If you’re looking to buy kratom for the first time, or you’re considering trying different types of kratom products, you may wonder what liquid kratom is, how much it costs, and how it differs from the more popular varieties of kratom for sale.

Liquid kratom is more expensive than other forms of kratom, but is it worth the added cost? Furthermore, how can you assess the quality of liquid kratom extracts to know if you’re actually getting the best kratom, or if you’re paying too much for an overhyped product?

Fortunately, we’ll cover everything you need to know about liquid kratom, liquid kratom extracts, kratom extract vs. kratom powders, full-spectrum kratom extracts vs enhanced kratom extracts, and more.

What is Liquid Kratom?

Liquid kratom is a liquid made from raw kratom material that has been isolated and extracted from either fresh kratom leaves or powdered kratom leaves, the latter being more common. Liquid kratom extracts can come from different strains of kratom powders or fresh leaves, which can affect the alkaloid profile of the extract.

There are a few different variations in processing methods used to make liquid kratom extract. Often, making liquid kratom requires lab equipment. Since making liquid kratom extract takes more steps than making kratom powder, it explains why kratom extracts are more expensive than the average cost of kratom powder.

The process of making liquid kratom extracts also produces more concentrated alkaloids, which can increase the potency of the product. Companies that offer liquid kratom for sale often mention the concentration strength in terms of how many times stronger the kratom extract is than regular kratom powder (such as 2x, 10x, etc.).

Some people want to know how to make kratom liquid at home from kratom powder, but the majority of people who buy liquid kratom extract purchase it as a pre-packed product. However, sometimes prepackaged liquid kratom products may include ingredients besides pure kratom (Mitragyna speciosa).

Let’s look at the different types of liquid kratom to gain a better understanding of what’s in liquid kratom extracts.

Types of Liquid Kratom

If you are looking to buy kratom in liquid form, the types of liquid kratom products available are kratom extracts, tinctures, or kratom shots. Here’s a rundown of the different ways to make liquid kratom, and what the different types of liquid kratom are.

Liquid Kratom Extract vs. Kratom Shots vs. Kratom Tincture

When it comes to the differences between liquid kratom extract, kratom tinctures, and kratom shots, finding the answer can be confusing for many people looking to buy kratom. Let’s discuss the differences between the types of liquid kratom.

Different types of liquid kratom:

  1. Liquid kratom extract is typically made by boiling down powdered kratom leaves to extract concentrated alkaloids. It is often sold in a bottle with a cap.
  2. Liquid kratom tincture is made by using ethanol or a similar medium to extract concentrated alkaloids. It is often sold in a dropper bottle.
  3. Kratom shots are made from either of the above methods of extracting kratom alkaloids, but they may contain a combination of extracts from different kratom strains and/or other ingredients, such as caffeine. Kratom shots come in a small bottle, typically as a small or single serving.

When it comes to liquid kratom extracts vs. kratom tinctures vs. kratom shots, not all places that sell liquid kratom differentiate between these terms. Some kratom vendors sell all types of liquid kratom under the term “liquid kratom,” while others might sell what’s technically a liquid kratom extract as a “liquid kratom tincture,” or what is technically a liquid kratom extract as a “kratom shot.”

For example, if you look at OPMS liquid kratom for sale, they state on their website’s product description, “OPMS Liquid Kratom shot Extract is a high-quality, award-winning kratom tincture. It is a remarkable blend and balance of alkaloids that have been harvested directly from the Maeng Da kratom plant.” They use both “liquid kratom shot” and “kratom tincture” to refer to the same product.

The best liquid kratom vendors tend to provide information about what kratom extraction methods they used, as well as the ingredients, alkaloid profiles, and lab tests.

How Liquid Kratom Extract is Made

Liquid kratom is a concentrated form of kratom. Making liquid kratom often involves the following steps:

  1.  Fresh kratom powder or kratom leaves are boiled down (sometimes employing the use of a solvent).
  2. The boiled kratom is then strained to remove solid particles.
  3. The kratom is simmered or re-boiled until it becomes a thick paste.
  4. This concentrated kratom paste is then mixed with water (or other ingredients, such as flavoring) to form a liquid kratom extract.
  5. To make kratom extract powder, the paste will instead be dried and ground down.

This process of making kratom extract via boiling and filtering is said to increase the concentration of alkaloids (such as mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) in the product.

Liquid kratom extracts are generally stronger than kratom powders and kratom capsules, but this is not always the case. The strength of a liquid kratom extract depends on the ratio of kratom leaves to liquid medium, as well as how long it took to boil the kratom paste.  The solution is strained to remove any solid particles and simmered down.

liquid kratom extract

The different varieties of liquid kratom extracts, therefore, come from the differences between kratom strains in the starting products, the concentration of alkaloids, and the other types of ingredients in the liquid kratom extract.

