With so many kratom vendors to choose from, it can be hard to find one that you trust to provide you with a variety of products, kratom that is safe and pure, and to have somewhere that has a trusted reputation. Hush Kratom claims to stand out as its products have the purest extracts. But is Hush Kratom a good kratom vendor to meet your kratom needs?

Hush Kratom

Read on to find out!

Who is Hush Kratom?

Good question. Despite 3 different browsers, the link to their “About Us” page above was not clickable. There was no information on Google or their site about who this vendor is. They don’t provide any information about their business, where they are based, or provide any details about themselves at all.

Because of the lack of information, there is no way to know where they are based, their business, or any details about where they get their products. This raises many red flags for consumers since you don’t know anything about who your money is going to or even if your products will arrive.

When selecting a kratom vendor, it should be a company with a reputation and information about themselves and their kratom. Since there aren’t any details to be found about Hush Kratom, it’s hard to know who you’re ordering from.

Are they AKA Accredited?

The AKA is the American Kratom Association. This association sets regulations for the kratom industry in the United States by setting rules for kratom distribution, processing of the leaves, and sale. They provide standards and guidelines for kratom vendors. Hush Kratom is not AKA Accredited. This means they do not adhere to the guidelines that are set.

While the AKA Accreditation is not required for kratom vendors, if you’re using a vendor that isn’t accredited then they should have a well-established reputation and be trusted in the kratom community. Vendors such as Buy Kratom Bulk may not have accreditation, but they adhere to strict quality control, Best Management Practices, and provide customer support and information about their products to develop that trust with the community.

Lab testing

Hush Kratom may test its products. Their website is very unclear and does not directly state that they perform any in-house or external testing on their products. This can be important as the kratom may not be pure (and have been exposed to pesticides), has chemical additives, preservatives, or may have contaminants from the shipping process. Kratom should always be tested before transformation into powder or distribution to customers.

Buy Kratom Bulk provides testing on all their kratom products. They test for the e.coli, salmonella, other harmful bacteria, pesticides, chemical additives, and contaminants from the shipping process and don’t use pesticides in their products. The testing results from their products are available at request to their customers to build trust. This is an important distinction that makes a difference when you are shopping for a kratom vendor.

Hush Kratom Products

Hush Kratom doesn’t offer kratom in the form of strains like many vendors. Most vendors offer kratom in strains with varying levels of potency based on the vein of product that they use.

Hush Kratom instead offers:

  • Gold Caps
  • Platinum Caps
  • Silver Caps
  • Ultra-Enhanced Powders
  • Coffee Shots
  • Ultra-Shots
  • Gummies
  • Soft Gels

Their products are made of a blend of different strains of kratom so that you never really know the type of kratom that you are getting. It contains “full-spectrum” kratom that doesn’t detail where it came from, potency, or vein type. This raises many concerns as a customer since you don’t know the type of product you are getting.


If you’re looking to buy from Hush Kratom, you’ll have a hard time ordering directly from them. They don’t offer direct-to-consumer pricing or sales. They sell their products more to convenience stores or head shops instead of the kratom community directly. With that said, it speaks to the quality of products. As previously discussed, you have to be very careful with kratom that is purchased from head shops or convenience stores as you may not get the quality products since they have to sell kratom at a very low price and have it last longer on shelves.

If you look on their site, you’ll find an assortment of MSRP prices, which are the suggested prices to sell to customers and not what they offer their products for.

Customer Feedback

Unfortunately, some of the information missing on Hush Kraotm’s website includes their customer reviews. There are no ratings on their website, nor can you find them on Google. While you may be able to find reviews on the distributors’ websites (the shops that sell their products), first you would have to know where these products are sold. Despite researching this, no ratings were found which raises red flags. It is always important that you seek reviews to understand what other customers thought about their products and services.

Kratom vendors like Buy Kratom Bulk should be proud of their reviews and seek feedback from their customers. This not only offers them insight into the customer’s experience but also how to make improvements and recommendations. This also shows potential consumers what others thought of the product and provides honest advice. Vendors that lack these reviews raise concerns not only for their processes but also for future consumers who have no idea if they have great products or not.

Refund/Return Policies

Hush Kratom, like information about their business, is nowhere to be found on their website. They don’t state if they offer any type of return/refund policy on their products. Industry-standard is to offer your customers some way to receive compensation for dissatisfaction. Most, like Buy Kratom Bulk, offer a 30-day return policy or list customer service information as to how to contact them if you need assistance with a future or past order. Hush Kratom offers a generic email for all questions, comments, or concerns with no clear way to get quick answers.


Ordering from Hush Kratom leaves you with as many red flags as questions based on the information they provide. They offer little to no information about themselves, their About Us page is broken, they don’t test products, offer customer support, or have any feedback about their products. Unfortunately, there are too many concerns to look past and make it clear to seek a vendor elsewhere.

A kratom vendor should be someone you trust to provide kratom that is safe, pure, and fresh. They should have customer service to support you along the ordering process and assist you if you are unhappy with an order. If they are not AKA Accredited, they should provide information about their product testing so you can feel safe in your kratom and offer you information about who you’re ordering from and what to expect. Buy Kratom Bulk offers you all of these and will sell products to you as a consumer from a trusted source at a great deal.

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