Kratom Krates Review KRATOM BRAND For those looking for a brand that is comfortable delivering bulk quantity on wholesale prices, this Kratom Krates Review will be a good read. As there are probably hundreds of options out there from where you can buy Kratom in the US, both retail vendors and wholesale brands, the purpose of our reviews is to provide you key information about each before you make your next more.

The answer to the question “Is Kratom Legal is Yes! It is perfectly legal to sell, purchase, and possess kratom in all its forms in most of the states in the US. So you don’t have to worry about anything when ordering Kratom from online stores. However, the question remains, where to buy? What are the trusted brands?

This Kratom Krates review is our effort to introduce you to authentic sources of Kratom, so keep reading.

Exclusive Kratom Krates Review

In this detailed Kratom Krates review, you will learn everything about this brand, including the range of Kratom strains they offer, product categories, quality, prices, and the overall feedback they earned so far from their customers.

Who Are Kratom Krates?

Kratom Krates is a little different than other vendors we reviewed on Buy Kratom Bulk USA. This is because unlike other brands or vendors, Kratom Krates is a wholesale supplier. The brand is GMP certified and based in Florida.

Find out more in our blog about it, is kratom legal in Florida?. Let us give you a quick answer. Yes, it is legal. Except one county, Sarasota.

Kratom Products Offered by Kratom KratesKratom Krates Review kratom for sale

Just like Club 13 Kratom, Kratom Krates also offers a wide range of Kratom products that include Kratom powders, Kratom capsules, and various other products.

For those who want to buy Kratom powder, there are four different categories to choose from.

  • Regular Kratom Powders
  • Ultra-Enhanced Kratom Powders
  • Variety Packs
  • Kratom Sample Packs

Kratom Sample Packs are a great option for those who don’t want to buy in bulk if they’re buying for the first time. You get sample packs for regular, enhanced powders, as well as capsules, with three different strains (28g each strain) included in each package.

You can find 10 regular Kratom strains, 10 variations of ultra-enhanced Kratom powder, and six products under their variety packs, under which you can order multiple strains under one pack.

Some of their most popular Kratom strains are Yellow MD, Red Borneo, and Green Maeng Da. However, compared to Buy Kratom Bulk USA that offers dozens of different Kratom strains and vein colors, the range at Kratom Krates falls a little short.

In addition to Kratom powders, you can also find Kratom capsules, available under different categories. These include Pre-filled Kratom Capsules (available in 10 different strains), K-Packs, and Ultra Enhanced K-Packs.

Review of Kratom Krates Prices

As with almost all other brands, you can save money on their products if you buy them in bulk. They have special wholesale prices for bulk packages, like when you order an entire case, you can get a low wholesale price.

For example, if you buy a case with 30 bags of half kg of regular Kratom powder of any available strain, it will cost you $1,260. Other than that, you can also buy in small quantities, with prices from $20 to $900.

Regular Kratom powders are available for low prices compared to ultra-enhanced Kratom powder.  For example, 500g of their regular Green Maeng-Da Kratom powder is available for USD 70. On the other hand, 500g of the ultra-enhanced version of the same strain is available for USD 300.

The store also allows you to pay for orders using bitcoin, cash on delivery (COD), credit cards, or eChecks.

Buy Kratom Bulk USA is the number one destination if you want to buy kratom bulk in the USA. We have all the strains and vein colors in large quantities to help you drastically cut your costs.

Customer Reviews About Kratom Krates

Overall, the online feedback about the Kratom Krates is above average and satisfactory. It is difficult to find a poor Kratom Krates review online, as they feel authentic and trustworthy.

Most customers are happy about their fast delivery, while others vouch for the authenticity of their strains. There is also a positive noise about their ultra-enhanced kratom powders. However, compared to some other brands like Buy Kratom Bulk USA, the range of strains offered feels limited.

How to Contact Kratom Krates

In case you have any questions about their products or want to talk to their representative, you have an option to send an email, make a call, or send them a mail to their address. All contact information is available on their official website.

If you want to check out personally, here is their website link. As a more convenient option, you can browse through our in-house kratom strains for a much more comprehensive kratom collection.

Kratom Blogs

If you want to read more such kratom brand reviews, we suggest you visit our kratom blog section. We always advice our customers to never spend money on their branded kratom before reading accurate and honest reviews about them.


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