In this Royal Kratom review, we are going to discuss a relatively new brand in the Kratom industry known as Royal Kratom. Kratom has seen significant growth in the past few decades, and today there are about 5-10 million buyers of Kratom in the US alone. To match this demand, several Kratom vendors began popping up and supplying authentic Kratom for sale to their customers. One such vendor is Royal Kratom, and this Royal Kratom review will tell you everything you need to know about them!

Who Is Royal Kratom? Royal Brand Kratom Review

Royal Kratom is a vendor of Kratom that operates online and is based in California, USA. While writing this review, we researched their website and found that they are a dedicated group of individuals who aim to prove the best Kratom to their customers. Not much information is available on when this brand started its business, but information online suggests that they started supplying Kratom around 2015.

Quality of Kratom Provided at Royal Kratom

Anyone who wants to buy Kratom will discover that there are countless brands to choose from. That is why it is very important to do thorough research on the quality of Kratom any brand provides. Reading reviews, such as this, is one of the best ways to evaluate a brand’s product quality. Different reviews all over the internet will show you a positive outlook on Royal Kratom’s products. It is also beneficial to read brand reviews provided by customers on different forums such as the Reddit Kratom community.

Additionally, the information provided on the vendor’s website can be helpful to your research. According to Royal Kratom’s website, not only do they source their Kratom directly from the Kratom trees in Southeast Asia, but they also make sure to offer air-tight packaging to maintain the freshness of their Kratom. The fresher the Kratom, the better it is in quality.

Royal Kratom’s Extensive Product Range:

While they are relatively new to the Kratom industry compared to some other vendors, the product range offered at Royal Kratom is considerably extensive! This review is going to give you an overview of the Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and Kratom extracts provided by Royal Kratom.

Kratom Powder:

Royal Kratom provides a variety of Kratom strains in the form of Kratom powders to its customers. Many customers throughout the world prefer to buy Kratom powders, and Royal Kratom offers them a wide range of varieties to choose from. Two of their most popular Kratom powders are:

Royal Kratom powder

Kratom Capsules:

While writing this review, we noticed that Royal Kratom provides an even larger variety of Kratom capsules than powders. This is because a large number of Kratom admirers prefer capsules as they are easier to carry and pre-made. Some of the most demanded Kratom capsules on Royal Kratom’s website are:


Kratom Extracts:

To ensure they can satisfy all their customers, Royal Kratom provides authentic Kratom in the form of Kratom extracts. These Kratom extracts are further broken down into two categories: Kratom tinctures and Kratom extract capsules. The top products offered in their Kratom extracts category are:

  • Maeng Da Tincture
  • Bali Tincture
  • Diamond Kratom Extract – 3 Capsules

    Royal Kratom Extract

What Prices Can I Expect at Royal Kratom?

Some Royal Kratom reviews on the internet will tell you that Royal Kratom is over-priced and not worth trying, but isn’t it true that the best things are always priced higher? Royal Kratom is providing premium grade Kratom because of which their prices are slightly higher than other Kratom brands. A 15-gram bag of Kratom powder is available for $11.99, whereas a 150-gram bag is priced at $69.99. In the case of Kratom capsules, a 150-capsule jar is available for $59.99, whereas Kratom extracts, such as the 20x Royal Kratom extract, are priced at $35.99.

Make sure to give their Kratom a try and see how good they are for yourself. Buying their Kratom won’t make you go bankrupt!

Customer Service and Shipping

Upon writing this Royal Kratom review, we discovered that the customer service department at Royal Kratom is one of the best available! Not only can you contact them through different means such as email or telephone number (available on their website), but they also accept returns and refunds of products if they have made any mistakes with your order. It is important to note that such vendor errors have to be conveyed to them within 10 days of receiving the order.

As far as their shipping services are concerned, they ship all their Kratom via USPS First Class Mail, and orders are received by customers generally within 2-3 days. If your order exceeds $75, you will also be able to enjoy free shipping services. Royal Kratom does not ship in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Rhode Island
  • Indiana

Final Verdict on Royal Kratom

Finding incredible vendors such as Royal Kratom is a blessing in the Kratom world. The variety of their Kratom products, coupled with their high-quality products, makes their Kratom a must-buy for all Kratom admirers throughout the globe!

If you want to buy bulk Kratom, make sure to visit Buy Kratom Bulk USA and go through the vast selection of Kratom strains we have to offer. Make sure to check out our detailed Kratom blog to learn more about the Mitragyna speciosa plant and its mysteries.

Royal Kratom


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