Are you looking for an online Kratom vendor who provides authentic Kratom for sale? This Krave Kratom review is just what you need to read! Krave Kratom is a retail and wholesale Kratom vendor that launched in 2016. They are a California based firm that is famous for providing Kratom products to smoke shops and filling stations all across the US; however, their Kratom is also available online to the general public. They have claimed to provide the best Kratom in the market, and this review is going to investigate that claim. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the products, prices, and services offered by Krave Brand.

Krave Kratom’s Product Range

Krave Kratom review

Some Krave reviews on the internet have suggested that it has a limited product range. A simple visit to this vendor’s website will show you just how wrong those reviews are! At Krave Kratom, customers are provided with Kratom strains in various forms, such as Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, Kratom concentrates, and even Kratom extracts. For customers looking to buy a new strain, small sample packs of Kratom are also available. The top two picks in each of their categories are:

  • Kratom Powder – CBD-infused Kratom powder and Green Malay Kratom powder.
  • Kratom Capsules – CBD-infused Kratom capsules and Krave Kratom Bali capsules.
  • Kratom Concentrates – Krave Kratom shot and Krave. Kratom Tincture concentrate.
  • Kratom Extracts – K80 shot and Kratom Extract 3 Pack Blister.
  • Kratom Samples – Krave Kratom Bali samples and Krave Kratom Gold samples.

Pricing Strategy: Kratom For Everyone!

Krave Kratom for sale online

The best thing you will learn in this review is that they have something to offer to everyone! Krave Kratom provides their Kratom varieties at different prices so that customers never leave empty-handed. For customers who are looking for cheap Kratom, they offer 10-count sample packs for only $4.95. Customers who are not worried about the price are urged to buy their best-selling products, which are the CBD-infused Kratom powder and CBD-infused Kratom capsule. Both of these items are available for $39.99.

Apart from these, all the Kratom powders, such as White Maeng Da Kratom powder, are priced at $24.99 for a 60-gram bag whereas Kratom capsules, such as the White Maeng Da capsules, are available for $15.99 (30 capsules). Concentrates, such as the Krave Kratom Tincture Concentrate, is priced at $19.99, whereas extracts are between the price ranges of $19.99 to $39.99.

The Product Quality

Krave Kratom capsules

If a vendor has a large variety of Kratom products but supplies low-quality Kratom, what’s the point of buying from them? Luckily, this isn’t the case with Krave Brand. To write this review, we conducted detailed research on the quality of their kratom products. We learned that the brand only works with premium quality Mitragyna speciosa leaves to make sure that customers are provided with high-quality. While they don’t provide any proof of lab-test results on their website, Krave Kratom claims that all its products are tested for harmful substances and quality before being sold. Customer reviews available on the Reddit Kratom community will provide you with further insight into their kratom products. While most customers are happy with the Kratom they receive, some have had complaints as they claim better Kratom is available at such prices in the market.

Shipping and Customer Service

One major reason that customers love Krave. Kratom is because of the free shipping services they offer! This is one of the best-selling points of Krave Brand, and surprisingly few Krave  reviews mention this fact! No customer enjoys paying high prices for shipping, so most vendors offer free shipping if you buy Kratom that is equal to or more than a certain price. Krave has gone one step ahead and offers all its customers free shipping through USPS shipping, and most orders reach the customers between 4 to 5 days.

The customer service department at Krave can be contacted through several means such as email, telephone, or the contact form that is available on their website. Currently, no information is available on returns and refunds; however, Krave’s customer service responds quickly, so if you have any queries, contact them before or after placing your order.

Final Thoughts

Kratom Botanicals

Customers looking to purchase Kratom from Krave Kratom’s website do not need to have second thoughts. They are a reliable Kratom vendor, and they are only growing with time. With the same consistency and commitment, they could go a long way in the Kratom industry, and soon various positive reviews could be popping up.

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Krave Kratom


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