna Speciosa leaves. With the start of kratom business activities, the world has seen the addition of a new variety of kratom strain known as Vietnam kratom strain. The Vietnam Kratom is famous among the old-timers and the novices equally and is fast gaining the recognition it deserves.

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