If you are a true Creatum fan then you would know that Creatum is commercially available in several different forms. You can buy Creatum that is sold as powder, liquid, or you can even buy convenient Creatum pills. Selecting any one of these various Creatum forms is just a matter of personal preference. While some Creatum connoisseurs go for freedom and versatility associated with the powder, others opt for a more convenient approach with the pills. Then there are those who want their Creatum in liquid form that is often enhanced in terms of its alkaloid makeup.

Whatever is the form, the Creatum certainly has a huge fan following worldwide, especially in the US. No wonder that the US is the biggest Creatum importer in the world.

As per a study that was sponsored by American Kratom Association, there are more than five million Creatum buyers in the US alone! That number is believed to have increased substantially as indicated by the unprecedented popularity of Creatum in the US. The general acceptance of Creatum has resulted in an explosion in its demand. Before we talk about its different aspects, let us see in a bit more detail what this wonderful herb is and how is it sourced.

What is Creatum?

Creatum Pills

Creatum is sourced from the leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees that are found commonly in Southeast Asian countries. These trees are particularly suited to thrive in the hot and humid climatic conditions of Southeast Asia. Those of you who might have visited the region most likely came across these tall, evergreen trees that have leaves on them round the year. These Creatum leaves are harvested at certain times in their lifecycle to produce Creatum powder – the basic element of all Creatum products.

The Creatum comes in many different variations. This is because the Mitragyna Speciosa tree has many different sub-species that are found in the different regions of Southeast Asia. The natural process of genetic mutation, coupled with adaptability and survival of the most suitable species according to the external environment, has created all these different strains of Creatum over million of years of evolution.

Let’s talk about all the different Creatum strains that are commercially available today.

Creatum Strains

Based on the ever-so-slight changes in the DNA structure of Creatum, many Creatum strains are commercially available today. The most famous ones of them are:

Asia Creatum Strain

Asia Creatum pills and powder are made from the Asia Creatum strain. This strain is quite a popular one because of its availability and price.

Bali Creatum Strain

Sourced from the Creatum trees in Bali, Indonesia. The Bali Creatum pills and powder are always high in demand throughout the year.

Borneo Creatum Strain

Borneo Creatum strain is one of the finest in terms of its authenticity and purity. It is a famous Creatum strain that is sought after by new and experienced Creatum buyers alike.

Elephant Creatum Strain

The leaves of the Creatum strain resemble the ears of an infant baby Elephant, hence the unusual name. The Elephant Creatum pills and powder, however, are not unusual to the kratom connoisseurs who respect them for their quality and purity.

Horn Creatum Strain

Horn Creatum pills and powder are sourced from the Horn Creatum strain. This strain is obtained from a sub-species of Mitragyna Speciosa trees that have leaves with pointy edges, hence the name Horn.

The Horn Creatum strain is gaining fast popularity across the US since its introduction on a mass-level a few years back.

Maeng Da Creatum Strain

Perhaps the most famous of all Creatum strains. The Maeng Da Creatum pills and powder are considered the most widely sold Creatum products due to their impressive alkaloid profiles and unique characteristic properties.

Read in-depth about the Maeng Da Creatum strain for useful knowledge.

Malay Creatum Strain

Malay Creatum pills and powder are sourced from the Malay Creatum strain. This particular Creatum strain, though originally from Malaysia, has been taken to adjacent countries and grown in vast numbers in private Creatum farms. This is also one of the most famous Creatum strains that are commercially available in the US.

Sumatra Creatum Strain

Sumatra is an island region in Indonesia that has vast numbers of Creatum trees on it. Found commonly both in jungles and private farms, these Sumatra Creatum trees grow leaves that are dried and crushed to be used in Sumatra Creatum pills.

Vietnam Creatum Strain

Vietnam has not really been famous for its Creatum product. Despite the fact that it has millions of Vietnam Creatum trees growing wildly all over the country. Vietnam Creatum pills and powder are manufactured using these trees.

Creatum Vein Colors

Creatum pills, like all other Creatum products, come in three natural vein varieties. These vein varieties are differentiated based on the color of the central vein of the Creatum leaves. The change in the colors results from the change in alkaloid contents within the molecular structure of those leaves. When the leaves are young, the alkaloids are much more subtle and the vein shows a green color. As the leaves mature and take in more nutrition, they start to get richer in terms of their alkaloid concentrations – and the vein color changes to White and then subsequently Red.

