Super Green Malay Kratom Capsules

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The honorary title of “Super” is only given to that Green Malay Kratom powder which is extracted from only the super-sized leaves with higher alkaloid concentrations. Read more to know more about Super Green Malay Kratom..



Super Green Malay Kratom Capsules

Super Green Malay Kratom traces its origins back to the Malaysian jungles. The hot and humid tropical climate of this region is favorable to the Mitragyna Speciosa trees that thrive in that region. In addition to that, the nutrient-rich soil of this region also acts as a catalyst in the super-growth of these trees. Interestingly, within these flourishing trees are some which have bigger-than-average leaves. These extra big leaves naturally have relatively more concentrations of alkaloids in them. The Super Green Malay is exclusively made up of these up-sized leaves.

The Green Kratom leaves that belong to the Malay Kratom trees have an unusually thicker cell wall density. Because of this, it is more enduring compared to Green-veined leaves of other Kratom strains. This trait is also attributed to the superior soil contents of the Malaysian jungles.

The honorary title of “Super” is only given to those Green Malay Kratom, which is extracted from the highest graded leaves, strictly separated from the stems before being milled into a finely crushed powder.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we make sure that the Super Green Malay we procure, comes from the biggest and the best leaves that are taken from the Malay Kratom trees planted and harvested in Malaysian farms. For most authentic Kratom, the Kratom must be obtained directly from its native region as environmental factors can alter the Kratom strain.

You will receive your order via the fastest possible shipping from us. We offer most competitive prices as compared to other sellers, with no compromise on quality, authenticity, and purity of our product. Our Kratom is screened and verified for quality before being encapsulated and shipped to you with utmost freshness.

Order yours now and receive our prime quality Kratom. Contact us if you have any queries which you need to be answered.

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