When you’re out to buy Kratom, you’ll come across many strains. However, very few of them stand out as much as Horn Kratom. This strain’s popularity is mostly due to its interesting name that’s quite different from other Kratom strains.

But what sets it apart from others? Why didn’t the local farmers name Horn Kratom after its origin?

Conventionally, Kratom strains are named after their origin. Since Kratom grows in Southeast Asia, you’ll hear of strains named after Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Vietnam, etc.

However, some strains do not take the name from their origin. Instead, they have certain other features that are more interesting than their native land. One of these strains is Horn Kratom.

Horn Kratom gets its name from the physical appearance of its leaves. The plant’s leaves are shaped like a Horn with pointed edges, while most other strains have smooth and rounded leaves.

Due to this difference in appearance, Horn Kratom isn’t only a matter of intrigue to the farmers but also the Kratom buyers. Thus, the strain is much sought out by Kratom enthusiasts, and Kratom vendors ensure they always have a full stock of it.

Before going into further detail about Horn Kratom, let’s affirm that Buy Kratom Bulk USA is the best place to buy the strain.

With all strains directly imported from suppliers and the best farms, the Kratom at our store is of the highest quality and free of contaminants. We also take pride in saying that all our strains are GMP-compliant.

We take it upon ourselves to prioritize the customers’ safety. That’s why all our products undergo strict testing to ensure that there’s not a single harmful item in the batch.

Horn Kratom Powder at Buy Kratom Bulk USA

We stock all colors of Horn Kratom because there’s a high demand for them, and we must meet the customers’ needs. Here’s a brief description of each Kratom color.

Green Horn Kratom Powder

Green Horn kratom is made using leaves of Horn Kratom that are at the midpoint of their lifecycle. Although much preferred, the strain is not readily available in the market because the native farmers don’t grow it in large quantities. Instead, they focus on the more mature strains.

However, green Horn kratom is quite suitable for beginner Kratom enthusiasts. Since it has a well-balanced alkaloid concentration, it’s best for users who’re still new to the Kratom plant.

At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we only buy our green Horn kratom from trusted suppliers. We source from well-experienced local farmers who know precisely the right time for harvesting leaves to send them for further processing.

Along with buying in smaller quantities like 100g and 250g, you can also purchase green Horn Kratom wholesale kilo packs from Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

White Horn Kratom Powder

White Horn kratom powder is made using young Kratom leaves. Thus, it has a medium alkaloid concentration and is suitable for buyers who have used green Horn kratom in the past.

White Horn kratom grows typically in Borneo and close-by islands, where local farmers grow it on their small personal farms.

Don’t let the name deceive you. White Horn kratom leaves don’t have huge Horns on them. Instead, the Horn shape is still forming and is in intermediate stages. Thus, the farmers have to harvest the leaves before they grow to full maturity.

Since white Horn kratom powder is so rare, most vendors mix it with other commonly available strains. Keeping away from such malpractices, we ensure 100% purity of our Horn kratom strains.

Also, you’ll find the most competitive prices at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, even for rare strains such as this one. You can either buy in smaller quantities – ounces and grams – or purchase kilo packs.

Red Horn Kratom Powder

Red Horn kratom powder is made using mature leaves. Since it’s a favorite among Kratom veterans, we always have a large stock of red Horn Kratom in our inventory.

Plus, we only buy from experienced farmers. Being Kratom supporters ourselves, we know if farmers don’t harvest kratom leaves at the right time, they lose their alkaloid content.

That’s why buying from experienced local growers is our top priority. Even for a strain as rare as this, you can buy a 5kg pack from Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

Horn Kratom Capsules at Buy Kratom Bulk USA

We also stock Kratom capsules along with selling Horn Kratom powder because the demand has risen in recent years.

Green Horn Capsules

We buy our green Horn capsules from the best farms in Borneo. Along with being competitively priced, the capsule shells are also made with safe and tested ingredients.

We understand that not all buyers prefer Kratom powder. That’s why we have encapsulated the powder to make it more portable and easier to store.

White Horn Capsules

White Horn capsules are very popular among Kratom enthusiasts that are into rare strains. Since they have a higher alkaloid concentration, these strains are a great pick for Kratom veterans.

Red Horn Capsules

We sell authentic and well-made red Horn capsules for enthusiasts who appreciate this color’s higher alkaloid content. You can buy capsules starting from 250 grams.

Why Buy From Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

A better question would be: why not? Buy Kratom Bulk USA is a reputed name in the Kratom market, considering the comprehensive variety of Kratom products and premium quality.

We don’t merely stand out because we have more strains to offer. No, a lot more goes into ensuring that our customers never have to settle for less. From the first step to the last, we provide proper safety and quality standards.

First off, we only buy Kratom from reliable suppliers and experienced farmers. By now, we have established contacts with the best farms in Southeast Asia to always get the most premium strains for our store.

Secondly, we have top-notch storage facilities for keeping Kratom in perfect condition until we ship it to you. If stored in poor conditions, Kratom can lose its alkaloid concentration. But that won’t happen on our watch because we prioritize proper storage.

Plus, we offer Kratom coupon codes and bulk Kratom for sale to keep our customers happy. Once you become a loyal customer at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, you’ll be hooked for life.

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