In the near past, Kratom was quite a mysterious herb. However, scientific research has now filled the missing gaps in our knowledge of this magic plant. At the same time, the unrivaled efforts of Kratom advocates have made this herb more popular than ever. Today, many big corporations in the medical business consider Kratom extract and other kratom products as a threat to their vested business interests.

As a result of this, Kratom is often targeted with a lot of negative propaganda and misinformation that these tycoons spread around. However, recent attempts by government bodies to put a kratom ban in the US have largely been unsuccessful. Still, they desperately aim to bring that in effect.

Nevertheless, at ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’, we always suggest people do their research rather than falling for the gross myths/rumors revolving around Kratom.

Before we move on to the kratom extracts, let us briefly look at what Kratom is after all.

Biologists call it ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ while every layman refers to it as Kratom. It is a plant (or rather, a herb) that is native to some Southeast Asian countries that include Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, and Papua New Guinea. Though, a big number of businesses in the US source their kratom from Indonesia due to the ease of imports and a large variety of available strains.

The leaves of this plant have the shape of the Bishop’s Miter. Perhaps, this is where the plant got its original biological name.

Scientific research indicates the presence of 25+ compounds in the Kratom leaf. However, the main component is 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. These alkaloids are the major constituent of the plant (though their composition varies in every strain). Apart from these, several other alkaloids are also present in very minute quantities.   

Kratom is sold in the form of kratom capsules, powder, or extracts. Since this guide primarily revolves around kratom extracts, we will not be discussing capsules and powder in a lot of detail.

However, if you are interested, feel free to check out the Kratom powder guide on our blog.

What is Kratom Extract?

Kratom Extracts buy kratom

Kratom has been known to mankind for centuries. However, kratom extracts are a recent invention (thanks to the latest scientific techniques). Kratom extract refers to any product that is obtained from the kratom leaf via an extraction method. This usually results in the isolation of a group of substances.

For instance, some kratom extracts have alkaloids such as Mitragynine isolated into a higher concentration.

In general, there are two major methods of making kratom extracts. These include:

Resin Extracts

Resin kratom extract Is semi-solid. Usually, these types of extracts are of high quality (due to a heavier composition of the alkaloids). One reason for this is that they contain very little water. In comparison to tinctures, Kratom resins are much easier to make. Furthermore, this process can be applied on any Kratom strain.

While many companies sell ready-made resigns in a very controlled environment, many people take it as a DIY project. In this regard, the following procedure is most commonly used:

  1. First, water is added to some kratom powder until the powder is completely immersed.
  2. After mixing, lemon juice or vinegar is added to increase the acidic content of this mixture.
  3. Then, the mixture is left as it is for 24 hours.
  4. After 24 hours, the entire mixture is kept inside the freezer until its fully frozen.
  5. Now, the frozen mixture is added into boiling water with the addition of more lime juice.
  6. Then the mixture is simmered until ¼ of the water has evaporated.
  7. Next, the mixture is cooled and strained.
  8. Half of this strained water is evaporated, and the wet powder is simmered with lime juice again.
  9. The process is repeated until the water has saturated enough.
  10. Then, the resulting saturated mixture is placed in an oven dish and is heated inside the oven at 150 – 200 degrees F.
  11. The water is evaporated to obtain a thick resin.

Kratom Tinctures

In comparison to kratom resins, tinctures are a more popular kratom extract. Most of the Kratom extracts available in the market are tinctures involving full spectrum extraction. This extraction contains all the original components present in the Kratom leaf without isolating any substance.

This kratom extract is made by brands in a very controlled environment, which results in a very consistent product. Though, since an obvious amount of extra effort goes into the extraction, these tinctures cost a lot more than kratom powder.

How Are Kratom Tinctures Made?

This kratom extract follows a fairly simple procedure (if it is a full spectrum extract). Isolated extraction is far more costly and lacks demand. As a result of this isolated kratom extracts are often only sold by high-end brands at a higher price point.

Kratom tinctures make use of the following items:

  • Water/Ethanol mixture
  • Citric Acid
  • Glass containers than are sealable
  • PH strips for testing
  • Cheesecloth

The process of making a tincture kratom extract includes the following steps:

  1. It all begins with some high-quality kratom leaves, around 5 ounces in weight (though this depends on the size of the batch).
  2. Then, the kratom leaves are added into a sealable jar and it is filled with the water/ethanol mixture. The ratio is usually kept at 1 liter of water/ethanol solution to 8 ounces kratom.
  3. After this, citric acid is added into the mixture. This process weeds the alkaloids out.
  4. Then, PH levels of the solution are gauged via a PH strip and citric acid is added until the PH drops just slightly lower than 4 (however, it should not be dropped too low).
  5. Then, the container is sealed, and the solution is shaken vigorously for several minutes.
  6. After that, the container is kept in a dark place for about 1 week.
  7. After 1 week, the liquid part is filtered out by using a filter or a cheesecloth while the remaining leaves are thrown away.
  8. The resulting filtrate is then poured into a clean glass container and is left open until half of the filtrate has evaporated.
  9. The volume of the resulting liquid is then measured, and it is poured into a high-quality tincture vial. These tinctures are then stored in a cool and dark place to preserve quality and freshness.

Kratom Extract vs Kratom Powder

kratom extract kratom powder

Without a doubt, kratom powder is the most common form of kratom for sale. However, some veteran kratom enthusiasts prefer kratom extract over powder due to the higher quality.

Usually, a very small amount of kratom extract is comparable to a higher amount of kratom powder in terms of the alkaloid composition. Though, they are not preferred by new kratom enthusiasts.

Yet another major difference between both is the price point. In general, kratom powder is not expensive. The industry standard for powders is around $20 regardless of the kratom strain. At this price-point, stores like ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ offer high quality and unmatched customer satisfaction. Hence, kratom powders are far more affordable and convenient for most people.

In comparison, kratom extract can be quite expensive. This is of no surprise because the extraction is a time-intensive process. Furthermore, it has to be done in a very controlled environment. And that is the major reason for the higher price-point.

What Other Forms is Kratom Available In?

Apart from powder and extracts, kratom capsules are also fairly high in demand. The come second to kratom powder. 

In comparison to kratom powder, kratom capsules are just slightly more expensive for obvious reasons. Though, the only downside of kratom capsules is that they usually contain only 1 g of kratom powder per capsule.

They are readily available on most well-reputed kratom stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ and are relatively less expensive to kratom extracts.

Who Should Buy Kratom Extracts?

Based on our experience in the Kratom business, extracts are only preferred by some veteran kratom enthusiasts. In this regard, they have a very small market. As a result of this, people who have just learned about kratom do not prefer to buy extracts. This is because extracts are not just more expensive, but they are also intimidating for new connoisseurs.

New kratom enthusiasts are more inclined to kratom powders and kratom capsules. These come in a wide variety of strains, and hence, there is an endless list to choose from.

In case you are planning to buy kratom, feel free to scroll through our extensive range of kratom powders and capsules. Apart from all the classic collection of strains, we also readily sell the rarer color varieties such as Gold and Yellow.

With that, our Red Maeng Da Kratom is specifically popular among many loyal Kratom enthusiasts. Other strains product range include Asia Kratom, Bali Kratom, Borneo Kratom, Elephant Kratom, Horn Kratom, Indo Kratom, Lucky 7 Kratom, Malay Kratom, Sumatra Kratom, Thai Kratom, and Vietnam Kratom.

For more guidance related to Kratom and kratom products, feel free to scroll through the other posts on our kratom blog section. You are sure to find some very useful blogs on kratom and the kratom products. kratom extract kratom for sale



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