How Liquid Kratom Tincture is Made

liquid extract kratom tincture

The definition of a kratom tincutre is “concentrated herbal extracts that are extracted in a liquid form.” Here is the method used for how to extract kratom alkaloids in liquid form, or in other words, how to make liquid kratom tincture:

  1. Kratom powder or kratom leaves are soaked in a mixture of water and ethanol (or another type of alcohol) in a jar or other container.
  2. The container is sealed and shaken before being stored in a dark place for several weeks, as the leaves soak in the alcohol mixture.
  3. Then, the solid particles are removed via filtration, and the solution is poured into another container, such as a dropper bottle.

When making a kratom tincture, alcohol serves as a medium that breaks down the compounds in the leaf while preserving alkaloids. This produces a concentrated kratom product, which is typically sold in kratom tincture bottles. Sometimes, citric acid is also added as a preservative.

If you buy liquid kratom tincture, it may have been made using this extraction method, or it may have been made using the boiling extraction method. Some vendors distinguish between the two terms, but others use them interchangeably.

Kratom Shot

kratom in liquid shots

Liquid kratom shots are blends of kratom extracts that come in small bottles, similar to an energy drink. These shots mainly contain water-based kratom extracts, but different kratom vendors might have their own variations. Some kratom shots contain different ingredients, such as L-Theanine, Boswellia, and Passion Flower.

Here’s how kratom shots are made:

  1. Kratom powder is boiled down, filtered, and simmered to produce concentrated kratom (or a liquid kratom extract is used as the starting point).
  2. The extract is then mixed with water and other ingredients in a small bottle.

In general, kratom shots can be risky if they contain ingredients such as caffeine or other herbs, especially if they lack detailed information on their product label. A good example of the potential risks of kratom shots is the Vivazen case, where a man bought kratom from Vivazen without knowing that it contained phenylethylamine, a natural stimulant found in dark chocolate. Vivazen did not include phenylethylamine on their product label. Some people are sensitive to stimulating compounds, especially with underlying health conditions. The man who used the adulterated Vivazen kratom ended up in the hospital with a stroke.

How Much Does Liquid Kratom Cost?

The cost of liquid kratom extracts can vary from one seller to the next. That’s due to the different types of kratom extraction methods used, the concentration of the kratom extract, and the business model of the store. A 30x Kratom extract will cost more than a 20x because of its concentration, and liquid kratom for sale at headshops will generally cost more than liquid kratom for sale online from a bulk kratom vendor.

Typically, liquid kratom costs from about $12 to anywhere near $49.99 or more. The costs seem to be higher than other forms at first, but the serving size for kratom extracts is lower due to the higher potency. If you want more affordable options and variety, kratom powder is the way to go. It is also more widely available and you’re more likely to find lab tests indicating that the kratom isn’t contaminated or adulterated.

For more information on kratom cost factors, check out our informational article, “How Much Does Kratom Cost?


Things to Know Before Buying Liquid Kratom Extracts

Liquid kratom extracts can vary in strength from 2x to 50x. You will even find 60x and 70x extracts with some vendors, but they are usually in powder form. Highly-concentrated kratom extracts aren’t for everyone, and it’s important to proceed with caution since there is a lack of information on kratom and its alkaloids.

Kratom has no FDA-approved medical use, and it is currently categorized as an unregulated botanical. Because of this, many gas stations that sell kratom have ended up unknowingly offering contaminated kratom products to customers. Thus, it’s important to be careful what liquid kratom you buy, and where you buy it.

If you can’t find any information on the liquid kratom bottle or the vendor’s website about its concentration, ingredients, or lab tests, it’s better to be safe and avoid it until you can get more information. Always look for a reputable kratom vendor that has online customer reviews, ingredient information, lab tests, and a legal means of processing payment methods.

Because kratom is unregulated and not FDA-approved, places that sell kratom aren’t allowed to make kratom-related health claims, such as “the benefits of kratom,” or “the best kratom for overcoming addiction.” If you encounter a website that uses these claims and sells kratom, they risk getting their kratom seized by the FDA, and are endangering the future of the kratom industry.

Final Words Buy Kratom Bulk USA

Overall, buying liquid kratom comes with its own risks. There are some bad kratom vendors out there, and they’re not bound by federal regulations to provide authentic Mitragyna speciosa. Since little is known about the properties of kratom’s 40 alkaloids, it’s not a good idea to buy liquid kratom extracts that mix different ingredients and don’t offer lab tests. Adulterated kratom products have been found for sale in gas stations without proper labeling, and they can be dangerous and/or addictive.

If you want to buy kratom that contains only authentic Mitragyna speciosa and is sourced directly from farmers in Indonesia, check out our quality kratom for sale (we offer kratom powder and kratom capsules) at Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.


I began writing kratom articles due to my interests in science, philosophy, and health—and my dedication to fighting misinformation. My writing process involves reading and citing kratom studies, following the latest kratom news and policies, and questioning bias. I am a proponent of public health, freedom of speech, and science-based decision-making.

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