Kratom is offered in many different forms. This allows users to decide what type of products they would like to try. Centuries ago, these forms did not exist and hence, people had a lot of fascination with the raw leaves only. However, modern scientific methods have allowed farmers and manufacturers to come up with a whole lot of kratom products. These include kratom extract, powder, and capsules.

The term kratom extract is a broad one and can cover a range of different products. However, it commonly refers to kratom tinctures, which is a liquid-based extract. In this article, we first discuss the characteristics and production of kratom extract. Then, we compare it with other forms of kratom such as powder and capsules.

All About Kratom Extracts

If you are a newbie who is looking to buy kratom for the first time, you may want to try powder. Powder tends to be the most economical choice among all the kratom products. This is really the number one reason why so many newbies choose powder.

Generally, Kratom extract is preferred by veteran kratom enthusiasts who have been buying it for years. This is primarily because Kratom Extracts contain a higher composition of alkaloids in comparison to powder and capsules.

How Many Forms of Kratom Are There?

Kratom is sold in three major forms in the market. These include kratom capsules, powder, and extract. Let us take a look at these three types.

Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is made by crushing dried-out leaves of kratom, using an industrial grinder. However, this entire process is not as simple as it sounds. In the manufacturing of kratom powder, subtle factors such as time of harvest, drying length outdoors, drying length indoors, and sunlight play a huge role. These factors ultimately determine the quality of the final product that is obtained.

By controlling specific factors while keeping others constant, farmers can create a wide range of varieties using the basic strains. Hence, it is not the job of a layman. Rather, only very experienced farmers can produce high-quality kratom for sale.

Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules are very popular among those who live busy lifestyles. They are also popular with those who are new to kratom. This is mainly because there is no measuring involved. Each capsule will contain a certain amount of powder, which makes it very easy for those new to kratom. However, these products tend to be pricier because there is extra manufacturing involved in creating the capsule.

Kratom Extract

An extract is simply an isolated form of kratom which contains the two primary alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Also referred to as Kratom tinctures, liquid-based extracts are rather expensive. This is because they are prepared in a very controlled environment, which takes a decent amount of skill and effort.

Among the three common forms, Kratom extract is the hardest to produce. Once produced, every batch is filled into small bottles that have a fixed volume. These bottles are then exported to the stores.

Extracts have a very select number of buyers, most of which are veteran kratom lovers. These buyers usually prefer these smaller bottles rather than the big clunky bags of powder.

The Process of Making Kratom Extract

Usually, a full spectrum extraction is relatively easier in comparison to isolating a single substance. However, still, it requires some technical expertise. Before the extraction process begins, all important items are gathered together.

These include:

  • Kratom leaves
  • Alcohol (Usually, ethyl alcohol or ethanol is used for this purpose)
  • Citric acid
  • Digital scale
  • Measuring cup
  • pH strip
  • Strainer
  • Mason jars
  • Tincture bottles
  • Choosing the Leaves

The end product is majorly dependent on the kratom strain that is chosen. So, it is important to choose very specific strains to achieve certain characteristics. In this regard, the use of raw kratom leaves is preferred. However, kratom powder can also be used.

Next, weigh the leaves on a digital scale. Usually, 100 to 150 grams of leaves is a good place to start. This ultimately depends on the amount of extract that is required.

Mix Some Ethanol and Kratom

Place the kratom leaves inside a Mason jar. Ideally, the kratom should not take up more space than half. After that, submerge all the leaves with alcohol. The use of ethyl alcohol or ethanol is preferred. Ideally, the ratio should be 1:4 as in, 4 ounces of leaves, use 1-liter alcohol.

Add Citric Acid

Next, add citric acid. This is a very important step because citric acid is the prime component that helps in extraction. With that, it also preserves the alkaloids present in Kratom. Citric acid is added into the mixture of kratom leaf and alcohol until the pH levels reach 4.

Add Glycerin

Next up, Glycerin is added. However, this step is optional and no recommended amount exists. Still, we do not advise adding too much. The result should always maintain the 1:4 ratio.


In this step, the mixture has already been prepared. Now, the Mason jar is sealed and is shaken hard. It should be shaken for a good 1 minute for the mixture to reach a very smooth consistency.

After that, the jar is placed in a cool dark place for 1 week. After 1 week, the jar is then submerged in a hot water pot. To prevent the jar from cracking, a towel is often used at the base to reduce the heat transfer via direct contact. Next, the jar is placed on a slow cooker and is cooked for three days.

Straining and Evaporation

This is the final step. After 3 more days, the contents of the jar are ready to be taken out. For this step, a very fine strainer is used to tiler out the liquid. The remaining solid content can be thrown away as it is pretty much useless at this point.

Once the liquid has been filtered, it is placed back in the jar and is left to evaporate a little. When half of this liquid is evaporated, the extract is ready. Note that this process can take some time. To keep dust particles out of the jar, cheesecloth can be secured on the open lid.

Finally, the remaining liquid can be poured into small tincture bottles, and the kratom extract is ready to sell. 


Kratom extract bottles are usually labeled with the ratio of millimeters of extract to the amount of kratom used. This is a good way to figure out the possible qualities of the mixture.

However, it is still not an accurate way to determine the quality as some alkaloids evaporate away during the evaporation process.

Is Kratom Extract Legal? 

In all the states where the sale and purchase of kratom are legal, extracts are legal too. However, extracts cannot be sold in states where there is a ban on kratom. For instance, there is currently a ban on kratom in Alabama. Hence, it is not legal to sell any form of kratom in Alabama.

In comparison, Kratom in Tennessee can be legally sold to people who are at least 21 years old. Hence, its extracts are legal in Tennessee. However, based on Tennessee laws, the extracts must carry a clear label on the tincture.

Difference between Kratom Extract and Powder/Capsules?

Kratom capsules are similar to kratom powder in the sense that they contain 0.5 grams of the same powder. Otherwise, there is nothing special about capsules.

However, kratom extract is a whole different story. Liquid-based extracts take the prime components out of kratom by dissolving them in a solution.

While full-spectrum extracts contain all the alkaloids, some companies also make isolates. Isolates contain one specific type of component, such as Mitragynine only. However, isolated extracts are far harder to make in comparison to full-spectrum isolates. Hence, they are even more expensive than regular extracts.

Where to Buy Kratom Extract From?

There are many different types of kratom strains available in the market. An extract made from each strain will have unique characteristics. Similarly, extracts are also often made from a blend of different strains. This opens up an endless amount of possibilities. 

However, kratom extract is a luxury that many enthusiasts are not able to afford. Hence, they are most often bought by veteran buyers. Due to this reason, extracts are usually sold by high-end stores only.

So, if you are looking to buy kratom extract, we suggest you head to a store that specializes in extracts. In any case, do not buy extract from a cheap seller. In all likelihood, the quality and freshness will not be up to par.

In case you are a new buyer, we suggest you buy kratom powder and/or capsules first. ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ is among the finest kratom stores that sell authentic kratom at a competitive price. So, take a look at our extensive range of products anytime!

Does Kratom Show Up On Drug Tests?

Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.


Years of experience in content writing, emphasizing the Kratom Industry has enabled Saad to progress and achieve enviable results.

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