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Extracted from only the most mature Horn leaves of Mitragyna Speciosa trees, the Red Horn Capsules are high in-demand and popular among our customers for their authenticity and freshness. Click to read more about this famous kratom strain..

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Red Horn kratom is one of the most popular and rare strains of kratom available. It features potent red-veined kratom that is grown across Southeast Asia and is known for its distinct shaped leaves which give the kratom its name. This strain is in high demand, and despite the rarity, Buy Kratom Bulk is proud to offer and keep it in stock.

Red Horn Kratom- Strain Overview

Red Horn kratom is one of the most potent and rare strains of kratom available. It is made using red-veined kratom leaves that have the highest alkaloid content compared to the white and green-veined. It contains high levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, which are the alkaloids that make kratom products popular.

This strain gets its name from the unique horn-shaped leaves that are used. These leaves take on their unique shape as they have been left to grow and mature for longer periods of time. It is grown across Southeast Asia rather than in one particular area or region.

What is Red Horn Kratom?

Usually, kratom stairs get their names based on the vein of kratom used and the location where it was grown. Red Horn Kratom is named based on the vein and the shape of the leaves used. Red Horn kratom uses red-veined kratom leaves. These leaves are left to mature for the longest on the kratom tree until the vein down the middle of the leaves has turned to a red color. This is an outward indicator of the high alkaloid content within the leaves. The horned shape of the leaves comes as they are left to grow and mature with the trees for extended periods, making the leaves’ tip curl and give the horn shape. Because they are left to grow for longer, they develop the unique morphology and the name of the strain. 

Why Purchase from Buy Kratom Bulk USA?

When you are selecting a kratom vendor, you need someone that you can trust. Your kratom products should be tested, fresh and pure. At Buy Kratom Bulk USA, we proudly offer all three of these to our customers.

We work closely with the local farmers to ensure that we receive fresh leaves of the highest quality. Our leaves arrive and are tested to ensure they are free of any pesticides, chemical additives, or contaminants. Since the leaves arrive fresh, we do not need to add preservatives either. This means you get 100% pure kratom leaves.

Our facilities use strict quality control measures to provide only the best to our customers. We also use Best Management Practices to stay as one of the industry leaders in kratom distribution. We seek constant improvement in ourselves to serve our customers with only the best kratom products.

Buying Red Horn Kratom Capsules

Red Horn Kratom can be difficult to find. Because of the increased growing times, the high demand, and the specialized techniques needed to grow it, it is a rare strain. Buy Kratom Bulk works closely with the farmers who tend the trees and can keep fresh Red Horn in stock for our customers.

We offer bulk pricing so you can buy your favorite strains in larger sizes. This saves you money on the shipping and handling while also making sure you don’t have to order as often. We alternatively offer this in smaller sizes if you are just trying it out or want a variety of products.

We offer our Red Horn Kratom Capsules in 250, 500, 750, 1000 count 1 gram capsules. Each of the capsules contains 1 gram of kratom powder. We take away the need to measure out the product and offer you convenience for use and portability.

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