Given the sheer number of places to buy kratom, it’s not surprising that the cost of kratom can vary wildly. This begs the question: how much does kratom cost on average?  The answer to this question seems simple, but even the average cost of kratom differs between the various types of kratom stores.

For example, the average price of kratom at a headshop will differ from the average cost of kratom for sale online. Even when buying kratom online, you’ll find that the average price of kratom capsules from a wholesale store is significantly less than the price of an online kratom retailer. Furthermore, different kratom brands cost more than others.

Since kratom is neither regulated for quality nor cost, you can easily find yourself buying old, low-quality kratom that costs three times as much as fresh, quality kratom for sale somewhere else. To learn how to find the best cheap kratom that’s also high quality, sit back and read our complete guide on how much does kratom cost for different products, quantities, and the different places that sell kratom.

The Average Cost of Kratom at Local Stores

how much does kratom cost locally

Many experienced kratom buyers avoid buying kratom at local providers (such as headshops, gas stations, pubs, and bars, smoke shops, and vape stores) because they often sell low-quality and/or over-priced kratom. Just how much does kratom cost at a headshop?

Well, the average cost of kratom in headshops, gas stations, and other local stores that sell kratom is $30–$50 for an ounce of kratom powder (28 grams of kratom). This means that the average cost of kratom per gram at headshops and local stores is about $1.50, which is quite expensive compared to online kratom vendors.

The average price of local kratom stores for a 500-gram kratom bag ranges from $200–$300, which makes it a terrible place to buy kratom in bulk. The average price of kratom capsules at headshops and local stores is $50–60 for 28 grams.

The average price of liquid kratom extract at local stores is $20 for an 8.8 mL bottle, and the average price of kratom extract capsules at a headshop is $25–35 for 3 kratom extract capsules and $45–$60 for 5-count kratom extract capsules. This is a lot to pay for such small quantities of kratom extract.

Many kratom price factors change from city to city, some local kratom stores are able to sell quality kratom for cheaper prices. If you look for “kratom near me,” you almost always want to look at reviews to find out more about kratom quality and prices.

In general, however, headshops, gas stations, and smokeshops are some of the most expensive places to buy kratom. Furthermore, they often offer a limited variety of kratom strains kratom capsules, and kratom extracts.

The Cost of Kratom Online

cost of kratom

How much does kratom cost online? While the price of kratom online is significantly cheaper than places that sell kratom locally, the cost of kratom for sale online can also range significantly. One reason for this is that some headshop kratom brands sell kratom online as well as in headshops. If you look at our review of Royal Kratom, you’ll see just how expensive it can be to buy headshop brand kratom online.

To find out the average price of kratom online, we gathered data on some of the most popular online kratom vendors.

The results showed us that the average cost of kratom powders online is $12.00 for a 30-gram bag of kratom powder (1 oz), $46 for a 250-gram bag of kratom powder, $65 for a 500-gram bag of Kratom powder, and $139.99 for a kilo of kratom. The average price of kratom capsules online is $35.75  for 60 kratom capsules, or 2oz (57g). The average cost of 1000 kratom capsules (1kg) is $230.99.

The average price of liquid kratom extract online is $20 for a 15mL bottle. The average price of kratom extract capsules online is $24.95 for 5 capsules, although you can find better deals on kratom extracts from wholesale kratom vendors that offer them.

If you scroll up and compare the average cost of kratom products online with the average cost of headshop, gas station, and store kratom, there’s a significant difference.

Why Is Kratom Online Cheaper?

how much does kratom cost online

While it’s clear that there’s no single clear-cut answer to how much does kratom cost, it’s clear that in all kratom powders, kratom extracts, and kratom capsules for sale, you can buy cheap kratom much more easily online.

But why is online kratom so much cheaper than kratom for sale at local stores?

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, local kratom providers know that there are only a handful of other places that sell kratom nearby. They know that anyone who wants to buy kratom locally will have to come to them anyway, so they keep their kratom priced higher. These local kratom providers have little competition to push them to sell kratom for cheaper prices. In comparison, online providers have to deal with constant competition from other kratom vendors, and because of this, kratom online is significantly cheaper.

Furthermore, when a local store offers kratom for sale, they may not have many customers buying kratom on a daily or weekly basis. If customer demands are low, the store might not be able to buy kratom in bulk at wholesale prices. Rather, a gas station or smoke shop might buy kratom in small quantities, which can cost a lot. They have to make money too, so they have to charge on top of the price of already expensive kratom.

