Although kratom is relatively new to the US, the Southeast Asian herb has gained immense popularity in the last few years. In response, kratom vendors in the US have started popping up everywhere. Although it’s good to know that finding places to buy kratom is easier now than ever, it can be overwhelming to weed out the best kratom vendors from the bad ones.

The fact of the matter is, whenever the demand for a botanical or herb increases, profit-minded entrepreneurs become eager to get a foot in the market. Thus, many kratom vendors don’t make an effort to learn about the science on kratom, kratom manufacturing standards, or other practices specific to keeping the kratom market safe and fair to customers.

To help you find the best places to buy kratom right now, we’ve assessed different kratom vendors in terms of quality, price, customer services, product transparency, and reputation. Here’s our list of some of the top kratom vendors today.

Oasis Kratom

Oasis Kratom is one of the top kratom vendors in the US. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has gained a national reputation for its kratom quality and freshness. Oasis Kratom formed strong ties with the American Kratom Association (AKA) early on, participating in its Good Manufacturing Practices Program (GMP).

Participating in this program requires Oasis Kratom to meet high standards for manufacturing, testing, packaging, labeling, storing, distributing, marketing, and verifying kratom products it sells. To assure the quality is maintained, participants in the program agree to an annual independent audit examination.

Listed by the AKA as one of the Top 25 Audited Vendors in the World, Oasis Kratom sets the bar for what the best kratom vendors should compare to. Such dedication to quality kratom standards is important for keeping kratom safe and legal for the future.

Oasis kratom provides a wide variety of kratom for sale. You can buy kratom powders, capsules, or extracts in their ever-expanding line of top-notch products. They also offer other botanicals—such as blue lotus and kava for sale.

    Part of the reason why Oasis Kratom has become one of the most acclaimed places to buy kratom online is that it sources its kratom directly from Southeast Asian countries including Malaysia and Thailand. They keep up-to-date on kratom research and get their product information directly from the farmers that grow kratom before sharing that information on their website.

    The Golden Monk

    Frequently touted by kratom enthusiasts on Reddit as one of the best kratom vendors, Golden Monk is another top vendor that participates in the AKA’s GMP Program. They sell kratom that has consistent purity that’s backed by lab testing. Like Oasis Kratom, Golden Monk also has close ties with its kratom sources in Indonesian villages.

    The Golden Monk sells kratom extracts, powders, and capsules. They are one of the best places to buy kratom capsules, which they offer in nearly 30 different varieties, such as Premium Malay, White Sumatra, and Borneo.

    While Golden Monk customer reviews are mostly stellar, negative reviews have criticized the packaging, which some customers complain has arrived damaged in the mail.

    If you want to learn more about the other Kratom vendors, you can check our Kratom Company Reviews section.

    Happy Hippo Herbals

    Happy Hippo Herbals is an AKA-approved kratom vendor that has gained a reputation of trustworthiness and product quality consistency. This Kratom vendor has a variety of kratom strains in the categories slow, moderate, and fast. You can get specific strains in the form of powder and capsules. They offer a range of good-quality kratom strains, including Bali, Hulu, Horn, Sumatra, and much more.

    They sell kratom powders in 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 500g, or 1kg. In addition to kratom powder, they also sell kratom capsules, extracts, and more interesting kratom products, such as chocolate kratom. You can also buy bulk and wholesale kratom products there.

    However, you will find Happy Hippo Herbals to be a bit more expensive than other online and offline brands. You will also have to pay a little higher shipping for the US. So, you can definitely find the same products at a lesser price if you know where to look for them.

    Kats Botanicals

    Kats Botanicals is a front-running kratom vendor that also sells other top-notch botanicals, such as ashwagandha, turmeric, and elderberry. Not only are their kratom and other botanicals popular with buyers, but their customers also often purchase their botanical oils and CBD products all on their website.

    Their kratom capsules for sale are available in 60-count for $19.99 and 250-count for $59.99. You can pick from a diverse number of different kratom strains Hulu, Indo, Maeng Da, and much more, including unusual kratom varieties like Dark Elephant.

    Kats Botanicals sources their kratom from Indonesia, where their business relationship is just as positive as their customer reputation.

    Kraken Kratom

    Unsurprisingly, Kraken Kratom is another top kratom provider that has been recognized by the AKA. They source all their products from Southeast Asia and provide kratom sourced only via ethical methods. All their products are tested and they offer a 30-day refund policy on all items.

    Kraken kratom offers quite a few specialty kratom strains for sale in addition to popular kratom strains. They sell other kratom products such as capsules, powders, gummies, kratom tablets, and soft gels, as well as kratom extracts.

    If you want fast shipping on your kratom orders, Kraken Kratom is one of the few kratom vendors that offer 1-day shipping on kratom products. All orders of $199 or more will get free two-day priority shipping. They also have a loyalty program to find kratom discounts and promotional deals on kratom.

    Kraken Kratom’s prices are slightly on the higher side, but their vast array of products and available quantity choices gives them a special advantage.

    New Dawn Kratom

    A lesser-known top kratom vendor, New Dawn Kratom provides premium-quality products and lab tests on each of their kratom batches. They have a wide range of kratom strains for sale at low prices. Some customers say that New Dawn offers the best White Borneo kratom for sale over any other vendor, and many of their strains also have rave reviews.

    A customer-friendly vendor, New Dawn Kratom takes the motto “the customer is always right” to heart. They have pretty fast shipping; they ship products a few hours after receiving an order. On average, it takes about 4 days to receive kratom from New Dawn.

    The only downside of New Dawn Kratom so far seems to be that they’ve had some website glitches, but they seem to have fixed them as of the present.

