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For those seeking Kratom strains in different forms can buy Kratom online from certified vendors like Buy Kratom Bulk USA. Then there are a few vendors, like Krave Kratom, who may be new in the industry, but can make their way to the prestigious Kratom Vendor List pretty soon. Let’s learn more about the vendor in this Krave Kratom review.

Krave Kratom sells a variety of strains in different product forms. These include powder, capsules, and sample sachets. Moreover, you can buy Kratom shots and tincture concentrates based on your preferences.

Some popular Kratom strains sold by Krave Kratom include Bali Kratom, Gold Kratom, Maeng Da Kratom, Trainwreck Kratom, Thai Kratom, and more. In this Krave kratom brand review we will reveal that this kratom brand has ample stocks of each of these strains.

Krave Kratom Review

Let’s dig deeper and explore the products:

Krave Kratom Powder

Kratom buyers know that Kratom powder is the most common form available on the market. Therefore, Krave Kratom sells as many as 12 powder forms.

Here are the top picks:

krave kratom company review

CBD Infused Kratom Powder 

This product bags a punch with a smart combination of CBD and Kratom. Available at $39.99, the product weighs 60 grams (net) and claims to have 100% organic ingredients.

Green Malay Powder

The Green Malay Powder by Krave Kratom is available in three weight variations; 60 grams, 120 grams, and 250 grams. The powder interprets green-veined leaves of the Malay Kratom plant grown belonging to the dense tropical forest of Southeast Asia.

Here are the prices based on their weight:

krave kratom powder

  • 60 grams bottle is available for $24.99
  • 120 grams bottle is available for $39.99
  • 250 grams bottle is available for $69.99

Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder

For Kratom buyers, a hybrid powder is a rarity. Fortunately, Krave Kratom brings a unique formula, a hybrid powder that combines popular Kratom strains in one place. This premium-quality Kratom powder comes in 100-gram packaging and is available for $29.99

Krave Kratom Capsules

krave kratom kratom vendor review

Kratom capsules are relatively better as compared to powder, as you don’t have to measure how much you are buying. These offer consistent quantity, so many Kratom buyers who are not comfortable with the powder go for this option.

Krave Kratom offers a wide variety of Kratom capsules to these people. To be precise, there are 12 products in the capsule category. But we’re only going to talk about a few of them.

Yellow Borneo Capsules

These capsules are manufactured from the famous Borneo Kratom strain, found in the most populated Kratom yielding Island in Southeast Asia. The Yellow vein Kratom features a yellow-veined Kratom strain, rich in alkaloids and flavonoids.

At Krave Kratom, you’ll find these capsules in five different sizes based on the capsule count.

  • 30-count capsule bottle is available for $15.99
  • 75-count bottle comes at a price of $29.99
  • 150 capsules bottle, at $49.99
  • 300 capsules bottle, at $69.99
  • 500-capsule bottle, at $99.99

Krave Kratom Trainwreck Capsules krave kratom brand review online

We mentioned a hybrid powder earlier, now the capsules. Krave Kratom Trainwreck Capsule is a blend of all the high-quality strains imported by Krave Kratom. The capsule shell is made of gelatin.

Similar to Borneo capsules, these popular capsules come in five different sizes, from 30-count to 500-count. Their prices are the same.

Krave Kratom Gold Capsules

Emerged from the green Kratom leaves, Gold vein Kratom needs more exposure to sunlight. Therefore, these strains require a lot of care and attention. Krave Kratom Gold Capsules are prepared from Maeng Da and Bali Kratom strains, mixed in equal ratio.

These capsules are available in five sizes according to the capsule count. A 30-count bottle is priced at $15.99, while a 500-count bottle comes at $99.99.

Kratom Extracts krave kratom brand review

Apart from the powdered and capsule forms, Kratom can also be bought in other forms. Keeping this in view, Krave Kratom imports Kratom strains from trusted producers and processes them further to get higher concentration.

Their experts mix and match different Kratom strains in order to develop new products. So far, they have five products featuring Krave Kratom extracts:

  • Kratom Extract 3 Pack Billster; three capsules for $29.99
  • Kratom Extract 5 Pack Billster; five capsules for $39.99
  • Kratom Extract Hybrid Capsules; 100-count available for $29.99
  • Kratom Extract Hybrid Powder; 100-gram pack available at $29.99
  • Krave 100X; available at $19.99

Krave Kratom Concentrates

Concentrates feature a higher concentration of alkaloids as compared to natural concentration. And to form a concentrate, Kratom leaves or its powder undergoes boiling and filtering. Consequently, you get the desired concentrate.

Krave Kratom offers two powerful concentrates popular among Kratom enthusiasts:

  • Krave Zen 3x Kratom Shot, a 59 ml pure botanical concentrate available for $7.99
  • Krave Kratom Tincture Concentrate featuring 10x concentration pack of 30ml, available for $19.99

Final verdict

At the end of this Krave Kratom review, we rate it as an authentic vendor. Although most recurring buyers may not be overwhelmed with the products available on Krave Kratom, newcomers will find some of their products interesting.

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