If you’re a new Kratom enthusiast, welcome to Kratom heaven. Sure enough, you’d want to know all the necessary things like where to buy Kratom and which Kratom strains to check out. Even if you’re a veteran Kratom lover, you might be here because you want to experiment with new strains. That’s the sign of an adventurous soul – just the kind the Kratom community is known for. One of the main things to know about the herb is the strains and where they come from. This is where a detailed Kratom strain chart comes in handy.

In this guide, we’ll go over different Kratom strains and help you select the best one for yourself.

How are Kratom Strains Charts Organized? what is kratom strain chart

Generally, Kratom strains charts are categorized based on two basis:

  • Kratom vein Color
  • Kratom Origin

Kratom vein Color what is kratom strain charts

Kratom colors differ with the plant’s age. In the earlier stages, the Kratom plants are green. Thus, farmers harvest them to make Green vein Kratom.

As the plant goes to its middle age, it’s used to make White vein Kratom. Lastly, as the Kratom plant gets mature, it yields Red vein Kratom.

Local farmers know the best time to harvest these leaves, judging via the vein colors. Since they’re experts at their jobs, they know when the green changes into white or white develop into the red.

Apart from age, Kratom colors also determine the alkaloid concentration of the strain. Red vein kratom, being the most mature, has the highest alkaloid concentration.

In contrast, green vein Kratom is the youngest. Thus, it has the lowest chemical content.

Nowadays, you must have seen yellow vein kratom at some stores too. No, it’s not a scam.

It’s a new strain that isn’t very popular around the world yet. No one really knows how this strain is produced. Some people think this color develops when the leaves dry under certain conditions.

However, there is no sure verdict about it. Yet, it’s slowly becoming a popular strain among Kratom lovers, along with Gold Kratom. Since it’s a blend between two other Kratom strains, it gives you a culmination of both varieties at the price of one. Now that’s an offer no Kratom enthusiast will refuse.

Kratom Origins what are kratom strains

Secondly, experts categorize Kratom strains based on their origin. Originally, Kratom comes from Southeast Asia. Since there are different countries in the region, the native strain takes its name from the country’s or region name.

Some examples of such strains include:

Although these are the two common ways to categorize Kratom strains, you’ll also see some varieties that have distinct names. These include:

  • Elephant Kratom
  • Maeng da Kratom
  • Horn Kratom

How are these strains named? Well, they take their names from the leaf shape or their quality. For instance, Horn kratom’s leaves are shaped like horns. It’s a single strain that grows in different parts of Southeast Asia.

Horn Kratom may come from Thailand, Vietnam, or any other country. It can’t be named after a single region because it grows almost everywhere. Thus, the farmers named it after the leaf shape.

Kratom Strains Chart what is kratotm strain chart explained

Here’s a Kratom strain chart that shows the origin of some of the common Kratom strains. When buying Kratom online, you can use this Kratom strain chart to choose the strain you want to buy.


Kratom Strain 


Green Indo Kratom Indonesia
Maeng da Whole of Southeast Asia
Green Bali Indonesia
Yellow Vietnam Vietnam
Red Sumatra Indonesia
Malay Kratom Malaysia


As you can see from this Kratom strains chart, only a few countries in Southeast Asia grow and export Kratom. These include Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Although the weather conditions are also suitable in some other countries of the region, their trade laws do not allow Kratom export. That’s why you’ll mostly find Kratom strains with these names.

Where to Buy Kratom?

Now that you’re familiar with different strains of Kratom, let’s discuss where to buy them from. Obviously, you’d want to buy from the best Kratom vendors 2020, but that requires a little research.

First off, decide which strain you want to buy. If you’re still confused, use the Kratom strains chart above to make a decision.

Now, look for online vendors that stock the strain of your preference. You can read Kratom vendor reviews to check if a vendor is credible and trustworthy.

Moreover, if you prefer Kratom capsules over Kratom powder, check the vendor’s products list. Some sellers also offer same-day or free shipping. Consider all these things when buying Kratom to get the best quality and deals.

Once you’ve found your favorite seller, you can buy Kratom wholesale kilo to satisfy your monthly needs.

Final Words

Hopefully, the Kratom strains chart in this guide would have helped you decide on the strain you want to buy. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to buy from a reliable seller, no matter which strain you’re purchasing. To make an informed decision, you also need to learn about Kratom and different types, for which you can follow our Kratom blog.

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