Are you planning to buy kratom bulk? Considering the increasing popularity of this herb, it is of no surprise that many people want to stock it up. However, you may be interested in achieving more clarity about it. Now that you have arrived at the right place, worry not!

Before we move on to the possible advantages of buying kratom in bulk, let us briefly talk about kratom and its origins.

What is Kratom and Where Did it Come From?

Kratom is a type of herb that is native to South East Asia. It is referred to as ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ in scientific terms. Classified under the coffee family, the kratom tree can grow up to 25 meters in height.

At the same time, the trunk diameter is usually around 0.9 meters. As for its texture, the trunk of the tree is smooth while the leaves exhibit a glossy texture with a dark green tint. It is readily grown in countries including Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Today, kratom leaves are readily processed into the form of powder and kratom capsules.

Kratom has been known to humans for hundreds of years now. However, it was introduced to the modern world in the early 19th century.

While working in the East India Company, a Dutch botanist discovered that a particular herb was highly popular among the local Malaysian population. He noticed that farmers and labor workers would harvest bulk various types of kratom in bulk for great profit. After about 20 years of this discovery, Kratom was formally given the name ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’.

By this point, Kratom had already become a hot topic and scientific research began on its properties and composition. In this regard, notable work has been done by I. H. Burkill and L. Wray. The first proper scientific study on kratom was undertaken at the University of Edinburgh.

By 1921, several strains of kratom were already identified. Then in 1930, I. H. Burkill led more research resulting in the identification of several other properties of the ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ plant.

An interesting fact about kratom: It got the name ‘Mitragyna Speciosa’ because the stigma of the plant’s flowers and its leaves have a keen resemblance to the shape of the miter that bishops wear. Nevertheless, it is casually known as kratom, Thom or ithang (Thailand), mambog (Philippines), kakuam, and ketum or biak-biak (Malaysia).

Key Components Present in Kratom

7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are the key components present in kratom. Though, the concentration of these alkaloids varies, depending on where the kratom is sourced from.

For instance, kratom that is sourced from Malaysia is found to have 12% mitragynine by weight. At the same time, leaves sourced from Thailand had a significantly high proportion of mitragynine i.e. 66% by weight. In comparison to all other strains, Indo kratom is said to have the lowest percentage by weight of mitragynine. 

With that, studies have indicated the presence of around 40 more compounds in Kratom leaves. These include raubasine, corynantheidine, rhynchophylline, mitragynine pseudoindoxyl, mitraphylline, and at least 20 other extra alkaloids (apart from mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine).

Why Should You Buy Kratom Bulk?

kratom bulk

Kratom demand has been on the rise lately. Whether you are a kratom merchant or a kratom enthusiast, buying kratom in bulk has several advantages over buying single packs every month. Luckily, stores such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’ offer this herb in large quantities if needed.

So, let’s head right into the advantages of buying kratom bulk. These include:

Lesser Cost

Both money-savers and merchants prefer to buy items in bulk so that it costs less. The same principle applies here. Kratom enthusiasts often buy in bulk, which saves them a significant amount of money. Those who own local head shops prefer to do the same so that they can make a decent profit out of their sales.

Of course, buying individual packs is convenient if you do not have spare on hand. However, when the cost of individual products is added up in the long run, it is going to be much higher.

No Shortage

Recently, there has been a spike in the demand for kratom. And we can only predict this demand to go higher in the near future. After all, the efforts of kratom enthusiasts on internet forums and social media are not going to waste. The demand for kratom is increasing, despite all the sabotaging efforts made by the big companies in the medical industry.

With that, the supply often falls short temporarily until newly harvested batches arrive. However, buying kratom in bulk removes the hassle of dealing with any possible shortage.

In case you are a local seller, having enough kratom in stock is critical for your business. Otherwise, you could face a potential downtime in case a particular kratom strain is in shortage. In that case, you will be at the risk of losing several valuable customers.

Though, kratom is known to slowly lose its freshness and quality if it is stocked up for a long period. So, this is something that both kratom enthusiasts and local sellers should keep in mind.

Special Discounts

Some stores offer special discounts when you buy bulk kratom rather than individual packs. A big number of people fear that buying huge quantities will cost a fortune. However, when the costs are added up, it is the opposite.

With that, promotional packages also show up from time to time. Most of these apply if customers buy a particular number of packs and above. So, to become eligible for such generous discounts, always stay on the lookout. For that, we suggest you to frequently visit online stores that have kratom for sale.

Free Shippingkratom in bulk free shipping

Some stores offer free shipping when you make an order which is worth more than a set price limit. Above this, you may become eligible for free shipping. This will further save you some money.

Consistent Quality

Unlike other items, the quality of kratom often varies just slightly even if you buy from the same brand. For instance, red vein kratom from one particular brand may have a slightly different composition in every new batch. This slight uncertainty is just natural and is present due to the slight time differences in harvesting in every batch. After all, red vein kratom begins losing its quality if the leaves are left to mature beyond a specific point in their lifecycle. So, to maintain quality, it is critical to harvest the leaves at a precise time. Still, some inaccuracies can be there due to the human factor.

Hence, the quality of kratom may slightly vary from batch to batch (even if it is the same brand). However, if you buy bulk kratom, you would usually get individual items that belong to the same batch. Hence, the quality will be consistent throughout.

Such consistency in quality is incredibly important for sellers and local sellers. However, minute quality differences may not be much of an issue for kratom enthusiasts.

How to Buy Bulk Kratom?

The kratom marketplace is largely unregulated. So, the reputation of the store the main key here. A quick check on Google will bring many horror stories of kratom enthusiasts who were either scammed or lied to by unreliable stores.

Since there are many unreliable sellers in this business, new kratom enthusiasts often struggle to find a trusted source. But once you find a decent store such as ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’, you can place your orders for kratom bulk without skipping a beat.

Choosing A Good Supplier

If you are looking to buy kratom in bulk, quality is of great importance. Next up, is the availability of enough varieties (this is especially important if you are a local seller).

Good suppliers of kratom products usually deal with well-reputed brands only. These brands, in turn, source the kratom from top-notch farms in Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Furthermore, these products also tend to be 100% natural. After all, additives in kratom will significantly reduce the quality. That is the last thing that any local seller or kratom enthusiast wants.

So, before you choose a store to buy bulk kratom from, make sure that you have thoroughly read the store’s reviews. A well-reputed store is going to give you the best value in terms of quality and overall buying experience.

Why Buy Kratom from ‘Buy Kratom Bulk USA’?

Our store specializes in supplying large quantities of kratom products that are imported from the best sources in Southeast Asia. Hence, we deliver products of consistently great quality and freshness. 

Perhaps, this is what makes us stand out from the rest in the first place. With that, we have a wide variety of kratom strains available. This includes Asia kratom, Bali kratom, Borneo kratom, Elephant kratom, Horn kratom, Indo kratom, Lucky 7 kratom, Maeng Da kratom, Malay kratom, Sumatra kratom, Super Indo kratom, and Vietnam kratom. These strains are available in the form of powder and capsules.kratom bulk in USA

So, what are you waiting for? Head to our store and get kratom bulk delivered to your doorstep today!

To read more about Kratom and everything related to kratom, browse through our interesting blog section that has some high quality and useful articles regarding kratom. You can read in detail about the tips we have for where to buy kratom or what are the indicators of an authentic kratom.



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