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  • Gold Bali Kratom Capsules

    The Gold color on the Bali Kratom comes when the regular Kratom is very carefully, and in a calculated manner exposed to sunlight altering the photosynthesis process. The strain then adopts a prominent Yellowish-Golden shade, more aptly known as Gold Bali Kratom

If you are a Kratom enthusiast then you must have heard about the various strains of Kratom. Red, White, and Green. The “color” of the Kratom is in fact the color of the vein in the kratom leaf. With varying alkaloid concentrations through the lifecycle of a leaf, the color of the vein keeps on changing. Starting from the Green, to Whitish and then eventually Red. Green is the youngest of all leaves, with least alkaloid concentrations. Then comes the White. And the Red indicates the highest, most concentrated alkaloids in all strains.

What about the Gold vein Kratom, then?

Well the Gold is not exactly a strain. It is a name given to those the Kratom leaves which are dried up using a very special technique.

To produce the Gold vein kratom, the green and white leaves are harvested and fermented before being dried up. This fermentation process is a lot like the tea fermentation process. However, this fermentation process changes the molecular structure as well as the chemical composition of the resultant Kratom powder. Apart from changing other characteristics, it also changes the color of the Kratom. The new color is a darker shade of Yellow or Gold. Now this new transform Kratom powder, is labeled as Gold Kratom and dispatched to markets around the world.

This process of fermentation though requires extra time and effort. Thus the Gold Kratom, despite being high in demand, is not readily available. The sad part is that most of the Gold vein kratom being sold on the internet or nutrition stores in the US is impure! Mixed up with other strains. This deprives the Kratom lovers of an authentic Gold vein Kratom and brings a bad name to the Kratom industry too!

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