Kratom Kaps has been showing up at different stores now, and customers seem to be quite impressed with the products. The brand claims to provide only the best Kratom, which is all-natural and organic.

However, Kratom Kaps is a wholesaler that does not sell products directly to the customers. You will have to head to third party vendors like head shops, gas stations, and smoke shops to find the products.

We all are aware of the disadvantages associated with buying in-store and finding reliable suppliers. So, is Kratom Kaps worth your attention and money, or is it just another average head shop brand?

Let’s find out.

Kratom Kaps Review

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There are many Kratom vendors in the market today, but not all of them sell good-quality products. On the other hand, Kratom Kaps brands itself as the highest quality available on the market, sourced from Southeast Asia.

Nevertheless, not all brands stay true to their words, and it can be quite tricky to find the best suppliers of Kratom. So, we will break down Kratom Kaps to give you a better idea of what the brand has to offer.

Who is Kratom Kaps?

It is a California-based Kratom brand that has not been around for a very long time. However, the company has already built a stable place among the top head shop brands due to their excellent packaging and affordable prices.

The brand claims to source the Kratom plant from its origin, Southeast Asia. The brand does not offer an extensive product range. It mainly focuses on selling various sizes of their main Kratom strains.

It should be underlined that Kratom Kaps is not a direct supplier, and you can only get its products from authorized distributors. So, you’ll have to dig a little to find stores that work with the company.

The brand does have an official online website that is easy to navigate. Since the brand works with other distributors to sell products, the shipping policy depends upon the affiliated seller.

Kratom Products Offered by Kratom Kaps

The brand focuses on the major Kratom strains and offers them in a variety of sizes. The website currently offers Kratom powder and Kratom capsules. The brand mentions the vein color on the packaging.

The four strains available on the website are:

Kratom Kaps capsules

According to the brand, all its products go through multiple tests before a batch is available to the market.

However, even if the products are of high quality, there is an involvement of third-party distributors. So, the quality can be compromised in their hands.

What About Kratom Virtue Prices?

Kratom prices differ from vendor to vendor, and it is especially true for head shop retailers. Since head shops have to run their shops, they demand higher prices.

Nevertheless, Kratom Kaps has mentioned retail prices for its products to give you a better idea. Although the retailers don’t have to follow these prices, you can find more affordable options based on the suggested price list.

Here’s a list of the suggested prices for the smallest and largest quantity of each product:

best kratom price

  • Red Vein Bali capsules: (45 caps) $6.49 – (300 caps) $43.99
  • Red Vein Bali powders: (35g) $7.99 – (300g) $49.99
  • Green Vein Indo capsules: (20 caps) $5.99 – (300 caps) $39.99
  • Green Vein Indo powders: (35g) $7.49 – (300g) $45.99
  • Green Vein Malay capsules: (20 caps) $6.49 – (300 caps) $43.99
  • Green Vein Malay powders: (35g) $7.99 – (300g) $49.99
  • Green Vein Maeng Da capsules: (20 caps) $5.99 – (300 caps) $39.99
  • Green Vein Maeng Da powders: (35g) $7.49 – (300g) $45.99

If you are looking for the best prices, you can list down the affiliated distributors and compare their price list. Look out for online vendors who offer Kratom capsules discount codes to their customers and keep an eye on your nearest head shops for any special offers.

Online Feedback About Kratom Kaps?

Kratom kaps brand review

The online feedback about Kratom Kaps products and services generally looked positive. Customer reviews revealed that buyers were generally satisfied and content with the brand. A glance at Reddit Kratom also tells that the brand can be safely considered as a reliable kratom brand.

Some of the kratom buyers had talked about their products being pricey but at the same time, they talked high about their overall quality and service.

If you want to buy authentic kratom at the best price, sourced directly from the best kratom farms of Indonesia, consider buying from a reliable online Kratom vendor like Buy Kratom bulk USA that offers high-quality and pure Kratom. We are also easily reachable and responsive if you have any further questions.

How to Contact Kratom Kaps 

You can contact Kratom Kaps through their online form or reach them at:

Phone contact: (310)-438-7129


Where to Find The Very Best Quality Kratom?

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Kratom Kaps Review


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