As the demand for Kratom rises in the US and other Western counties, Kratom’s impact is also becoming more and more visible on the local economies. Kratom is native to Southeast Asia, with most strains coming from Indonesia. This is why Indonesia has the largest positive effect on its economy because of increased Kratom plantation. Bali Kratom also comes from Indonesia, so what are the Bali Kratom effects on local forests and the overall environment? Let’s explore.

Why Bali Kratom?

You may be wondering, why are we only talking about the effects of Bali Kratom on forests and the environment and not any other type? Valid question, especially when there are over a dozen Kratom strains available in the market. You can find all the best of them on Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Here is the reason. Bali Kratom, especially Red Bali, is one of the most popular Kratom strains in the US. As the US imports more than one-fourth of the total Kratom produced in Indonesia, the huge demand for Bali Kratom has a major effect.

This means more and more local farmers are growing Bali Kratom to cater to the rise in foreign demand for strains like Red Bali Kratom. In fact, the impact is so visible in rural Indonesia when it comes to money that Kratom brings back, that the Kratom tree is often called money tree.

Here is your answer. We are talking about the effects of Bali Kratom just because it has the largest impact on forests, due to its popularity and increased cultivation.

You can also read our in-depth analysis of Kratom effects on the local Indonesian economy.

What is Bali Kratom?

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Before moving forward to the effects of kratom on the economy and the environment, like forests, we first need to understand the source of Bali Kratom. You probably assume that Bali Kratom is cultivated in Bali, Indonesia, a popular tourist spot for Australians.


Surprised? So, where does the name come from? Well, Bali Kratom grows in and around the deep and dense jungles and rainforests in Borneo and Sumatra. The name Bali reflects Bali port, from where it is mostly exported to other countries.

The point is, Bali Kratom grows in and around the dense Indonesian jungles. Hence the effects on forests are more than most other types of Kratom strains.

Bali Kratom Effects on Forests

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Bali Kratom has a major effect on forests in Indonesia, the local economy, and the overall environment. Indonesia is known for its deep rainforests and dense jungles that come with various species, some endangered as well.

The problem is, in the last few decades, there was also a rise in the global demand for palm oil, which is also one of the major exports of Indonesia. However, the rise in palm oil cultivation had an adverse effect on Indonesian rainforests and jungles.

To cultivate palm oil, thousands of hectares of jungles are being wiped out every month. This threatens the natural biodiversity Indonesia is known for and puts many species to the risk of extinction, like the Sumatran Orangutan.

This is where Bali Kratom comes in as the best replacement for palm oil. It not only offers more money to farmers, exporters, and is helping the local economy, but it has a major impact in reversing deforestation.

You may be wondering, but how?

First, Kratom trees grow naturally in the hot and humid natural tropical environment in Indonesia. You don’t really need to use harmful fertilizers and other sprays to help grow Kratom, a major part of palm oil cultivation. These fertilizers and chemical sprays harm surrounding plants and forests.

Second, Kratom trees are part of these natural rainforests and jungles. This means cultivating more Kratom trees equals to adding to forests.

Third, Kratom trees do better in the shadow of other larger trees. For this reason, farmers don’t have to cut through other trees to cultivate Kratom trees, which is the case with palm oil.

The point here is, planting more Kratom trees means farmers adding to the lost forests in Indonesia. The effects of Bali Kratom on the forests are more, as not only it is one of the most cultivated strains in Indonesia, but it is planted in Borneo and Sumatran jungles, so directly increasing the footprint for both jungles.

As the forests expand, many endangered species’ natural habitat is also restored, reducing the risks for such animals.

So, What Should You Make of It?

When you buy Bali Kratom, in Kratom powder or Kratom capsule form, you are actually helping the forests and local environment back in Southeast Asia. Bali Kratom effects millions of local farmers, while also expanding the footprint of forests with the rise in cultivation. Want to learn more? Feel free to jump to our in-depth Kratom blog to read more interesting topics.

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