Indo Kratom, often known as Indonesian Kratom, is one of the leading Kratom strains in the market. This Kratom strain’s popularity is evident by the positive reviews it has garnered by Kratom enthusiasts on different Kratom forums such as the Reddit Kratom community.

But is the Indo Kratom strain as impressive as the Kratom high demand for it points it to be? Or is this demand the creation of fraudulent advertising practices applied by different vendors in the Kratom industry? Let’s investigate this Indo Kratom strain in detail and find out!

The Origin of Indo Kratom

The first thing that any Indonesian Kratom enthusiast should know is that Indo Kratom comes from the Mitragyna speciosa trees found in Indonesia’s hot and humid regions. The growing conditions available in these regions provide optimal growth for perfect Kratom trees.

These Kratom trees grow the famous Indo Kratom leaves, which contain the unique alkaloids responsible for all of Kratom’s properties. The farmers in Indonesia have been harvesting these Indonesian Kratom trees for centuries. Today, they are some of the leading and the biggest exporters of Kratom in the world!

Indonesia – The Leading Exporter of Kratom

Did you know that 95% of the Kratom supplied worldwide originates from Indonesia’s hot and humid forests? Indonesia is home to 17,508 islands, and each of these islands provides unique growing conditions for different sorts of Kratom trees.

Today, most of the popular Kratom strains originate on one of these islands. These strains include well-known names such as Bentuangie Kratom and Sumatra Kratom. Indonesia is the leader when it comes to exporting kratom. As a result, the Indonesian government provides subsidies and machinery to the farmers to grow top-quality Kratom for sale. This top-quality Kratom is then supplied to various global importers, with the United States leading the market. Want to learn more about Kratom and the local economy?

The Alkaloids Involved in Indo Kratom

As mentioned earlier, the Kratom leaf contains a unique blend of alkaloids that provide Kratom with its properties. The alkaloids that are primarily responsible for these properties are known as mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

Those of you who buy Indo Kratom will find that the concentration of 7-hydroxy mitragynine is significantly higher compared to all the other Kratom strains available. The percentage of mitragynine is also lower in Indonesian Kratom, and this provides this Kratom strain with unique characteristics that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Different Colors Available in Indo Kratom

Regular Kratom buyers know that Kratom strains are usually available in 3 primary Kratom colors: Red, Green, and White Vein Kratom. Luckily for you, we at Buy Kratom Bulk USA provide all these Kratom colors for sale in this Indonesian Kratom variety!

White Indo

This Kratom color is the youngest leaves to be harvested. These White varieties provide balanced alkaloid concentration levels.

Green Indo

Kratom enthusiasts often make the mistake of thinking that Green Kratom varieties aren’t as good as the other Kratom colors. These leaves are harvested at the midpoint of their lifecycle. So, this indicates that they will be more robust than white strains but not as potent as red. They have a unique alkaloid profile that is loved by kratom enthusiast.

Red Indo

The most mature color available in our Indo Kratom for sale category is the Red Indo color. The Red varieties have the highest concentration of alkaloids and provide a unique Kratom experience.

Most Kratom enthusiasts dub these Red varieties such as Red Indo as the best Kratom varieties available for sale and good reason too!

The Price of Indo Kratom

Are you interested in buying your Indonesian Kratom from us? You will find some of the best available prices not only for Indo Kratom but all our other Kratom strains as well! We at Buy Kratom Bulk USA provide all our Kratom powders and Kratom capsules for the same price.

You can get a 100g bag of any Kratom powder from our website for a mere $20, whereas Kratom capsules start at $60 for 250 capsules. If you choose to buy bulk Kratom, you will enjoy further discounts on our products! To learn more about Kratom prices, read our article ‘How much does Kratom cost?’

The Best Place to Buy All Your Kratom

While thousands of vendors provide Kratom for sale, customers should always choose the most reliable options as some of these vendors are offering poor-quality Kratom. To avoid such vendors, buy Kratom from us at Buy Kratom Bulk USA.

The Kratom that we provide is pure as we source all of our Kratom directly from the farmers residing in the Southeast Asian regions. Furthermore, our Kratom products go through several quality checks before being provided for sale. Don’t believe us? Buy our Kratom now and see for yourself!

Make sure to visit our detailed Kratom blog to stay updated with all the latest Kratom news.

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