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  • Green Horn Kratom

    The Green Horn Kratom leaves are much similar to the White and Red Horn leaves in appearance. Having a distinct shade of Green color in the veins, the Green Horn leaves are the source of this popular strain of Kratom.

  • White Horn

    One of the rarest and most imitated Kratom strains out there. With Buy Kratom Bulk USA you can be sure that our White Horn Kratom is not only 100% pure, but also available at the most competitive price.

  • Red Horn

    As a variety which is already famous among so many Kratom enthusiasts, the demand of Red Horn Kratom powder is ever-increasing with a limited supply from the native lands. A personal favorite of numerous Kratom lovers around the globe..

  • White Horn Kratom Capsules

    The White Horn Kratom belongs to the Horned Kratom family. White color in the veins indicate a higher concentration of alkaloids than its “greener” cousin. This particular strain has become a huge hit in the US markets because of its various characteristic properties.

  • Red Horn Kratom Capsules

    Extracted from only the most mature Horn leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees, the Red Horn Capsules are high in-demand and popular among our customers for their authenticity and freshness. Click to read more about this famous kratom strain..

  • Green Horn Capsules

    We bring the best Green Horn Kratom capsules only from the most well-reputed Kratom farms located in Borneo. Get your Green Horn Kratom capsules from us now!