With all the recent talk about Kratom, you must be wondering what this fuss is all about. If you want to learn about Kratom, this article is all you want. In this article, we have covered everything related to the common question, “whats kratom,” and why it is trending nowadays.

What is Kratom: Here is the Answer

Let’s start with the basics. What exactly is Kratom? 

Here is the simple answer: Kratom is a herb. 

The scientific name of this plant or herb is “Mitragyna Speciosa,” but it is most commonly named as Kratom all over the world. However, in some Asian countries, Kratom is also called thang, ketum, Maeng Da, Thom, and biak-biak.

The Kratom Tree

The herb Kratom is sourced from a tree. However, the active ingredient called “mitragynine” is present in Kratom leaves. 

The Kratom tree is found in Southeast Asian countries, mostly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Papa New Guinea, and Thailand. In structure, the tropical tree is more like half-plant and half-tree and belongs to the family of coffee plants – a group called Rubiaceae. 

In most cases, the tree has an average height of 80 feet or around 25 meters. The trunk diameter can also grow up to three feet, which is less than average if compared to most other trees. However, the leaves are slightly larger compared to average leaves you can find on trees and are in ovate-acuminate in shape. 

The leaves of these trees, as well as extracts from the leaves, have been in use for centuries in Southeast Asia Kratom tea is also becoming more and more popular nowadays. 

The source of Kratom available in North America and Europe is Southeast Asia, from where it is imported mostly in powdered form. Even though there is a lot of talk around the legal status of this herb, it is legal to use Kratom in most states in the US. Here is our informative article titled Kratom USA – Buy Kratom US.

Kratom Tree History

What is kratom

The tree was first known to the western world when the Dutch started to colonize Southeast Asian countries, mainly Indonesia and Malaysia. When the Dutch established their rule in the region, the rich and diversified range of flora and fauna attracted many European naturalists and botanists to this part of the world.

The first botanist to discover Kratom was Pieter Korthals. He is also known for the first-ever monograph on the tropical pitcher plants in the region. Pieter first named the plant, Stephegyne Speciosa, in 1839 that was later renamed by George Darby Haviland, a British naturalist, to Mitragyna Speciosa in 1859.

Even though it was identified, classified, and named in the mid 18th century, but the herb gained popularity only around the 20th century in the western world and until then those who heard of kratom still asked what is it.

How Kratom is Extracted from the Tree

In North America and other parts of the world, Kratom is mostly available in powdered form. As mentioned earlier, the primary ingredient is present in leaves, and this is where it is extracted from. The leaf of a Kratom tree contains several indole alkaloids that include and 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

The first stage is to pluck the leaves from the branches when they are at their optimal age. Fortunately, the native farmers are well skilled to pluck the leave at the right time. The leaves are collected and then separated based on the quality and color, to create variations of final products.

In most cases, the leaves of the Kratom tree are dried under the sun and then grounded to turn them into a powder form. However, in addition to the powder form, you can also find it in capsule form. You can find both forms of the final products on Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Kratom and Vein Colors

The color of the central vein in the leaf represents the concentration of the alkaloid in the leaf. In other words, it reflects the concentration of the primary ingredient (Mitragynine) in the leaf. 

The central vein color identifies the level of alkaloid concentration. For example, if it is green, the concentration is low; for white, it is mild, and for red vein, it is high. 

Depending on the strains (that we will discuss next) and vein colors, the final product can have different properties.   

Kratom Types or Strains

What is kratom

So, what are kratom strain? Even though the Kratom tree is native to Southeast Asia only and limited to a specific region, you can still find a range of different strains. This is mostly because the tree grows in different countries in the region, and in some cases, differs in properties and features.

This is where different types of Kratom comes from. If you want to use a more scientific term, you can also use the word strain for the type. In most cases, the Kratom strain takes the name from the place of origin. 

Next, you may be wondering what are kratom strains. Well, to be honest, there isn’t enough research so far that can give us a detailed answer. However, to get into some more detail, here are some common Kratom strains.

Malay Kratom

As mentioned earlier, most strains take the name of their origin countries. The Malaysian strain is available in different colors, that include white, red, and green vein Kratom. 

One of the most popular Kratom strains is Green Malay Kratom. This is because it can survive against foreign exposures like impurities and moisture for a longer period of time. Green Malay is also commonly used in Kratom tea as a primary ingredient.

Thai Kratom

As the name reflects, the Thai strain grows in Thailand. The Thai strain is available in different colors, that include white, green, and red. The properties and features of each color vein of Thai Kratom are also different, so you can further subcategorize these Kratom strains.       

Bali Kratom

Bali strain is also one of the most famous strains out there. This strain originates in Indonesia, mostly around the nutrient-rich Sumatra and Borneo region. You may be wondering why it is called Bali strain then?

Well, the answer is because mostly Bali port was used to export it to other regions, so comes the name Bali. It is also one of the most popular strains in the world.

Indo Kratom

Indo is another common Kratom strain that also grows in Indonesia. Unlike its sister Bali strain that is only available in red color, it is available in red, white, and green.

Maeng Da Kratom

Just like the Malay Kratom strain, Maeng Da is also popular due to its strength and long-lasting resistance against exposure. Even though this strain primarily grows in Thailand, you can also find variations that grow in Malaysia and Indonesia. This one is also available in different colors that include red, white, and green.

Borneo Kratom

Again, as the name reflects, this strain originates from Borneo, the largest island in Asia, divided between Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. 

You can find this strain in different color varieties as well, including green, white, and red. Like other strains, the properties also differ based on a variety of colors. 

Here is a list of all other available Kratom strains in the world.

  • Asia Kratom
  • Elephant Kratom
  • Horn Kratom
  • Lucky 7 Kratom
  • Sumatra Kratom
  • Super Indo Kratom
  • Vietnam Kratom

The Best Strain? 

With so many Kratom strains available, you may be wondering about the best option for you. However, there is no straight answer to the question as each strain differs in the properties and features.

The best option is to buy different strains before settling for the best strain for you. You can find almost all possible Kratom strains (all the strains listed above) at Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Where to Buy Quality Kratom in the US?

Kratom is available in the US on different online stores, from where you can get a variety of Kratom strains delivered to your home. 

Buy Kratom Bulk USA is a top option for US citizens, offering authentic and pure Kratom strains to customers. The product is derived from authentic farms and traditional farmers in Southeast Asia. The final product goes through a strict quality check to ensure you get the best final product. 

In addition to an extensive range of strains available on the store, you can also choose between powder form or capsules. On the same subject, you can read one of our beneficial blog titled Where to Buy Kratom?

Final Words

What is kratom

We hope that you now have a detailed answer to the question of what is kratom. In this article, we have discussed everything you may want to know about Kratom. From where Kratom is sourced, the variation of colors and strains available, what it means, and how the final product is produced.

Are you already interested? Or want to learn more about Kratom and Kratom products, give our blog section a try, as we have answered almost everything about Kratom on our blog.  



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