In recent times, the Kratom leaves have become very popular; however, many people still have little to no information about it. “Where does it come from?” “Does it have different colors?” “How is it harvested?” are all questions that are commonly associated with the Leaf. The most important thing that any Kratom enthusiast should know is that the leaf of the Kratom tree has 3 primary vein colors: Green, white, and red. Read more about these colors, as well as other details about the leaf of Kratom and its origin.

Where Do The Kratom Leaves Come From?

Kratom Leaves Mitragyna Speciosa

One of the biggest mysteries that surround the leaf of Kratom is the question of its origin. It comes from the ‘Mitragyna speciosa‘ tree originated in the South Asian regions of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, The Sunda Isles, Vietnam, and Laos. It is one of the most prominent trees in South Asia, and locals have always regarded it as a sacred tree. The leaves of the Kratom tree are thought of as a religious symbol by many native tribes. They have had a prominent place in several of their rituals. Pieter Willem Korthals, the botanist of the Dutch East India Company, is thought to be the Kratom tree’s official founder during his 5-year term in 1831-1836. However, it is believed that Kratom has been around in South Asia centuries before its official discovery. The farmers in Indonesia and Malaysia are the most familiar with growing Kratom, so the best quality leaf of kratom in the world undoubtedly comes from those regions. Visit this page if you are looking for high-quality Kratom for sale.

Shape and Structure of the Leaf

The leaf of Kratom can vary in size, color, and the number of alkaloids present. The leaves have a unique oval acuminate shape, are dark green, and have a shiny glossy appearance. Each leaf can grow up to 20cm long and 12cm wide. There are about 12-17 pairs of veins present on each leaf.  Depending on the color of their veins, they are given the name of green-veined Kratom, white-veined Kratom, or red-veined Kratom. When a leaf is dry, it weighs 0.5 to 2 grams on average. During its growth, it can grow as many as 120 lush yellow floral petals in a rounded form. The leaves’ alkaloid concentration depends on the environment in which the tree grows and varies in different regions. Providing warm temperatures to the leaves will result in higher alkaloid concentration in the leaves. In contrast, a cold climate will lead to poor quality and slow growth. That is why it is best to keep your Kratom tree in a warm environment to maximize its growth potential.

Colors of the Leaf Veins

There is some confusion surrounding the colors attributed to the leaf kratom, as most people think that the leaf can take on a wide number of colors in the growth phase. However, that is not entirely true. Whereas there are 3 primary colors that the leaf forms in the growth phase, there are a few other colors it can form after going through special techniques in the processing phase.

The three primary vein colors of the leaf are:

Two other color varieties that can be formed in the leaf during the processing phase are known as Gold vein Kratom and Yellow vein Kratom.

The Lifecycle of Leaf

When you read about white vein Kratom or red vein Kratom, it is important to remember that the color white or red does not apply to the whole leaf. Many Kratom enthusiasts are not aware that these colors exist only in the veins of the leaf, and that is how they get their respective names. Over time, the veins begin to change color as the leaf gets more mature. The youngest or least mature Kratom leaves are called green vein Kratom, after which they mature into white vein Kratom, which is considered the middle child of the Kratom family. At peak maturity, the veins of the leaf transform into the color red, and a darker red color indicates a very high volume of alkaloids present in the leaf of the Kratom tree.

Which Color of Kratom Leaves is the Best? Kratom Leaf Green Vein Kratom

There have been numerous debates on this topic; however, the answer is pretty simple. For each buyer, the preferred color or strain of Kratom could be entirely different! Everyone has their personal preference, and since the amount of alkaloids differs in each color, the answer to which color is the best will be different for everyone. Also, the color cannot be the lone decider as factors like quality, harvesting method, and the location where the Kratom was grown also play a huge role. That is why it is important to find yourself about the different types of kratom colors and strains and see which one suits you the most!

How are the Kratom Leaves Harvested?

Once the leaves have reached an ideal level of maturity, they are picked by Kratom farmers at their discretion, and this usually occurs during dry seasons when the temperature is around 39-40 degrees Fahrenheit. This harvesting period is important as it affects the overall alkaloid concentration in the leaf. After picking the leaves, farmers have to first wash them with running water to remove any dirt, dust, or debris. This is a very important process to remove any contamination as once the leaf has been grounded into powder; it is very hard to detect any contamination in it. After cleaning the leaves, farmers hang them on a large rack to dry. This could be either indoor or outdoor, depending on the strain that they want as exposure to sunlight has a direct effect on the alkaloid concentration in the leaves. Some Kratom strains, such as White vein Indo are byproducts of alternative drying processes. Once the leaf drying phase has concluded and the farmer is satisfied, the leaves get crushed in large quantities using industrial grinders. The result is the fine Kratom powder that all Kratom enthusiasts are familiar with.

Kratom Leaves: Post Processing and Packaging

In this post-production phase, the leaf begins to take different forms. The leaves can be sold in their raw form before being crushed, or they can be powdered and sold as different products such as Kratom capsules or Kratom extracts. Kratom powder continues to be the most popular and readily available form of Kratom, but the kratom capsules and extracts offer customers a different way of purchasing their favorite strains.

After this, the product is tightly sealed in airtight packages to preserve the purity and quality of the Kratom.

What to Get: Kratom Leaves or Kratom Powder?

Again, this is a question which each Kratom enthusiast will answer differently. It all depends on what method you’re comfortable with more. If you’re fond of preparing things at home, then you should directly get Kratom leaves; however, if you’re the sort who likes readymade things, then Kratom powder is the way to go for you.

Most Popular Kratom Strains

Kratom strains earn their names based on two factors, which are the color of its veins and the region from where it was harvested. Most of the Kratom supplied in the world comes from Indonesia, and farmers often give the strains the name of the regions they are associated with.

Some popular Kratom strains are as follows:

Importance of Quality Kratom Leaves

With the demand for Kratom in the US crossing 5 million people, one would think that all the Kratom being supplied was of top quality and went through several quality checks. However, that isn’t the case as numerous vendors have purchased their Kratom from farmers who are not operating in completely hygienic conditions. This causes the Kratom to become contaminated and leads to a decrease in its quality. What makes matters worse is that many vendors don’t even run any quality checks on their Kratom to make sure if it’s of optimum quality or not. All of this leads to dissatisfied Kratom buyers and that isn’t good for everyone in the Kratom world. To avoid all this, premium-grade Kratom from trusted vendors like us is the way to go.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom Leaves

Buy Kratom Leaves

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