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Reddit Kratom

Reddit is a social website for discussions on just about anything and everything. It is also a news aggregation place where anybody with an account can become a member and a contributor. The registers members can log in and share posts relevant to the countless (actually 140,000) discussion forums or communities. These communities are called “subreddits” on Reddit. Reddit uses a system of votes (up-votes and down-votes) to rank the posts and comments. The submissions with most up-votes are ranked higher than the others. Thus filtering the undesired or substandard submissions and keeping the quality content in front of the viewers. Among all the subreddits, there is one about kratom too. This blog is all about the Reddit discussion forum about Kratom. So, let us get straight to the point and discuss in a little bit more detail about the Reddit Kratom community.

Reddit Kratom Community

As mentioned earlier, there are tens of thousands of subreddits on the Reddit website that talk about various topics such as foods, fitness, books, music, video games, movies, science, and all kinds of news. The Kratom community on Reddit is also one such community that has been around for quite some time now. You will find many useful discussion topics about kratom on this subreddit that are contributed by the kratom enthusiasts not only from the US but also from around the world. These topics are moderated and the discussions are regulated as per the Reddit kratom community rules.

When it comes to the page layout, in the front of the Reddit Kratom community subreddit, you will find posts on various topics related to kratom. Reddit is an open community that can be joined by anyone. Therefore, the posts on kratom talk about a wide range of kratom topics. The members talk quite openly and frankly about their relationship with the kratom and kratom products.

How Big is Reddit Kratom Community?

Reddit kratom community is very vibrant and active. This is evident from all the posts on the Kratom subreddit page. Talking about its history, the page was created on April 21st, 2009. As of May 2020, the kratom community on Reddit had close to 94 thousand members!

The aim of the community, as per the introduction on the subreddit page is:

“… to provide tips, hints, and news about kratom”

The posts are however continuously regulated by the moderators to make sure that they abide by the set rules. Under Reddit Kratom posts, members can make their comments and take the discussion forward. Their comments guide the course of the discussion. The participants agree, disagree, or add to the discussion by sharing their own thoughts or knowledge on the subject. This ultimately creates a pool of collective knowledge that can be utilized by all for their advantage.

What are the Discussions About in the Reddit Kratom Community?

The discussions are on a variety of topics and aspects related to kratom. Mostly, the Kratom community on Reddit is talking about:

Kratom Strains

One of the most interesting and informative subreddits on the Reddit kratom forum is about the kratom strains. In this subreddit, the participants share their thoughts and knowledge about the different kratom strains and also the color varieties. You will be pleased to find that the discussion is always candid and open. Therefore, very interesting.

The kratom community on Reddit also discusses the properties of the kratom strains. Which kratom strain can be coupled with other kratom strain. All the possible combinations and improvisations. You can gain a lot of expertise about all the different kratom strains from these Reddit Kratom posts.

Availability of Kratom Capsules, Kratom Powders, and Other Kratom Products

Reddit Kratom

The Reddit kratom community is actively sharing information about the availability of kratom powders and kratom capsules. Whether to buy them online or from the retail shops. There is always a healthy discussion on the comparison between the pros and cons of kratom capsules, kratom powders, and other kratom products such as kratom extract, and enhanced liquid kratom, etc.

Where to Buy Kratom of Best Quality?

The Reddit Kratom members are always sharing information regarding good and not so good kratom brands and kratom products. If you are looking to buy kratom of good quality, you must visit this discussion forum. You are sure to find out some useful tips and hints regarding all the good places from where you can buy kratom of great quality. They also talk about whether to buy kratom online or just get the “kratom near me”.

Updates on the Legal Status of Kratom

On Kratom subreddit, probably the hottest discussion is regarding the legal battle that is going on against the Kratom ban in the US. The Kratom community in the US shares day-to-day updates regarding the kratom and its legal status in the US.

Kratom News and Blogs

Perhaps the most interesting aspect about Reddit Kratom is the posts in which the members share important Kratom news and blogs about kratom. There is always a piece of interesting news or update regarding kratom that turns out to be useful for the dedicated kratom enthusiasts on the forum.

Rules For the Reddit Kratom Community

There are definite rules and instructions regarding what can be and cannot be talked about on the Reddit Kratom community forum. On the right-hand side of the main kratom subreddit page, there is a menu bar that lays out the rules and procedures that guide all discussion on the platform. Before you start participating in the kratom community on Reddit as an active member, it is advisable to read those rules and strictly abide by them. Here are some of the most important rules that must be kept in mind while participating in discussions on Reddit kratom:

  • Kratom, being a natural botanical herb, cannot be compared with the illegal products. Anybody doing that is immediately removed as a member of the kratom community on Reddit.
  • Be nice with your words and show tolerance towards the views and opinions of other Reddit kratom community members.
  • Spreading misinformation is strictly prohibited. The knowledge you share must be based on your own experience. Or if sourced from somebody else, must be authentic and true.
  • Soliciting and offering to involve yourself in any illegal activity can get your Reddit ID banned. The Reddit Kratom community does not tolerate this behavior and such participants are removed without any delay. Keep your participation and involvement legal over Reddit.
  • No reviews, spam, or self-promotion is allowed under the guidelines provided by the Reddit moderators.

There are other rules also that must be adhered to. We reiterate, that you to go over them before participating in the Reddit Kratom discussions to avoid having an unpleasant experience later.

Call to Action – Reddit Kratom Legislation Efforts

The Reddit Kratom community consists overwhelmingly of members who are also dedicated, kratom enthusiasts. If a piece of news or update is shared regarding some legal issue or effort to change its legal status in a certain State, the whole kratom community gets together and initiates a call to action. Thus, the Reddit is also an important place to maintain and coordinate a defense against efforts to get it banned.


Reddit Kratom

Reddit is an excellent discussion form that serves many purposes. It is a place to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, and most importantly appreciate this wonderful herbal product that we call kratom. It is also a great place to know what to look for in great kratom for sale.

If you want to read more of such blogs, feel free to visit our kratom news and blog section. You are sure to find out very informative blogs and articles on kratom related issues there.



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