    ***For an update on NDK, check out our New Dawn Kratom Review (2022).

    Kratom Crazy

    One new kratom vendor that has made its way to the list of best Kratom vendors is Kratom Crazy. They are a straightforward company that is dedicated to providing buyers with the best quality kratom, as well as offering useful information regarding Kratom to buyers.

    Kratom Crazy reviews tend to say that it’s a good place to buy strong kratom strains with exceptional purity. Kratom Crazy offers over thirty different kratom strains for sale, including Red Bali and Green Maeng Da kratom. They have admirable product transparency, listing the ingredients on each product.

    They ensure that all products are tested before being provided to customers.

    The website claims to have the best product online which they back by offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Motark Kratom

    The first thing we have to say in our Motark Kratom review is that they might have one of the best names for a kratom vendor. Motark is simply ‘kratom’ spelled backward. An old and reputable kratom brand, Motark Kratom has a positive reputation and is known for offering a matchless customer experience.

    Most customer reviews of Motark Kratom are highly positive. Many reviewers describe the quality of Motark Kratom as  “excellent.” The most notable con regarding Motark Kratom is that its website isn’t the most user-friendly, and it can be hard to find the vendor. This could be improved if they revamp their web pages.

    Motark Kratom reviews show that one of the best things about this brand is the packaging. They package all their products in airtight containers and manually check each order to avoid mistakes.

    Krave Kratom

    Next on our list of Best Kratom vendors in 2020 is the Krave Kratom, popular for its wide range of products, including Kratom capsules, Kratom concentrates, extracts, and Kratom powder. Additionally, the vendor provides Kratom Bali and Kratom Gold samples for customers who want to try these kratom strains before ordering. You can find more about the vendor in the Krave Kratom review. 

    Kratom Spot

    If you’re wondering: where can I buy kratom capsules, another one of the best kratom vendors to buy capsules is Kratom Spot. Kratom Spot is a widely recognized Californian kratom brand that was established in 2014. Providing a stock of up to 30 different kratom strains, Kratom Spot is keen to deliver the best quality products to its customer.

    The brand sells 13 types of kratom capsules in a wide variety of kratom strains and kratom colors, as well as a number of kratom powders. Thus, if you’re looking for the encapsulated version of your preferred Kratom strain, you’ll find it here.

    Kratom spot is known for its values of sourcing all-natural kratom, practicing Fair Trade practices, lab-testing each batch for quality, and offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more details on this vendor, read our  Kratom Spot Review.

    Buy Kratom Bulk USA

    Finally, we’ve come to the last top vendor on our list—Buy Kratom Bulk USA. Yes, you’re already on their website. Buy Kratom Bulk USA is one of the best places to buy bulk kratom; we offer low prices for high-quality kratom powders and kratom capsules.

    Kratom enthusiasts who like to stock up on fresh bulk kratom find Buy Kratom Bulk USA to be one of the best wholesale kratom vendors in terms of both quality and authenticity. It is a wise choice for those who are seeking larger amounts of Kratom at affordable prices.

    The brand offers an expansive range of kratom strains, which sets it apart from other kratom vendors. You can get all the most popular kratom strains and products, from Bali Kratom to Maeng Da Kratom.

    Buy Kratom Bulk USA

    The products at Buy Kratom Bulk USA are normally at least 100g, which is likely to last you a long time. Plus, you can buy cheap kratom without sacrificing quality or spending twice as much on smaller amounts.

    Buying in bulk also saves you the shipping cost, and you can always trust the site based on its positive reviews and exceptional customer service. You also get free shipping on orders above $150. Moreover, the efficient delivery service cuts down any unnecessary wait, which makes it a good option.

    What to Look for in Quality Kratom Vendors

    While we advise everyone to research kratom vendors before buying, if you’re new to kratom, you need to be extra alert. New money-minded kratom stores often target customers who might not know what to look for in a kratom vendor. Before you know it, you can be left with an empty pocket and a bag of old overpriced kratom on your hands, or even worse—contaminated kratom.

    Gullible customers or people new to Kratom are easy targets for fake sellers who sell cheap quality at a higher price. So, you need to have enough knowledge about the source you’re buying from.

    If you want the best quality Kratom, you should know what to look for in kratom vendors and brands. Here are some tips to help you out.

    Authentic kratom vendor

    Customer Reviews

    Always check the vendor’s background before making a purchase. It is usually easier to assess an online vendor’s quality and authenticity as you can go through customer reviews and ratings before purchasing.

    The authentic kratom vendors will showcase their reviews and other details, so you know what you’re in for. You will always find some low ratings, so focus more on the comments for a better viewpoint.

    The best kratom vendors often include a dedicated kratom blog for educating customers on kratom news and kratom science. For instance, Buy Kratom Bulk USA has a Kratom Blog that educates customers about Kratom.

    Labels and Instructions

    Genuine kratom will always come in labeled packaging with important information printed on it. Other than the ingredients, the label should also include storing instructions and expiration date. You should not wonder what is in your kratom product—the information should be readily available online or on the packaging.

    Product Range

    Make sure the Kratom vendor has a broad product range so you can have plenty of choices. Also, a wider product range means a larger turnover so you can get fresh Kratom each time. Avoid stores that have an average supply of kratom and a small following of buyers—it’s often harder for these stores to keep a new inventory of kratom.

    Final Thoughts

    You now have a list of some of the best and most authentic kratom vendors in the US, but since our list doesn’t include all of the best places to buy kratom, you can use our guidelines on what to look for in a kratom vendor to discover your next favorite place to buy kratom. Happy buying!

    I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


    I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.

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