As a rule of thumb, it’s the common and easily-cultivated Kratom strains that become popular, considering they are readily available. However, Green Horn Kratom is an exception to this rule.

Despite being a rare Kratom strain, it has been a sought-out variety ever since the Kratom craze started in the US. Stores that sell green horn Kratom always seem to have it on their bestsellers list because of how popular it is among new and seasoned Kratom buyers.

Let’s discuss this strain and detail and talk about its origin.

What is Green Horn Kratom?

As the name indicates, Green Horn Kratom is a green vein Kratom variety. Some enthusiasts also call it Green Horned Kratom.

Growing in Borneo, this strain has found its way to all parts of the world. Borneo is also home to some of the oldest rainforests in the world.

You might be wondering what the ‘horn’ in its name refers to.

Well, that’s because the leaves resemble horns as they curl up at the terminals. For reasons unknown, this horned shape gives the strain its unique characteristics.


Green Horn Kratom grows in Borneo, from where the local farmers export it to all parts of the world. However, as you may have noticed, it isn’t named after its place of origin, like some other strains, such as White Bali or Green Malay.

That’s because the local farmers were fascinated with the appearance of the plant’s leaves. While most other Kratom strains have smooth and straight leaves, the Green Horn leaves have spikes on them, closely resembling horns.

According to the local farmers, these horns impart unique characteristics and alkaloid profiles to Green Horn Kratom. They also believe that these leaves have a higher alkaloid concentration than smoother leaves.

Thus, Green Horn Kratom powder is made solely using these leaves to yield the plant’s full alkaloid potential.

Despite being rare, the strain is in high demand. As a result, the supply chain is not as smooth as it is for other Kratom strains. That’s why you won’t easily find vendors who sell Green Horn Kratom in bulk.

Another problem that arises due to this gap between supply and demand is contamination. Some farmers mix non-horned leaves with the horned variety to scam Kratom enthusiasts.

Although the non-horned Kratom leaves are still Kratom, they don’t have the same alkaloid profile and characteristics that you’re paying for.

Therefore, when you buy this variety, make sure to get it from sellers who source their products from trustworthy and reputed farms in Borneo.

Green Horn Kratom Tree?

Due to the difference in leaf shape and alkaloid profile, some people believe that Green Horn Kratom grows on a different kind of Mitragyna speciosa tree. However, this is entirely false as all Kratom strains grow on the same tree.

The change in leaf color and alkaloid content takes place over time. As the leaves mature, the veins change from white to green to red, giving rise to different Kratom colors.

Are Green Horn and Green Maeng Da the Same?

A common misconception among Kratom enthusiasts is that green Maeng da is the same as Green Horn Kratom. Although closely related, there are a few differences between the two strains.

Green Horn Kratom comes from Borneo while Green Maeng Da grows in Thailand or Indonesia. The confusion arises because Maeng Da is also sourced from Borneo these days.

However, originally, Thai farmers developed this strain by grafting a local tree with an Indo variety.

Secondly, there are significant differences between the alkaloid properties and the physical appearance of both the leaves. Just because they’re green and come from the same country does not mean they’re the same strain.

Where to Buy Green Horn Kratom?

As mentioned earlier, Green Horn Kratom is rare, so you may not find it at all local stores. However, this does not mean that local vendors don’t sell the strain. They do, but it might not always be in stock.

If you need a constant Green Horn Kratom supply, you should buy it online, where you can also find Kratom capsules for the strain. When purchasing from an online store, check their quality by reading customer and vendor reviews.

As for local vendors, Yelp reviews should give you an idea about the quality of products at the local vape or smoke shop.

Final Vendors

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran Kratom enthusiast, you’d want to try new strains. If you haven’t tried it yet, Green Horn Kratom should definitely be on your list.

Beware, though, only buy Kratom from legitimate sellers who specialize in rare strains, or you might end up with poor quality Green Horn Kratom mixed with some other green vein strain. Feel free to visit our Kratom blog to learn more.

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Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.


Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.

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