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  • Private Reserve Red Maeng Da Kratom Powder

    The Private Reserve of Maeng Da we have is for the selected, most worthy customers. Those who want only the finest for themselves and actually know the difference between the good and the best!

  • Red Asia Capsules

    Red Asia Kratom is one of our most famous, highly sought-after kratom products. The secret of its popularity is its freshness and unique characteristics that makes it stands out among other kratom strains. Click to read more about it..

  • White Sumatra Kratom Powder

    White Sumatra varies from other Sumatra Kratom strains as it is a White-veined kratom variety, which means that it holds a correspondingly higher volume of active alkaloids and flavonoids. We ensure that our products are 100% original, in their purest form, and farm-fresh. 

  • House Special Kratom Powder

    Our House Special Powder is an optimal mix of our best Maeng Da kratom strains. Inspired by the Mitragyna speciosa farmers in Thailand, our House Special kratom powder is a tribute to the history of the Maeng Da kratom strain which first began the tradition of specialty kratom blends. 

  • Red Thai Kratom Powder

    Deeply revered and respected by so many Kratom enthusiasts worldwide. This beautiful strain of Kratom called Red Thai is a widely popular strain in the Kratom world. Click to read more about this very famous Kratom strain.

  • Gold Maeng Da Kratom Powder

    Most kratom strains get their name from the vein of kratom used and the area in which they are grown. This is not true for Maeng Da kratom. Maeng Da kratom is a highly potent kratom strain that is made using specialized techniques. Translated from Thai to mean “pimp grade” it is known for having higher levels of potency compared …

  • Green Thai Kratom Powder

    The Green Thai Kratom is obtained from the young Thai Kratom leaves. With a rather balanced alkaloid content within them making them popular with both the old-timers and the newbies.