The three vein color variations of Creatum pills are:

Traits of Good Quality Creatum Pills

Creatum Pills

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we are committed to increasing awareness about Kratom among the people. This wonderful herb is sold at many places today like tobacco shops, head shops, herbal stores, convenience stores, shopping malls, and also online.

Despite the fact that we always suggest all the kratom enthusiasts to buy kratom online because of so many reasons, these are a few traits that you can look up for any Creatum to judge if it is worth your money or not.

  • Your Creatum pills and powder should be freshly manufactured
  • High-quality Creatum is always sourced from the most mature, old Creatum trees in Southeast Asia
  • If buying branded Creatum products, always double-check that the product is authentic and not counterfeit.
  • Your Creatum pills and powder should be reasonably priced. Too high prices indicate that the brand is more often a rip-off, while too low a price may indicate that the quality of your Creatum may be compromised.
  • When you buy Creatum, always check-up for its alkaloid concentration and read the labels carefully

Here is one of our articles regarding how to buy Creatum of best quality.

The Creatum pills contain this powder that comes in many types and variations. But before we talk about where you can buy all the best Creatum products, we have to cover the controversy surrounding this herb. This controversy has caused confusion and misunderstanding among so many of the Creatum fans over the past few years. However, the committed and closely-knit Creatum community has been able to successfully defend its rights – so far!

Legal Status of Creatum

Creatum is legal in the US federally. However, as the States are also empowered to mend their laws that only apply to their jurisdiction, some of them have placed restrictions or an outright ban on Creatum. These states are few in number and Creatum remains legal to be sold, purchased, kept, stored, and possessed in most of the US States.

These are the States that have placed a ban on Creatum or put some restrictions on it:

  • Alabama has a ban on Creatum that came into effect in 2016. That was when the State of Alabama decided to place the Creatum in the list of Schedule I drugs, merely because of the presence of two “naturally” occurring alkaloids (Mitragynine and 7-Hydroxy Mitragynine). Despite the fact that both the compounds occur naturally, they are classified and banned as being labeled synthetic.
  • Arkansas banned Creatum Pills and all other forms in October 2015. It was paced in the list of Schedule I drugs despite a strong campaign by the local Creatum supporters.
  • In California, Creatum pills and other varieties are legal except in the region of San Diego. It is because the region of San Diego prohibits buying, selling, and possession of Creatum through a local ordinance.
  • In Flordia, except the county of Sarasota, it is perfectly legal to buy and sell kratom. Sarasota county banned kratom through a local ordinance in 2014.
  • As far as the legality of Creatum pills in Illinois is concerned, it is legal only for individuals who are above 18 years of age. There are three regions in Illinois who have placed a ban on Creatum pills and they are: Alton, Jersyville, and Edwardsville.
  • In the State of Indiana, there is a complete ban on Creatum since 2014.
  • In Tennessee, Creatum pills are legal however people below 21 years of age are not allowed to buy, sell, or possess it. Moreover, as per the law, all kratom products must come in packaging that has certain advisories written on it.
  • Creatum Pills in New Hampshire can be bought, sold, or kept but only by individuals who are above 18 years of age. The city of Franklin, however, has a complete ban on Creatum.
  • The state of Washington placed a comprehensive and complete ban on Creatum in 2014 and it came into effect at the same time.

You can read much more about this in our informative articles titled: Is kratom legal or Kratom Ban in the US.

Creatum Pills at Buy Creatum Bulk USA

Creatum Pills

If you are looking to buy the best kratom for sale, we have all the best Creatum strains including Creatum pills and powder available at the best price. Without any compromise on the quality, we source our Creatum from only a few of the selected Creatum farms in Southeast Asian regions. You will find our prices being most competitive, without any compromise on the freshness, purity, or authenticity of our kratom.

To read more about Creatum and all other related information, we highly recommend that you visit our kratom blogs section that is sure to keep you captivated with many useful blogs and articles on various topics about Creatum. You will find where can you buy Creatum or how to find Creatum of best quality.




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