Last but not least, local kratom providers have to pay rent and other running costs for their shops! These expenses are reflected in the prices of their kratom products. Online kratom stores, on the other hand, don’t have to pay for things like coffee machine maintenance, commercial freezers, hot dog warmers, or sandwich ingredients. Of course, online kratom vendors still have business expenses, but they’re able to focus on kratom-related costs. The best online kratom vendors—especially online bulk kratom stores—consistently sell large amounts of kratom, which means they can offer cheap, fresh kratom without worrying about whether or not it will go to waste.

How to Buy Cheap Kratom best price kratom

So, how do you discover where to buy the best cheap kratom? How much does kratom cost online from the best affordable kratom vendors? Finding cheap, high-quality kratom isn’t as easy as it may seem, but if you know a few insider tips, you’ll be able to scout out top-quality cheap kratom for sale like a seasoned expert.

Here are some tips and tricks for finding the best high-quality cheap kratom.

Buy Kratom In Bulk

Most kratom enthusiasts don’t realize this, but some of the best places to buy kratom online are wholesale bulk kratom vendors. There are many benefits of buying wholesale kratom in bulk, but here are a few of the pros of buying bulk kratom:

  1. Buying bulk kratom is drastically cheaper than buying smaller quantities of kratom. Bulk kratom stores sell kratom to other businesses who increase the price of kratom to make their own profit. If you buy directly from a kratom wholesaler, you’re already getting a pretty big discount on kratom from retail value.
  2. In general, wholesale kratom stays fresh longer than kratom from other stores. Even if you buy kratom in bulk, you don’t have to worry about it going bad as quickly because kratom wholesalers sell large enough quantities of kratom that they don’t need to hang onto old kratom. They’re able to continuously supply fresh, quality kratom for sale at low prices—especially if the kratom wholesaler buys kratom from a direct kratom source in Southeast Asia.
  3. Supporting good bulk kratom vendors assures that they’re able to keep their kratom cheap. The more customers a bulk wholesale kratom vendor has, the more likely they are to offer kratom discount codes, kratom clearance sales, and special deals on kratom for sale.
  4. Bulk kratom orders save money on shipping costs. Who doesn’t hate paying high shipping fees on kratom orders? Well, you can avoid these high shipping costs by buying larger quantities of kratom! Vendors like us provide free shipping services to customers when they order a larger quantity of kratom.

Many of the best places to buy kratom online are kratom wholesalers, especially those that lab-test their kratom products. While kratom wholesalers may not offer as many varieties of kratom strains, kratom extracts, or kratom capsules for sale, you can still find a good variety of different kratom strains and products to choose from.

Utilize Coupon Codes

Another handy tactic that many kratom buyers miss out on is the art of finding kratom discount codes or coupon codes for special kratom deals. Many vendors provide discounts to customers in the form of these coupon codes, and these can be utilized on the checkout page while buying your kratom.

Free Kratom Samples

If you’re trying to discover where to buy the best cheap kratom but you don’t want to pay for a full kratom order, you can keep your eye open for places that offer free kratom samples. Finding a free kratom sample is a great way to try a new kratom vendor or a rare kratom strain before committing to it.

Not every free kratom sample is completely free—it’s hard to find free kratom samples with free shipping. Furthermore, many of the completely free kratom samples online may be low-quality kratom—or even worse—a scam. That being said, you can find good free kratom samples with shipping costs as low as $2.99, which is a steal.

how much does kratom cost buy kratom

Buy High Quality Kratom for Low Prices Right Here At Buy Kratom Bulk USA!

Since there are thousands of kratom providers online, customers can have a hard time when deciding which vendor to purchase kratom from. If you want to know where to start, a good place to buy quality kratom for cheap prices is right here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

When you buy kratom from us, you won’t have to spend time wondering “how much does Kratom cost;” instead, you can wonder “which kratom capsules or kratom powders should I stock up on next?”  The average cost of kratom here is $20 for a 100-gram bag of kratom powder, and our kratom capsule prices start at $60 for 250g (500 capsules).  Not only are these good prices for kratom, but they’re even better given the quality and freshness of our kratom.

We have a close connection with where our kratom is sourced—we buy kratom directly from the farmers in Southeast Asia. We get information on the kratom we buy from these Mitragyna speciosa experts so that we can provide the utmost product transparency on all of our kratom for sale. We also lab-test our kratom to assure that every batch is fresh, free from contaminants, and consistent in their alkaloid profiles for each kratoms strain.

If you want to learn more about Kratom and its secrets, visit our kratom blog and check out different articles such as ‘yellow Vein Kratom’ and ‘kratom stores near me’.



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