Green Horn Capsules

Green Horn Capsules

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We bring the best Green Horn Kratom capsules only from the most well-reputed Kratom farms located in Borneo. Get your Green Horn Kratom capsules from us now!


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Green Horn Kratom Capsules

Green Horn strain originates from Borneo. One of the biggest islands in the world, shared by three countries. With its bustling flora and fauna, it is home to several kratom strains. Among those, one of the highly sought-after is the Green Horn Kratom.

Before this kratom strain became a huge hit in the West, it was equally treated as a prized possession in the Southeast Asian regions by the native tribesmen. The demand for this ‘spice’, as locals used to refer it to, was very high. So the traders who used to transport the Horn Kratom from one town to another used to navigate through many rivers and canals in their long and narrow bamboo boats. Because of this reason, the Horn Kratom is sometimes labeled as the “river kratom”.

Green Horn Kratom comes from those leaves of Kratom tree which get their name from the peculiar little horns around them. Like other strains, this strain also comes in typical red, green, and white veins having different characteristics and personalities. The Green Horn leaves have above 20 alkaloids within them including the famous Mitragynine, 7-hydroxymitragynine, Corynoxine A and B, and 9-Hydroxycorynantheidine.

As per scientific evidence, the frequency of harvesting also affects the alkaloid concentration, particularly mitragynine. It is believed that Mitragyna speciosa produces mitragynine and other alkaloids as a defense mechanism to deter animals from eating the leaves. If the leaves are not being harvested, the plant doesn’t waste energy producing the alkaloids. However if the leaves are frequently being removed, then Mitragyna speciosa produces more in an attempt to prevent this. So, the best Green Horn Kratom comes from those farms which are regularly tended to and cared for.

Here at Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we bring the best Green Horn Kratom capsules from the most well-reputed kratom farms located in Borneo. For the best, get your Green Horn capsules from us now. We also take bulk and custom orders at lower prices. So the more you buy, the more you save!

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