If you happen to have a green thumb—either from gardening skills or from the mess of kratom powder—you may have wondered can I grow kratom? It might surprise you that while growing kratom is difficult, it’s not impossible; it just requires certain growing conditions.

Figuring out how to grow kratom can be complicated; you may have many questions, such as what is kratom like as a plant.  Is growing kratom outdoors better or should I grow kratom indoors? Can I grow kratom hydroponically? For those looking to save money on kratom, you may be curious to know if growing kratom is cheaper than buying bulk kratom for sale.

So, can you grow your own kratom? To help you figure out if it’s worth it to grow kratom and where you can buy kratom seeds, here’s our complete guide to growing kratom from seeds.

Where Does Kratom Grow?

Before throwing down some kratom seeds in a pumpkin patch, you may want to know what is kratom in its natural form. Kratom comes from Mitragyna speciosa trees are native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia where they grow in jungles. Kratom’s growing conditions are humid and damp; they thrive in a tropical climate and nutrient-dense soil.

Mitragyna speciosa is a member of the botanical family Rubiaceae, the same family as the coffee plantWhile the tallest coffee plants reach about 32 feet in height, kratom trees can grow as tall as 100 feet high. Fortunately, growing kratom in a container will prevent it from reaching its full height.

To replicate its natural environment, growing kratom requires a cool and humid environment, slightly acidic and rich soil, space for its roots, and adequate lighting.

These are the following requirements for growing kratom:

  • Temperature: 72°–74°F
  • Humidity: 70 to 80 percent
  • Sunlight: Partial sun to full sun
  • Soil: Nitrogen-rich soil with a pH between 5.5–6.5
  • Planting space: adequate space for kratom to grow.

Since the best temperature for growing kratom is slightly cool, it’s more difficult to reach the proper humidity levels kratom requires to grow. To keep the conditions in check, you’ll need a hygrometer and a humidifier if growing kratom indoors.

Now we’ve laid out the growing condition for kratom plants, let’s get into where to buy kratom seeds and what you need to grow kratom.

Where to Buy Kratom Seeds

The first step in growing kratom is buying kratom seeds if you haven’t already. The easiest place to buy kratom seeds is online, where you can find various stores that sell kratom seeds for growing.

The most important thing about buying kratom seeds is acquiring fresh kratom seeds. Kratom seeds need to be planted within a few days after being harvested. It’s difficult to find fresh kratom seeds for sale in the USA, Canada, or nearby countries.

Buying Kratom Seeds Online

When deciding where to buy kratom seeds, unless you can guarantee that they are fresh, it’s best to avoid buying kratom seeds from kratom vendors or online stores if they can’t say how fresh they are.

If you do buy your kratom seeds from a vendor, ask them how long the seedling has been sitting around since its harvest. You’ll want to purchase multiple kratom seeds or buy kratom seeds in bulk to increase your odds that one of them will germinate.

Buying Kratom Seeds from the Source

The second option for having your own kratom is buying it from the source vendors in the native country. This option is difficult for most people, and you will need to conduct detailed research beforehand to know where to purchase kratom seeds and how to transport the seeds safely back home.

If you can’t travel, you can also try to locate someone who has recently obtained fresh seeds and is willing to sell them. You may also be able to purchase kratom seeds from a seller in Southeast Asia and ship them to your country. A small number of vendors have this service, and you will have some difficulties finding the plant.

You can turn to Arena Ethnobotanicals, which will send the plant safely. Check your country’s shipping policies on kratom first. In the USA, however, there is no restriction regarding shipping live kratom plants in the country.

If you can buy kratom seeds from a seller in Southeast Asia and manage to successfully grow them, it’s a highly rewarding and exciting task to pull off.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Kratom plant?

If you can’t locate kratom seeds, you may consider growing kratom from cuttings. It may be easier to buy small kratom plants or cuttings from kratom trees and begin there.

One thing you may be wondering is how much a live kratom plant will cost. The average price for a kratom plant or cutting is $30 to $55, depending on the size. There may also be deals on live kratom plants if you plan to buy more than one tree. Think about the options you have before your purchase to get the best kratom to grow and nurture.

How to Grow Kratom from Seeds

If you can obtain fresh kratom seeds, here’s our guide on how to plant kratom seeds to grow a kratom plant.

Mitragyna speciosa seeds come from the pod of the kratom flower. Each pod contains an average of 50 kratom seeds. Once you have several seeds, plant them as soon as possible in moist, nitrogen-rich soil. The soil should retain water but not become water-logged; you should also have a form of drainage in the pot. Drainage is important; like orchids, kratom plants are sensitive to fungus or molds on their roots, which can kill them.

When the seeds begin to sprout, keep them in a warm location. They are sensitive to cold as well as dry spaces. Never expose a kratom plant to temperatures at or lower than 55°F. Purchase a thermometer to monitor temperature, and buy a hygrometer to assure that it’s humid enough where you’re growing them. A good way to maintain humidity is to cover the plants with something that mimics a greenhouse environment.

As the kratom plant begins to grow, you may need to move it to a larger container. Place the kratom plant (or kratom cutting if you’re skipping seeds) in a pot filled with moist peat moss or a similar soil. Keep it covered with a plastic bag and out of direct sunlight until its roots take hold. Once the plant gets a sturdier stalk, you can slowly start to open the bag to reduce the humidity. Eventually, when the plant gets used to the changes in humidity, you can take off the bag and move the plant into the sunlight. Once the bag is off, you should still make sure its environment stays humid.

If you live in an adequate environment, you can move the plant outside when it’s strong enough. Otherwise, growing kratom indoors is more convenient. You can treat kratom like a houseplant, setting it outside on warm days and bringing it indoors for winters and cold nights.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Kratom Tree

If you grow your own kratom plant, the greatest benefit you’ll have is the joy of plant care (if you enjoy that sort of thing). Another reason to consider growing your own kratom has to do with savings—if you have your kratom tree then you won’t have to buy kratom products. You will also know exactly the quality and freshness of your kratom. Lastly, while the kratom growing process is interesting itself, knowing how to dry kratom leaves and make your own kratom products is another new and fascinating challenge.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some of the freshest kratom available, check out our high-quality kratom for sale. At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we maintain close ties with the farmers in Southeast Asia where we source our kratom. Selling wholesale kratom allows us to constantly maintain a fresh inventory.

For more interesting kratom facts and articles, check out our kratom blog!

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