When you have finished with your kratom, you’ll want to properly store your products so that you can keep the freshness and save some for later use. Most kratom users ask us, what is the best way to store your kratom products? If stored correctly, kratom can have a stable shelf life of 1-3 months depending on what container is used to protect it from exposure to air, and where it is stored to protect from sunlight/light and to protect from moisture. 


This guide will give you the best information on how to store your kratom products so that you can lock in the freshness for longer at home in between orders. 

Kratom Storage Containers

When you are looking to store kratom, one of the most important aspects is to store your products in the correct container. While it is possible to store the kratom in the bag you receive it in, you can preserve the product longer in more tightly sealed containers. Some use zippered baggies to easily transport and store their kratom but, these don’t protect the kratom and can lead to it not lasting nearly as long as it could. 

The best way to store your kratom products is in a glass jar, especially those with sealing mechanisms or sealed plastic containers. These jars or containers allow for the kratom to be protected and sealed in a closed environment which leads them to last longer. 

When storing kratom, it is critical to also label your products. You can do this with a marker or label to include the date the kratom was opened and the strain of kratom inside. You should always use the oldest product first and then the newer products so you rotate your stock. This helps prevent waste as you use the oldest first. 

Storing kratom in sealed glass jars or alternate plastic containers can protect the kratom from exposure to air. If kratom is exposed to the oxygen in the air, it diminishes the shelf life significantly. Kratom that is left in the open air can lose its aromatics and become “stale.”

The sealed containers also protect the kratom from moisture. If kratom is exposed to moisture, it can being to mold. Kratom powders must be kept dry to retain their shelf life. This can cause you to lose an entire strain as it is no longer safe after molding. 

Where to store kratom

Kratom does not have to be refrigerated or frozen. Kratom is best stored when placed in a cool, dry, and dark place such as a cupboard or pantry. It should always be housed in a dedicated space where the sealed containers are protected from light and moisture while kept somewhere clean. 


Kratom should be protected from direct light. Sunlight causes changes to the alkaloid profiles and contents, which you may see through color changes in the powder. This change indicates that the kratom has lost potency and is an indicator that it should be thrown away. Keeping kratom shielded from the direct light can increase the shelf life of the products while ensuring that they are safe for further use by not being exposed to any external factors. 

To sum it up…

Buy Kratom Bulk can supply you with all your kratom needs. We can ensure that you have enough of your favorite strains of kratom on hand. Properly stored and maintained Kratom can last you up to 3 months. We want to ensure your success with your kratom products and experiences. 

You should store your kratom in a labeled airtight container in a location that is protected from direct light and prevents moisture from coming into contact with the powder. These combined techniques can drastically increase the shelf life of your products and allow you to enjoy your fresh kratom. 

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